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Hookup Spots
  • The green outside the Artichoke pub.
  • shenfield common
  • Shenfield Common Woods. It's great for people too old to want to hang around with the fourteen year olds outside the hermit, but too young to get into any pubs. Plus we've spent ages establishing it and making it nice and homely - there's a huge pile of cans there now.
  • up warley!! or king goergies or da station!!!
  • Ingrave graveyard been put on lockdown!
  • high st owned by ebootz dnt mes ull get bangd out east ham est8 rule. multi storey phat 4 getin p*ssed security is a joke bruv lol
  • I attended Brentwood School, Known then as Sir Antony Brownes Grammar school for Boys, Founded in 1558. I have lived in Yorkshire for a number of years, and I now been informed that my beloved school admits GIRLS as pupils. I am appalled. What is happening to Brentwood?
  • meet in pilgims hatch ova larkins
  • shenfield cross park baby (aka summin or other, its actual name ive forgotten), go into the trees near the cricket field, theres a dried up well where we all love to smoke
  • 7/11 in Shenners is now closed . what a shock ... where will those scallywags hang out nowadays. glad i left this dead end town
  • hang around at the hermit one of the best places for 13-19 years old lots to do come up and have a look.
  • King georges for all the drugies. the polo fields if u want beeeff n east ham estate if ur a c@nt
  • Im not sure of the name but the big park in Hutton, Lots of things always going on there!!!.
  • Bishops Hall Park and Alldays shop is where teenagers generally hang on friday and saturday nights.Nadine
  • sittin in St Thomas' graveyard at lunchtime eatin ur lunch frm Stav's dwn the arcade and watchin da boyz go by!
  • Who hasnt snogged in the Graveyard?!
  • THe graveyard is where you want to go if you want a nice old fashioned arse kicking by the Harold Hillians!!!
  • Down Chapel High, on the benches outside da V-Shop, or up atda post office. Round da bk of da high street theres a few places 2 hang out. Atda station. At King Georges Park, u ave da reflection bench where u go 2 reflect onda day wit ur m8's.
  • Larkins Park - a park full of youngsters who cant get served in any pubs or clubs
  • outside budgens and unwins with joe turner and bevan.
  • Don't forget the sobering up bench under the tree oposite the parish hall. I've sat on that bench drunk so many times.
  • If, when I was younger, I needed a hookup spot and it was a nice evening I would probably pick behind the multy-story carpark. Lovely in the summer, but not quite Cavendish Square.
  • Brentwood is a very nice town. It is goosey well bungeic, amd Shenfield is a nice place, too.
  • Courages field!!! Thats the place to be. also outside the staion where u can get some food from star takeaway.
  • Obviously Ingrave for the 14 year olds can't wait for the little buggers to grow up and move on and that no more have been recently spawned
  • Well it used to be outside the Post Office, but from what I can gather from the noise I hear on a Friday/Saturday night its now anywhere in Shenfield High Street (Singing outside 7-11 seems to be the highlight of the night at the moment).
  • May I add that Chapel high and the benches outside Our Price are not just for little trendies. It's for the grungers and the skaters!! :o)
  • The precinct sucks for hanging out
  • 7-11 in Shenfield, Brentwood High Street on a Friday night - millions of 13 year olds
  • If you were under 18 in the late 80's, it just HAD to be the bench outside the Post Office...Oh Happy days!!
  • The train station is always a good place to " hang out" there are buisness men, buisness men, and lots of Italians!
  • A famous citzen from Belgium named Jay Driscoll lived in Brenwoods siter town: Shenfield, he had a grand house!
  • The Hermit
  • excuse me!!! M and W did not used to be 7:11. 7'11 is now called B'2, and M and W (which used to be Bishops, then Betta, then the Village store) is now called Dillons. I know, I used to work there. MaryXXXX
  • wash road park king georges playing fields shenfield station
  • Shenfield high street or even Brentwood High street.
  • Either the park (Ingrave Johnstone school field) or the rope swing (a lonely gully somewhere in the woods
  • outside 7:11 (now M&W) in Shenfield - for 24hr munchies!
  • Gotta be the bench outside the post office, or by the old church tower.
  • The bench outside the post-office!
  • Anywhere now in the high street for the under 15's ,mainly Chapel high

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