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  • my mate jut told me about a complete nightmare shes had with her astranged father RB,shes now on valium and has pannick attacks on regular basis,not satified with just being an arse himself to her,he got his mates to aswell,they do not know her yet 6 of them and others not just blokes constantly fired terrible abuse at her cause he told them to (basically hes an old controll freak and a dirty old man)ive never seen her like this and its all down to bracknell interbreds jumping the gun before asking themselves would they actually trust this mans word? if they had the brains they would know that she was a victim of his elaborate fantasy. if i get my hands on him/them i'll make them pay for what theyve done to my mate. they encouraged her to become a whore,then when she didnt want to do it anymore he threatended her (this being her father)with a boiling kettle,chucked her out in the freezing cold,phoned his mates and talked dirty to girlmates while she was crying in bathroom,one time she called me and i heard him shouting at her whos that you fuckin cunt,she hung up or he grabbed phone not sure really-then she tried to come and see me but he threatened her that if she did he'd never talk to her again. i dont know what shes playing at if i was her i'dve dailed 999 the first time,but she thinks she loves him and he;ll be the dad shes always wanted. this is bracknell-it wasn't just him it was a hole host of sick dirty perverts preying on an innocent and very emothionally vunruble girl.if they could see what he and them done to her mentally i hope theyed feel sick and choke on their vommit.what i'd like to know is did anyone of you bracknel cunts stand up for her,or do you all think he was an innocent party?you know he isn't dont you.
  • Film Memorabilia Charity sale – Thursday 3rd August Ottakar’s and the Odeon are holding a film memorabilia charity sale in Screen 2 at the Odeon Cinema at 10.30am. Promotional film standees, posters, banners and cut-outs from Superman, X-Men 3, Narnia, Games Workshop and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 will be sold off for charity, all proceeds going to the Thames Valley and Chilterns Air Ambulance Trust. The Odeon cinema, Bracknell Town Centre
  • If Bracknell is so bad, how come a house is £200k?+++++
  • Bracknell used to be a beautiful town. It was a suburban dream, a car park for the high wheeling world of finance and high sales. It has since been taken over by girls who know they'll get a free flat at Windsor house if they get preggers at 16. The place has 17 vacant retail outlets in it's pedestrianised shopping area and the it headquarters that keep it afloat are falling apart because of high wage bills. It is the call centre emigree capital of the world and one day i will leave with a big smile. The problem is i have no money of such so i have to live at my mums. plus it's too expensive to buy a house so all the talent leves including me.
  • New Counselling Service for Bracknell based at Highview House Charles Square offers confidential counselling for loacal area 01344 390774
  • there are plenty of nice country walks and even some nice residents even.
  • a combination of good and bad... great place to buy a house (in the countryside bit) and have good road, bus and rail links to places BUT no decent pubs, clubs, bars, libraries, cafes, shops... the list is endless.
  • Bracknell is a boring deprsssing dump. The best way to improve it would be to drop an atomic bomb on it!
  • I have lived in bracknell for 27 years and the things posted on here are rubbish! they make it sound like a right shithole! and its not!. yeah ok the shops are crap but at the end of the day who needs the people that are slagging it off living in bracknell and if they hate it that much then MOVE OUT!. i personally have had no problems in the town and i live in great hollands which is also known as the bronx. in the 27 years ive lived there ive had no trouble at all ever so just dont believe what everyone else says cos its not as bad as they say.
  • NOT ALL OF US BRACKNELL GIRLS ARE PREGNANT!!! lol come on atleast say all the Greathollands 14yrolds are slags! you're giving usa rep! i live in a really nice house anyway so fuck you lol! erm.. you mite wanna put in dont go anywhere alone in this town escpecially if you're female cause you generally get followed!! and im not joking
  • Bracknell is a hell hole.
  • Ah, Bracknell. I moved into a house at the top of Wooden Hill as a child in the mid-80's, after having lived in the USA, France and rural Sussex, so Bracknell's vast tracts of concrete, endless roundabouts and -- in particular -- astoundingly secular attitudes were a definite culture shock. I'm of very mixed parentage (Latin American/Asian/European) and used to get "OI P*KI!" yelled at me pretty much every time I left the house. At the beginning I didn't actually realise it was racism and tried to explain that I wasn't in fact from Pakistan, but after a while I gave up. It wasn't long before I began to rebel -- if you ever saw a dazed, beige teen girl wandering through South Hill Park Arts centre in a miniskirt and long Pillarbox-red dreadlocks between 1993-7, that was me. Anyway, 10 years on and I'm now living in north London which I find infinitely preferable except for the fact that I'm no longer living next door to a pine forest. Occasionally I go back and it warms my heart to see beige, brown, black, pierced, dyed and tattooed bodies moving through the town centre without anyone batting an eyelid. Here's to progress. Now let's tear down the 3M building....
  • Eccentrics and Curiosities- The lady with warts and the yellow rainmack and boots, that giant ginger man with the belly that hangs down to his knees and that family where the wife and daughter seem to have more body hair than the man.
  • Bracknell may be hell but it's home.
  • why does DeeJay Random and the Steel Devils not play in bracknell? Lack of decent venues maybe.....
  • Would you buy a used car from this man? Not if the man is called Steve and lives in Holbeck. a nasty con-man. Avoid him like the plague.
  • Get your hair cut at the Bus Station, good price, good cut-and you can get a good meal at the cafe opposite.
  • The person who complained that the town centre shuts down after 5.30pm is quite correct; when the new town centre is built that problem will be addressed. But as for saying that Bracknell is dull, I have to say that when you look at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Coral Reef, the Ice Rink, the dry Ski Slope, the cinema, skateboard park, bowling alley, nightclub, snooker club, all this and more in a town with 60,000 inhabitants, then you should check to see that the dullness is not within. Someone mentioned the Green Belt. It is still there, and the relevant planning policies are as stringent as ever. Don't confuse the Green Belt with greenfield sites, which are currently under threat because this is a desirable part of the country in which to live. Yes, Bracknell town centre is a bad example of 1950s architecture, but have you been there lately? It is currently covered with flowers, and looks wonderful. And this summer I have been enjoying the sight of people enjoying the Clock Fountain, with the children (usually) managing to dodge the jets of water! The Town Centre manager is doing a great job, and recently there has been street theatre, a genuine French market and a farmers' market among other activities. It's interesting that many of the people who criticise Bracknell so strongly do so from the position of insecure individuals who are in thrall to the fashion industry and like to proclaim themselves superior to others. Many of the 'facts' they mention are provably wrong. Look up the crime figures, for example, and you will find that in every crime category save one, Bracknell is below the national average. The one exception is thefts from cars. I've lived in Bracknell for 24 years, and remain glad that I moved here, and like the large majority of residents (I believe it was 78%) who answered a questionnaire a couple of years ago, I would not like to live anywhere else.
  • Best changes? - Worst changes? Best - upgrading the cinema to UCI ten screen Worst - Changing the Manor from a Berni Pub to a youth club.
  • Bracknell may not be the most interesting, trendy, cosmopolitan place but I feel safer here than any where else. After being raised in Bracknell I moved away, like everyone else I thought it was boring, so I moved to London! However a year later I welcomed back Bracknell with open arms, now I wouldn't swap it for the world, people are nicer, and they say Please and Thank you 99% of the time.Also when you look out the windows you see green tress and grass not grey concrete.
  • Notice to all under age drinkers: The Manor welcomes you every friday and saturday night. Oh and Masquerades.
  • Build our new shopping centre NOW!!! I can't wait any longer!!!
  • bracknell =a concrete,london overspill,industrialised,council housed,nasty,thuggery,wooden hanworth housed,crime ridden HELLHOLE!
  • The Great hollands estate is full of bridge flats, 3 storey pikey flats and row upon row of ugly and disgusting council houses.
  • the tower block point poyal is definiteley not royal!
  • Everyone in Bracknell think they are "Well'Ard innit!" They are the type of People that go on holiday and say they are from London. HELLO, WAKE UP! You wouldnt survive in London you loosers!
  • think ive covered it all?
  • The ice rink in bracknell does get slated (says me who just blatently did it)but it provides a sport which people can either do for fun or as a serious pass time,take it from someone who did for 13 years and hopes to return in the near future as a sport you cannot beat the rush being in front of loads of people and showing them what you can do!!!!If you've not had a go before get down and try it,it may hurt at first falling over and that but it's worth the pain if you get in to it.While on the subject good luck to the Bracknell Bees in the next season hope you have better luck than this year!!!!
  • For those of you who said we all talk with common accents you can take a funny run offof the severn bridge as you think it's such a good idea for us!!!!!!There are some people in bracknell who were born in a respectable area and dont talk like we just came out of the sewers!!!!Get your facts straight!!!!Thank you.(see we're polite as well!!!!)
  • Bracknell is full of 125cc motorbikes or less that are dressed up as the "real things"... why do they keep riding up and down the Harmans Water Rd sounding like the irritating guy who strims the lawn on a Sunday morning... for god sake get a proper machine, one that has a bigger exhaust than the size of a hose pipe.... thnx
  • Bracknell. Where *not* to have your tyres changed. Sometime during 2000 I had a flat tyre [puncture]and Humphries, Market Street, insisted a new tyre was essential for safety. I rescued the old tyre out of their bin and Total Tyres [Binfield] said it was highly repairable and had plenty of life left in it. Also Humphries had charged me £10-£15 more than Total tyres would have charged - for exactly the same Michelin tyre. Over the years I spent a lot of money on tyres at Humphries and trusted them to deal with me honestly. Don't make the same mistake as me. Go somewhere else.
  • Bracknell is a nice place to live, alot of the resident's slag the place off, but there is alot worse places to live, I mean, who would wanna live in Slough, Whitley or Crowthorne.
  • Summer brings Bracknell beach, this is where; - tons of sand are dumped in the middle of the town centre and deck chairs are scattered about in a computer designed pattern, that ensures no one can get to the shop they came all the way into town to visit. Winter brings Bracknell blizzard, this is where; - tons of snow are dumped in the middle of town - the water clock (which can only be read if you stand on the roof of the shops) is turned into a ice skating rink with a large tent over the top - a ski slope comes down from the balcony - a toboggan ride takes up the rest of the town centre and all in a computer designed pattern, that ensures no one can get to the shop they came all the way into town to visit.
  • to the ar**wipe who blocked me in and then presented to rant, rave and swear at ,e. waving his car keys when I asked him to move the tatty old heap he was driving - if you will visit the local town bike and block someone in with your car, you must expect to be woken at 08:00 to get it shifted, or shall I just reverse into you next time? if anyone from the council is reading this, can't you provide a designated red-light estate so that all the slappers are in one place? This saves the rest of us mere mortals who have to work for a living from having to live next door to it.
  • To anyone who even thinks Bracknell might be even remotely interesting - check out the tumbleweed in town everday after 5.30pm.
  • Bracknell is the home of Honeywell/Allied Signal and General Electric by the look of it. Oh yes and the home for scores of morons who lead a life of the living dead.
  • To the person who says ship all the peasants to Wales. I moved to Wales to get away from all those peasants. There's a lot more to do here and my town is only half the size of Bracknell town centre (we've 6 great nightclubs and 64 pubs) So Bracknell keep your riff-raff people who origally come from and have escaped from Bracknell don't want them here.
  • The council has absolutely no loyalty to it's longest serving residents by keeping them on housing lists for over 6 years (if they're lucky), while so much money is piped into the newer, more wealthy population by developing only brand new properties and theie assocaited areas/neighbourhoods..
  • Can anyone on Bracknell Forest Borough Council explain what happened to the "Green Belt" land that we used to have denoting boundaries between Bracknell/Ascot/Wokingham/Binfield/Warfield/Winkfield? Sneaky or what!!!! Does anyone know what the odds are on someone in Bracknell having an accident/heart attack/road traffic accident etc. at the same time every working day @ 8:00 - 09:00 am? or is the ambulance driver with blues and two's blaring, racing down Larges Lane at the same time every morning just late for breakfast?
  • The only thing to do with Bracknell is flatten it, ship all it's peasant inhabitants to Wales, demolish both Severn bridges, & erect a huge wall. Then we'd all be happy!!
  • So, its been finally leeked - there was an advert that cropped up on the TV last year in which the actor was mindlessly sitting in traffic on the Bracknell By-pass, and it is about to happen, they sneaked that one in without consulting the residents. And can someone explain to me how they think the round-about at the Horse and Groom is not at this time used to its full capacity - obviously the mind-numbing nerd that researched it, did it on a Sunday morning at 07:00, instead of either 08:00 on a weekday (with the school run)or 17:00 onwards on a week day (with the school run)... as a council taxpayer I resent being lied to. And what will happen when the RAF camp goes and the new houses have been built? Grid-lock - Bracknell is Grid-locked now it will be at a flamin' standstill. Oh and to the idiot who claimed that people are not using Bracknell to travel between the M3 and M4 - cobblers!!!! Everyone that lives here knows that is exactly what happens and not as he suggested in the Bracknell News a few weeks ago, that everyone is coming here to go shopping!! What shops?
  • I can highly recommend the Ladbrokes in the High Street which is one of the friendlier places in the town centre.
  • The only improvements that can be implemented in Bracknell would be total nuclear annihilation. This will stop the breeding of freaks of society such as Dave B.
  • It's true. If you walk around Bracknell town centre on a weekday, the amount of ficking mutant pleps walking around is unreal. Sometimes I think that half of the Bracknell residents must have a gammy leg !
  • People in Bracknell DO NOT have "common as muck" accents, and we DO NOT like people from Wokingham because of their self rightous attitudes.
  • The underpasses really annoy me oh and the fact that every single estate thingy looks exactly the same and that the roads dont have the word road or avenue after them, they have names like, Viking and Underwood but no Viking Close or UnderwoodDrive. Hmmmm..........Something to ponder I think.
  • Nike centre: Skating rink including local ice-hockey team. Outdoor artificial ski-slope.
  • The Point: 10 screen UCI cinema. 20ish lane bowling alley.
  • Coral Reef (fun pool with water slides etc.)
  • The Lookout Good for families
  • Nature trails, mountain bikes, horses etc round miles and miles of the Windsor Forest.
  • Bracknell has nearly (!?!) three 18-hole golf courses. Blue Mountain (nr Binfield), Downshire and a 9-hole course on the way to Ascot called Lavender Park.
  • Did anyone mention the Regency Snooker Club ??? Its good for... errr... snooker.
  • There's a wicked pet shop with big lizards, parrots, snakes and other little critters.
  • Correct me if am I wrong but where is the mention of Coral Reef, a very pleasent water complex, the Bracknell Leisure Centre, and the Bracknell Rugby Club to name but a few.
    The description of Bracknell as dull is unfair. The facilities are there, you just have to use them.
  • Come on geezer, you're 'aving a Radox! (Bath=laugh) Bracknel is full of girls aged 14 to 40 all wearing the same clothes, kinky boots, crop tops and bomber jackets. Camberley is crap and it's going the same way. Make the account honest, go to Camberley or Bracknell, they are just like that lot from Reading, MUTANTS! You can feel so normal and superior!

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