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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
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  • Peggs & Sons - if you can afford it.
  • Chruchill Sq
  • loads of arty type shops in the lanes, more interesting than your average churchill square mainstream crap
  • Snooper's Paradise
  • vintage stores
  • Mutu clothes is the only place to go!
  • To be worn again, the big warehouse one behind london road near the massive church, thats very cool, all second hand retro stuff
  • for original t shirts, hoodies and baseball tops
  • Moist is cool somewhere in the laines
  • Tsunami in Church Road, Hove, (various interesting brands).
  • greenwich village in the lanes is lovely, has pretty clothes that make you look like a magic fairy thing :D sometimes nice furniture too
  • Starfish in Bond Street: A very retro second-hand clothes shop, with an excellent leather jacket selection.
  • around the lanes
  • the marketplace in the lanes is really good for alternative hippy wear as theyre interesting but not baggy and ugly.
  • Electric Rock in the north lanes is fantastic! full of great guys and gals clothes and accessories. Shop layout is cool and the staff are lovely!
  • 24carat is the leading supplier of US imported designer street labels for men and women (Akademiks, Ecko, G-Unit clothing, Rocawear, Makaveli, Baby Phat and many more...) Also 24Carat Cutz at the rear of the store is a top to top afro hair salon (Braids, cornrow, patterns, extentions and more...) Call 07979 221853 for a free consoltation. 3 Brighton Square, Brighton BN1 1HD South Laines This is also the first hair salon / clothing store in Brighton.
  • h & m - chirch hill square - ok seletion of funky cheap clothes- great if you like waiting for ever to try stuff on and wait forever to pay - better off going to the one in crawley - they are all chavs there so you will find loads of cool stuff
  • Re: 'Links T-Shirts is a community printing project giving work experience to people with learning difficulties. It offers discounts to students and charities. Check out our website at or give us a call on 01273 674994. Lowest prices in town!' We are just a commercial venture now so the stuff about being a community project and giving work experince is no longer valid. Our new web address is All other info is correct. Thanks.
  • 145 stores quite good
  • if you're looking for vintage or retro clothes, the Laines has everything going for it. if it's fashion you're after, Churchill Square and Western Road are sorted.
  • Limit4 80b st james street brighton,,,, Club tops,vests,muscle shirts ,jeans etc,all imported,classy yet sexy,very reasonable prices,wear ther cloths and you wont bump into your twin when out on the town
  • Visited Bionic in North Street again(where the old Hannington's store was)to buy some CDs (best range of rock/metal/punk in my opinion)and my girlfriend was really impressed with the alternative clothing they stock. At least I could browse the CDs without getting moaned at to hurry up. She spent more than I did and was really raving about the clothes. Massive range of music T's as well. Good atmosphere and a shop that's well worth a visit if you're fed up the the stereotyped High Street norm.
  • Immediate, Sydney Street Jump The Gun, Gardener Street
  • Tuff Tarts, Kensington Gardens
  • H&M
  • Get a T shirt designed by the Fos himself -
  • Small Planet Surfshop- Kingsway, hove seafront. Rad surf stuff for guys&girls Mooks (The Mstore) West street?..near Churchill square One40Five - north laine Yellow submarine - north laine
  • motto
  • Good place for cheap mens clothes are Blakes, Eisenegger and Blue Inc in Churchill Square. TK Maxx down North Street is also good for cheap gear. If you want to pay more, hit the south lanes.
  • The Nortgh Laines are packed full of interesting shops.
  • T K MAXX sells cheap designer gear. And moist in the laines sells cool individual clobber.
  • Immediate clothing in Sydney street is ok .It mainly stocks vintage gear ,but they also do some smart T-shirts.
  • Try Ju-ju or fat mamma's
  • Any charity shop that hasn't disappeared up it's own a*se and started overpricing everything....
  • Any shops that sell new clothes, not secondhand dad's hand-me-downs, as sported by Levellers fans
  • Stick to the North Laines cos they've got such a good selection of alternative clothing and at not bad prices...check out 'Cutie' and 'Rockit'
  • c/a!
  • Try 0neFortyFive on Sydney Street if you skate.
  • Links T-Shirts is a community printing project giving work experience to people with learning difficulties. It offers discounts to students and charities. Check out our website at or give us a call on 01273 674994. Lowest prices in town!
  • Re-Al. Strip, in the North Laines, is the best stockist of stuff like Stüssy, No Fear and Mambo etc.
  • Ju Ju (a cheap and cheerful shop in the end of Sydney Street) High Stree shops (inc Gap and River Island and a big Miss Selfridge) Loads of Small shops some very cheap, some stock D&G Versaci etc. (Well Worth a visit )
  • One 40 Five shop, great stockists of Stussy mainly but also Holmes, Freshjive, addict. Located North Laines Mambo, which funnily enough have the best range of Mambo gear. Shop there enough and they might give you a discount, if they recognise you. Located West Street
  • Target. Sells all the decent surf gear and great labels.
  • Monsoon - is heavenly, near Hanningtons, North St

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