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Cheap Food
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  • Try Infinity Foods - its a Cooperative vegan place. Strangely not cheap though.
  • Cheap food in England? your having a laugh.
  • There is only one... Planet India!!
  • The Diner in Montefiore Road serves traditional London Pie 'n' Mash with liquor (green gravy) now, good food and cheap! Check out the web site
  • POMPOKO!! - Not really a secret anymore, but still an unbeatable place to eat on North Road. Good Japanese food, small friendly cafe, quick, delicious and very cheap - main dish ~£4.00
  • POMPOKO!! - Not really a secret anymore, but still an unbeatable place to eat on North Road. Good Japanese food, small friendly cafe, quick, delicious and very cheap - main dish ~£4.00
  • always wagamamas
  • China China restaurant on Preston Street provides large portions, fast and cheap. Not the most delicious food, but very convenient to feed guests. Also grab a discount card at for 2-4-1 meals at other local restaurants.
  • mcd's
  • Pizzaiola in Mackie Ave, Patcham, Brighton. Quality pizza delivery and take away! You always get a discount here (if you ask)! Try it!
  • Donatellos!
  • definetly cafe laziz in the lanes, something like 3/5 for a pizza/pasta buffet- really nice food
  • Pokeno Pies Cafe. pie and mash to die for - yum yum.
  • The Hop Poles - yum, again somewhere in a lane by the sea!
  • If you want mexican dont bother with Santa fe, unless you fancy the traditional mexican fare of steak and ale pie followed by apple crumble!
  • Italian cafe at Hove end of seafront is good (past the lavs.) begins with an 'M'! Great ice-cream too! Chip shop on Western Road (opposite Norfolk Square) is very good.
  • if you like shit cheap food mac donalds
  • cant remember it's name but the indian restuarant 2 streets down from the west brighton hilton is pretty cheap and the service is great.
  • I really really recommend La Cucina at the top of Temple Street as the best Pizza takeaway in Brighton. It really is authentic and very reasonable for the Price and extra's you can get - see their menu! The food always turns up hot and tastes like it is freshly made -Yummy, unlike certain other Pizza companies who serve cold, greasy pizza in a fat soaked box.
  • cheeky chicken - preston st. chip wrap. nuff said.
  • cheeky chicken, it's you last chance to pull! ive taken a few ladies home from here - just remember to throw them in a wheelie bin bid before they wake up.
  • Golden Grill, Western Road, Hove. Nice chicken burgers etc.
  • bona foodie. mucho dollar but tastes awsome dude
  • Hennies in the old lanes is amazing
  • La Fourchette - western road with our countries finest chef Pascal Benamari! Daffy
  • Again, the Laines have a wide variety of food from different cultures and expense. A great tapas bar can be found on North Street by the Pavilion Gardens or for amazing Italian food go to Fat Leo's or Donnatellos in the Lanes
  • La Cucina (proper Italian pizza delivery)
  • Lucys, nr West Pier
  • The information about The Black Chapati is insultingly incorrect and very, very out of date. I have worked there on and off for 5 years and am a complete foodie. The owner is the father of fusion cooking and the restaurant is not an Indian. It's far and away the best restaurant in the city and people come from London just to visit it. Please do go! Or at least look at the menu in the window
  • Grubbs by St Peter's church is pretty good, though expensive, the one in St Jame's street variable according to the mood of the crusty bint behind the counter.
  • macs cafe in whitehawk for some good hungover feed after a heavy night out.
  • french patiserie - trafalgar st
  • Infinity foods
  • off beat
  • Moshi Moshi - for 1st class sushi, even if it does cost an arm and a leg; or china garden - for their ability to charge you a fiver for as much dim sum as you can eat!
  • Jasons on North Street does the finest sandwiches/baguettes in the Solar System at a reasonable price. Avoid their chocolate slices if you're planning to go on a diet in the next decade. Bombay Aloo, just off North Street is a superb all-you-can-eat vegetarian Indian, only 4.50 (3.50 for students) and the food is excellent. There's the Hogshead on London Road - two BIG meals for 6.50 and there are usually tables free. For 24 hour eating there's Buddiens on the seafront about two minutes walk from the main clubs, and the market diner up near the Ocean Rooms. Also try out Genghis Khans in the South Lanes - all you can eat Mongolian - try the Cayenne Pepper if you dare! Downsides - it is physically impossible to buy a decent kebab in Brighton, and anyone who claims otherwise has either never eaten a decent kebab or has found some obscure shop I've never been in. There is a pretty good kebab shop up by the Seven Dials, but that's a hell of a hill to climb if you're hungry.
  • If you want EXTREMELY generous portions in your sandwiches and baguettes, then it has to be Options Express on St.James St., just up from the Steine. Also the most authentic baguettes around (French flour makes all the difference), and the lovely Ilona (Elona?) who always serves with a smile. Amazing value for money, too - 2.40 gets you a baguette with two fillings plus salad and condiments...
  • Terre a Terre served me one of the most unpleasant dishes it has ever been my misfortune to try to eat - and I speak as an extremely greedy, non-picky vegan! Their prices are pushing the upper limits of believability too... The best restaurant in town has to be Aum Thong Thai on Western Road. Fabulous. The Sanctuary, Brunswick Street East, heaps plates full of good nutritious food at a low price, though the surroundings are not so plush. And the best Italian is Zapherelli's on New St. Try The George Pub on Trafalgar Street for the best in pub grub - you'll never setytle for a baked potato again.
  • Veggie Nosh (Places to take the parents so they can pick up the tab)- Food for Friends - always a favorite Terre a Terre - much more classy Trogs - the best for posh nosh and cafe grub, right on the sea front near the West Pier
  • Best indian take away this side of Goa is: Nishat tandoori, Goan specialist. Especially recomended is the Chicken Peri Peri
  • SHEZAN sell the best kebabs
  • You can eat all night at the all night diner and have a pukka fry up! It's in Kemp Town.
  • Terre a Terre do excellent vegetarian food. Krakatoa if you want something oriental. Moshi moshi for good sushi. Wok Wok for some nice noodles.
  • Elm Road Chippy, Portslade yummy! Hove Curry House extra yummy!
  • bloddy good!Best in Southern England and cheap. Try "terre a terre" vegetarian restaurant in East Street Better than France!Superb run by ex londoner.
  • Dominos Pizza near to The Gloucester is class.
  • cactus canteen has kick ass food.
  • Food and a Pub! The Smugglers in Ship Street has a Chinese Restaurant and Take away in residence... Good Food at a Good Price, well worth a visit!
  • Blind Lemon Alley- cool, chill out kinda place!! great food, tasty waitresses!
  • For all you funky trendsetters try Surfers paradise, a futuristic cafe/restaurant which has nothing to do with watersports.It is situated in the North Laines and, in addition to its 'interesting' menu, has a cocktail bar plus computers set up for internet users.
  • Tiffins,Numerous sandwich bars, Macdonalds,KFC, Burger King etc.
  • Time Out Diner on East Street, opposite the Greyhound.
  • Market Diner (aka the All Night Caff) opposite the fruit and veg market - open 10pm 'til 6am.
  • Bystanders by the Station and on Preston Street - open til 3 am.
  • Anywhere on Preston Street, the main eatery in Brighton.
  • The Greys.
  • The Regency, corner of Regency Square on the front. Far more than just an up-market chippie.
  • Mayhem, Middle St. - Insanely huge sandwiches & intense milkshakes.
  • Shapla Tandoori, St James St. 1/2 price good curries until 10pm and staff who hear 2 poppadoms as 10 and a half as a pint.
  • The Black Chapati on Preston Circus. Can be quite expensive, but it's an Indian Restaraunt rather than a curry house. Has some interesting food, all traditional dishes. Sundays, all you can eat for 6 (last time I was there).
  • There is a fairly new all night cafe on the seafront called Sub Cafe, Tel: 01273 777388. This is situated near to the Zap Club.
  • Moons in the Lanes serves fantastic food and drinks at great prices. They also do evening meals and their banoffi pie is fantastic.
  • For your traditional fish'n'chips its got to be Bankers Restaurant the best chippy in sussex and at the best orices as well!
  • Council and Police and general evil establishment types closed the Sub down about 6 months ago. The Sandwich shop. Best pizza for 1.50GBP. Bond Street, North Laines. Harrys English restaurant. Great for Salmon and scrambled eggs on Sunday mornings, or full evening meal. Top food. Terre a Terre. Veggie place, great food, beautifully presented. Cuba, crap expensive food, usually stale, usually served after aeons. The Sanctuary, veggie, great soups, top coffee, some interesting stuff, plus the have film showings and music. Esprit, there are two, either are good. Good sandwiches and fresh coffee. Ashoka, fairly good Indian although there are better... The Ganges next door. Otellos, Hove, everyone recommends it. Grubbs, burger joints all over Brighton. The one nearest the Wick is the best.
  • Bankers-great fish and chips. Browns-ace burgers. Havana-variable service but good food. Surfers Paradise on Bond St.
  • Cafe Uno - North St. Where Garfunkel's used to be: very tasty, reasonable prices, friendly and relaxed, Italian food!

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