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  • concorde2, corn exchange is wicked
  • Gotta love The Albert
  • Joogleberry Playhouse - cheap and excellent varied styles of live music 7 night s a week!
  • The Ranelagh on St. James' Street, the Lion and Unicorn by the cop shop and the Mint Leaf Cafe in the Lanes.
  • Snafu 23 (16 Church Road Hove ) are due to have the Best karaoke night in Brighton, Hove or perhaps sussex karaoke magik will be there on the 26th april 2006 this is definatly worth a look in if you like karaoke and if you don't they do great coktails in the bar upstairs!
  • The Freebutt- cool dingey little place, excellent to rock out in. The pressure point is kinda cool
  • Concorde 2, brighton Centre
  • komedia, the cella (under the sanctury)
  • The Concorde
  • The Junction pub, Burgess Hill. All Saint's Center, Lewes (home of Starfish music school). The Concorde 2, Brighton Seafront.
  • Sanctuary Cella Bar - Small, personal and a good atmosphere. Sussex Arts - Cool, atmospheric, Chilled out.
  • the Concorde
  • Its worth venturing into Hove to go to the Portland pub its never big names but usually cheap and cheerful local bands.
  • the free but i guess, and the concorde again. brighton lacks some decent venues, and as for the brighton centre.terrible venue. dont bother.
  • The Concorde 2, The Pressure Point and The Free Butt are the only 3 that spring to mind. The best sound there is when Black Metal bands play as they tend to be a bit more picky about their sounds and spend ages soundchecking
  • no good ones in town. and dont bother going to anyting at the brighton centre. As a venue it is fucking terribe. Although Morriesy was great. Have seen quite a few bands there and dissapointed each time. Sort it Brighton.
  • The Brighton Centre's the best place to go for music. Greenday are coming Feb 05 BRING IT! Also The Concorde has some good gigs. I recommend! Teenyboppers probs wont like though.
  • Concorde2 - Daffy
  • Concorde2, near the Volks Railway always brings the next big bands to Brighton before they become famous. recent bands this year include Brand New, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Fatboy Slim, Electric 6, and The Darkness, OK Go and many other rocking bands have played Concorde2 in recent years.
  • The Free Butt, Concorde2
  • The concorde's good and they sumtime hav cool stuff on at the Brighton centre
  • free-butt. concorde 2. need i say more.
  • outside the pier- youll see it straight off cos some ones always singing there, or brighton arena-thing
  • Brighton Concorde
  • The Pressure point Komedia
  • freebutt,
  • concorde
  • New club soon to open in Brighton
  • The Lift; The Pavillion; Concorde 2; pick up flyers from any of the interesting shops in the North Laines
  • Concorde 2 is quite nice, goes to show what the Waterfront could have been if they had been prepared to part with the cash.....
  • It's all gone 'balls up' as far as music venues go in Brighton. Don't bother with the Concorde 2, they open the doors about 7:00pm and the bands don't start until about midnight, what a cheek (it doesn't say that on the tickets) - this is no good if you live out of town. Besides the sound is crap in the Concorde 2 - they want to demolish all that old victorian 'feature' which obscures the bands from any angle. It's a shed!
  • The Dome, Concorde, Sussex University and the University of Brighton.
  • The Lift in Queens Road (above the Pig in Paradise) for jazz on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sunday lunchtime.
  • Brighton Pier has bands playing in Horatio's as well as a permanent Karaoke Bar next door. Pretty cool place.
  • Brighton has a dance parade on July 12th: over 20 mobile sound systems pumping drum+bass, techno + house. It's free.
  • For an extensive list of reviews of Brighton pubs and clubs check out:

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