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Sports Clubs and Facilities
  • Silwood Park Karate based in Great Hollands Primary School is fantastic! Great for children and adults, it has a friendly welcoming atmosphere.
  • lots of clubs,lots of things like that,shame the youths and old school lot cant join the blow each other up brigade and help house prices
  • The Bowmen of Warfield - the Archery Club for Bracknell
  • Bracknell rugby club, bracnell town football club, Broadmoor sports and social, for those who like serial murderers, the Sports and leisure centre, Jeans basketball court in Garth for those who can't dunk on an official ring, Gt Hollands, birch hill and jocks lane are fun blacktops. There is a baseball diamond in warfield and wooden hill
  • The Spa at the Sports Centre on Bagshot Road is great, 2 big jacuzzis, a steam room, and 2 saunas. Sports Centre also has 2 gyms and lots of kids' classes and aerobics etc.
  • the sports centre
  • Basketball games at the Sports Centre are fun for families and anyone else who likes the game.
  • If smoking outside corner shops is a sport, then Bracknell is rich is recreation! We do have an amazing upstairs swimming pool (how does it stay up??) and The Coral Reef (which has no life guards and mum nearly drowned in there). Theres footie in Westmorland Park every Saturday (annoying as i live right next to it) and i think we have a rugby team. Lots of horse-riding too!
  • I thought you would know that The Bracknell BeesPro Ice Hockey Team play in Bracknell and are currently top of the league and league cup competitions. also Thames Valley Tigers Pro Basketball team play her at Bracknell sports Centre
  • Bracknell Rugby Club are quite successful I believ...not being an egg chaser myself I'm not sure what league etc. We also have a football club and hockey club thriving karate and judo clubs and two separate swimming pools.the bog standard sports centre and the fun Coral Reef which has water slides & a giant piarate ship
  • local football team. which is 17 divisions away from the football league. located near town centre. rugby team which isnt bad actualy located at lily hill park. bracknell sports centre has everything else. located near KFC in easthampstead.
  • bracknell sports center
  • Bracknell Sport & Leisure Centre on the Bagshot Road seems to have turned a corner. It's been done up through 2002 and I hear they're building a new café in 2003.
  • Bracknell Rugby club. Bracknell Sports Centre are still tooo expensive for Bracknell residents. Coral Reef is a disgrace considering Bracknell people pay for it!

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