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Hookup Spots
  • cinemas lol
  • Ecci rec, pilleys dam, THE FACTORIES (rock on!!), back of alldays ...not that I'd know, like - i never walked the streets drinkin lambrini n smokin weed or owt like that - honest!
  • Foster sq train station
  • worhting head
  • Kings Arms carpark (heaton) on school days and Alldays carpark(bolton Junction the rest of the time.
  • the odeon is being done up, next time you visit it, it wont be showing films or have trees growing out of the domes, it now will become part of the west end endless cycle of bars, clubs and apartments.
  • Centenery Square. Fineapple have played there, and they are an amazing band.
  • yeah well the whole thing is crappy and needs demolishing
  • outside Virgin, exchange, or in a well lit public area! As a general rule, its a bad idea to hang around the subways after dark, even the one behind the police station!
  • LOL so many places top of parkside school road first school if ya wanna play footie generally anywhere u can find everybody that is if u want a lot of abuse
  • The interchange is an obvious one
  • Rite yeah we love bradford it has a wicked authentic asian culture vibe dat iz totally curry! yeah! Me and mustafid, wen we aint chasing after da kidz, we always cant believe we waz born here we iz so lucky like, my 14 yrs have been totally curry!! wicked yeah.
  • Me n my pals all spent our nights at the heaters under Fairfax swimming baths in east bolling. That was when we were all to young and to skint to go to any pubs,so instead it was keep warm under the heaters with a bottle of white lightening to share!!!
  • a great spot to skate on the way home is on the left-hand side of Manningham lane outside the car wash there is a solid brik mini Quarter pipe. It's about 2 and a half feet high with a realy fast slidin grind at the top. But the best thing about this spot is no Cops. It is also a good spot to kill time while waitin for a friend.
  • The Interchange! No seriously!
  • Not may real places that are remotely safe to meet. At best go meet up in the Kirkgate shopping centre (that is if you can avoid the pimple thugs and wannabe gangsters). No where else is good in central Bradford. Every potential meeting place either smells, has whino's hanging about or is just plain depressing.
  • it seems that the iceskating rink is a hook-up spot (for 25 year old men and their 13 year old girlfriends). it really is revolting to see.
  • Centenary Square is still the best - if your mate is late, you can sit around for hours and people-watch. Me, a perv? Hardly! Speaking of which - ladies, have a couple of put-downs ready for cheesy chat-up guys if you hang around there too long looking 'stood-up'!
  • West End, around the Clubs and bars areas, college is good if your in the classes.
  • outside HMV in Bradford is always a good 'un.
  • go to the ice skating rink, its gr8! we go there all the time and theres akways certain events, theres even a clubbing night at the stars party suite! its just by the mecca bingo, near the train station. we go there and meet new mates all the time!
  • the station
  • Right I dont know what these are called, but in between the town hall and the Hilton Hotel on the same side as the town hall theres this footbridge going into the interchange. At the bottom of thats some cirle steps thats where everyone meets
  • Er...I always go for Centenery Square. Used to always be outside the Odeon til it shut down. You know the old Abbey National Building? The one opposite the town hall? Well they're knocking that down and building cafe bars and things there. That should be quite a good meeting place WHEN its done. A place my friends always meet is the car park above C&A and British Home, or in the Arndale (sorry, I mean Kirkgate) centre. If its night and its cold, if you have a Midland Bank account, you can get into the front bit of Midland Bank and keep can enter just by using your card...hehehehe. Not bad, free and warm..I always use there on a night. Whats the point of being cold when you can be warm...for free aswell!! (Also good if youve missed the last bus home - its not comfy but at least its dry!!! Ive never done it myself of course, as its illegal and I dont condone anything illegal....)
  • St Bedes Toilets
  • Stocks Lane park
  • Blob Shop
  • If you want to meet friends for a good night out in Bradford meet them at the train station in the interchange and go to Leeds or Halifax
  • Undercliffe cemetary in the summer.
  • HMV, no where else. Or maybe the Interchange - but that's full of crims.
  • The circular steps between the bus station and the town hall - many seedy characters, but everybody knows where it is and it's a great place to meet.

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