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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
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  • Concorde
  • My name is matt im 19 and i like 70s rock and coldplay dont like house or jungle to much boom boom to much bass
  • Im caria im 21 and dont like up todate music at all
  • Brighton clubs needs to do more the older people and not just older teenage im dave 27 from lewis
  • Funky fish best club in brighton great disco sound and soul im zoe hardwick age 21
  • Southwick Roller Disco, Southwick Leisure Centre, Old Barn Way. Saturday 17:15 for families, 18:30 for over 14s and experienced skaters.
  • Southwick Roller Disco every Saturday 5pm to 6pm Family Session with speed limit 6.15pm to 7.15 For experienced skaters and those over 13 who cant skate Skate Hire available bookable by email to
  • concord 2
  • Not wanting to go on but Snafu 23 is a great bar / club they also has salsa dancing nights live bands etc.
  • for rock nights- Well, The pav tav of course, and the engine rooms are good, stay well clear of club new york
  • mmmm yes well i thought the beach area has potential...quite cosmic...i remember reading abiout RTS parties being there, going all night, and now there are clubs down there with speakers pointing out to sea like Goa...
  • cut-loose at a local dnb night playing the best in jungle, dnb and old skool. the best dnb atmosphere no attitude lots of happy people. check it out thur at ali kats, sat at druids on the level and monthly at the pressure point
  • The Funky Fish under the madiera hotel, The Core Club under the Brighton Charter Hotel - we went to both of these places during our stay and both of them had a really friendly attituce, and a noticable lack of suspiciously young patrons!
  • AVOID WEST STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brighton Fusion! Club reviews and Listings for the sorbid town of Brighton UK. Audio, Union, Concrode2, Ocean Rooms, Honey Club, Zap, Heist, The Beach, Funky Budda, Casablancas, The Event, Creation, Enigma, Pav Tav, Envy , Snafu23. Honest Reviews, UK, Bass.
  • The engine rooms on preston street is a wicked Metal club... smalll dingy just as it should be.
  • to get dammaged, we always head for the concorde. no chart stuff, its all very underground, very loud, very very very messy. nobody gives a sh1t. i love it.
  • The Engine Room is downstairs in the West Beach Hotel.
  • The Engine Room used to be the BN 1, then Club Mango and is Brighton`s long awaited replacement for both the H**gry Y**rs and The Underground. All sorts of music get played here from Deviant`s Rock, Metal and Alternative, Crash with Punk, metal, Rock and Indie (ewww), Classic Rock with DJ Boogum. The music goes right to Goth, Industrial, Darkwave and EBM on some nights, but it is mostly Rock here. Finally Brighton`s Rock scene has a home Hove Town Hall Rock and Metal night is very enjoyable The Pit is a Midweek Metal club with good value drinks plus it`s cheap. You can have a good night there for a tenner.
  • concorde every time. battered every time.
  • event for teenagers is rubbish, for an excellent night out go to the Concorde2 Brighton! - Daffy
  • the funkyfish along the front is brill if you like northern soul & unpretentious clubs. go and dance til you can't feel anything!
  • zap, beach, event, concorde, the zanz if you play for the other team or perhaps the revenge but keep your backs to the wall or you'll get your dinner mashed
  • Reelin' In The Years 8 Marine Parade, Brighton Rock Thru the Ages, last Sunday of month starting 25 April 2004 Entrance 3 inc;ludes donation to Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals
  • Reelin'In The Years @ Envy, 8 Marine Parade, Brighton. This was once known as The H***** Years. Last Sunday of the month, from 25th April 2004. 10.00 pm ~ 2.00 am; The Bionic Hour (Indie, New Releases etc), Old Skool Classic Rock, Matty de Sade Whips up a Storm (80's Alternative) & Toptal Destruction with Jim Destruct (The Pit) Entrance 3.00 includes donation to The Friends Of Brighton & Hove Hospitals.
  • gloucester for cheese and fights. ocean rooms for d'n'b and dancing. honey club (mid-week) for young drunken ladies and cheapo booze.
  • pink coconut/paradox is now CREATION! Drumn'bass lunarcy - fridays @ the volks opposite brighton pier
  • Midnight Blue, love the place as there is never any trouble there and everone is really up 4 it!
  • Funky Buhdda Lounge -seafront The beach-seafront Ocean Rooms-Morley street
  • volks, mixed, true,
  • escape was resident dj for 15 years from the beginning
  • Moon Monkey is without a doubt the best club night in Brighton. Run by a ruthless capitalist with claws for hands, it offers the most tasty drum and bass and hip hop sounds ever to grace the Brighton Night Life scene. They have a live monkey at the club, who is nailed to the floor by one foot, and must dance endlessly in circles, and they have a naked man who gives out flyers at all the local universities. They also have a lot of balloons on their ceiling filled with glue, and one of the DJ record spinners is DJ Sandals, who is 43rd in line to the throne, but still works as a cleaner in Embassy Court.
  • The Gloucester is a rocking place, even if I've never been there! If you want to go on a Saturday, make sure you queue early - I keep making this mistake. The Pavilion Tavern at the bottom of North Street is a dive but is great if you like 70s. The Ocean Rooms is just superb, but very expensive. The Zap on the seafront is excellent if you just want to get up and dance, as is BN1 further along the seafront which specialises in D&B. The Beach on a Thursday is a fantastic night out, and for Jazz try either of the two Jazz clubs in the streets east and parallel to West Street. If you can, avoid the Event as its Kev central, the Honey Club as it's not as good as the Beach, and don't ever go in the Paradox, ever.
  • New club soon to open in Brighton
  • if you want to get away from the teletubbie and acne scene go down the seafront clubs like the Honey club and the Cuba.
  • Escape, good for R'n'B on a Thursday. Not too young people.
  • The FRESH WORMS run a monthly night called WORM JAM @ the JAZZ PLACE on ship street on the 1st wednesday of the month. The music is hip hop/funk/rock in all extremes. If seeing frank butcher rocking headspins or watching a b boy in a floral skirt start grinding with nora batty is your thing then get down for yours. This is the real brighton scene with fancy dress in full effect....TFW unohoweedo
  • NEVER (if you are under 18) try out the event under 18's clunight! it just aint worth the bother!
  • Loads, If you live in Brighton you're spoiled for choice.
  • Paradox (the meat market as mentioned) is now handing Wednesday night over to the 'alternative' music bunch..... metal heads, punks and there's even a few goths hiding in corners for you to poke fun at.
  • RIP Hungry Years sob, sob
  • The Gloucester is definately the best - They have a cool goth night on Tuesdays, and an even better indie/alternative night on a Friday. The Paradox on a Thursday (Austin Powers Party) is a good laugh too, playing all the hits from the 60s. The Event on Tuesday is student night, so its ok if you're a little short on cash.
  • Something for everyone- usually every night of the week has several good clubs open for choice. The Ocean Rooms is particularly classy and is a popular student hang-out especially on Wednesdays. The club has 3 floors- the middle usually having karaoke, the bottom, being a conventional dance room with differing music, and the top being more relaxed and laid-back-with loadsof sofas, and relaxed music.
  • honey club, below the arches - hot n heavy, 3 quid on mondays!
  • You can get a good club at Willie's War Implements, though why you want to include this bit I don't know, Brighton is very peaceful, man.
  • The Event is O.K if you're into chart type music, The Zap is ace for House, The Hungry Years is the Place for Heavy Metal/ Rock and the Underground (or whatever its called is the place or was the place for Grunge.
  • Checkout the Reform for some shit hot acid trance, Wednesday night.
  • The Basement, techno/industrial, alternating on Thursdays
  • The Zap, try Fridays for good atmosphere, good vibes.
  • If you're more into some jazzy funk, try the Casablanca, opp. Squid+Starfish, good bands most nights, nice little jazz club.
  • Concorde club, on the seafront near the Sea Life Centre - especially Tuesday nights, a funky band called Lobe!
  • Lobe don't do Tuesdays at the Concorde they to do Wednesdays at the Casblanca, they're on hold at the mo, although they also play under the name , who are planning on doing the same nights soon. Seriously
  • The Loft, opened just after I left though so I don't know much about it.
  • The Gloucester, on the Level, Student club, no dress code, cheap(-ish) drinks, open til 2am, and very close to the All Night Caff.
  • The Event on West Street: 30-something townies.
  • Friday and Saturday nights at the Zap are still the best in town, although the Escape on Wednesdays and weekends is very good.
  • The Catfish Club is a popular soul/rhythm & blues club on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Madeira Hotel, Marine Parade, Brighton, Tel: 01273 698331
  • There is a new club/bar just opened on the seafront called the Cuba Club - open at weekends until 4am. Tel: 01273 770505. Again this is situated near to the Zap Club.
  • Fed up with the negative attitude found in London clubs (why *are* the punters so snooty?), I ventured down to Brighton for Saturday night at the Zap. Although I half expected the club to be mediocre, I have to say I was impressed. The music was uplifting (with a few favourite anthems thrown in for good measure), the people were friendly and a "large" time was had by all. By 4 a.m. I was so Zapped, that one girl thought I was foreign! At least she bothered to speak - unlike the credibility-conscious club guys and girls on the London scene. And afterwards, the Sub Cafe is always an option... but that's another story.
  • Well, if want to have some real funkadelic fun and laughs its got to be the ESCAPE Club on Friday nights. The venue itself is moderatelly small in size though the atmosphere more than makes up for it. There are varios sorts of people but youll be happy to know that there are no townies. New club opened for a month now is the Honey Club. Situated ubder the arches on the beach it plays bangin' garage and house and is a real gem on Bank holidays.

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