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  • Any Harveys pub.
  • The Lion and Lobster.
  • Can't really recommed on ebut please keep away from the Marine Tavern, Kings Arms and Star Inn in Kemp Town. All three are run by paedophiles and women haters.
  • the zone bar is FAB, great staff and fantstic prices
  • The Zone Bar on St. James's Street - enter at your perile - aggressive management who swear at customers.
  • The Golden Cannon in Kemp Town is a friendly, old school chav-free boozers' local with a very mixed crowd of regulars, excellent food, and beers kept in excellent condition by its legendary big bald landlord Stuart. Worth the trek up the hill from the Steine.
  • Definitely visit Shakespeare┤s Head (Chatham Place)! Fantastic atmosphere and very friendly people!
  • Hi There I have just published a guidebook entitled "Brighton's Best Pubs", written by Brighton residents. We think that it has a good appeal to locals, tourists, students, skateboarders and visitors alike. The book is a comprehensive guide to the pubs, bars and nightclubs of Brighton. It covers an amazing 300 pubs and bars within the city with details on each one and the results of a unique pub rating system. This is the ideal time to publish, with the city the most popular and fashionable it has ever been. No complete guide to the pubs of Brighton exists and certainly not one with such a detailed and objective scoring system. The system is based on the scores of seven jurors, all Brighton residents, who have personally visited the pubs of Brighton. The scores are amalgamated to produce a rating for each pub in six categories: Atmosphere, Beer, Barstaff, Entertainment, DÚcor/garden and Food. These categories are then weighted for importance and an overall rating for each pub is produced. The information is completely up to date, having been constantly updated as pubs change and new pubs open. The book features an introduction, explanation of the system, a description of the top ten pubs and a guide to twelve areas of Brighton, with the best pubs in each. There is a section on the best pubs by category (e.g. the best pubs to go for food) and crucially the core of the book is an A-Z of every pub and bar in Brighton illustrated with photographs of some of the pubs. In addition to all this there are eight suggested pub crawls, a section on drinking games, some pub jokes, a guide to the night-clubs of the town, amongst other things. For more info: or the blog or contact the publisher Pen Press on 0845 108 0530 or You can buy it on Amazon! Thanks Tony Editor Brighton's Best Pubs
  • Shepard & Dog, Poynings/Fulking.
  • The Bear on Lewes Road is a nice place, and they still have the offer that anyone dressed as a Bear can drink for free. They do remember you, so you can't just buy a bear outfit and have free drinks for life; it's a one-day-only thing. However, it's well worth the investment to get a decent bear costume between a few of you, and take it in turns to reap the rewards. Other than that, the Evening Star is cheap, cosy and gushing with real ale like an active volcano.
  • Snafu 23 is definatly the place to go ... any night of the week
  • THE IRON DUKE, Waterloo St. The premier drop off point for the free-form Brunswick care in the community project!! Oh so special, even post-Bob it shines like a beacon for all to 'enjoy'. The day centre is open from 11 and if it gets too much you can have a doze in the bar or else rent a room upstairs and stay on 'til dawn. Quiet during the day but ramps up as closing time draws near. And never has there been such a broad spectrum of unlikely (if not unique) characters seen together in one bar. Drinky-drinky, take your medicine like a good boy :)
  • The Evening Star. One of a dieing breed of Brighton pubs. Its brews its own, does some of the cheapist pints in town. But more importantly its resisted all attempts at Nathan Barleyisation, and thus doesn't have a deejay playing the latest hip tunes (thats probably Electro-Clash as while thats 7 years old its still fashionable in ol' Brighty)
  • King and Queen, Pav Tav! Basketmakers (opposite from Gamesuite)The Eagle (good food)
  • so many to choose from, getting out of town is usually a good idea, hanover, and hove area
  • The Pedestrian - north laine pub with pool table and good beer
  • Santa Fe bar in East Street has a fab 2 for 1 on cocktails most evenings. Although they do have an obsession with leaving the doors open in the winter so wear a coat!
  • The Bear Pub, Lewes Road, Brighton. I used to visit the bear at least 3 times a week, but have recently stopped. The pub has gone downhill bigtime, its prices have increased by about 50p per pint over the last month. The place is dirty, the toilets are never cleaned properly. Glasses are served with scum around them and the place is generally run down. Trade has suffered. I was in there last friday night to meet someone and there was less than 10 people drinking in there. This used to be a very good pub a year ago, but cannot reccomend it to anyone the way it is now.
  • Alley cats is good for music and crowd. Sidewinder likewise, but it was better before their refurbishment which has taken the character out of the place.
  • st jameses
  • The Font! sometimes plays live bands, great atmosphere, nice people. The Walkabout before 9 on a Friday evening has 2-for-1 on everything, but is usually frequented by idiots.
  • If you are 'fresh faced' you might like to try the volks (sweaty gurners association), i had a dream that they let me in when I was 16!!! mad!
  • Medusa, Preston Street
  • Golden Lion is good for a lunchtime pint, fairly cheapish. Most Brighton pubs charge a fortune for a short pint of watered beer in a filthy glass, and all you tossers are queueing up for it!!!.
  • hectors house near the ocean rooms and the gloucester is always a favourite. the hop poles has a great atmosphere. the dorset is another wicked public house, friendly staff n'all. riki tiks sometimes enjoyable but the atmosphere can feel a little pretentious and manufactured with all those ultra twendies about.
  • Yates, Wetherspoons, zone bar all in west street
  • The Hobgoblin- fantastic pub for all you alternatives. Attracts an assortment of individuals on a fri/sat night, popular with a few goths. An overall good all round pub, does occasional band nights, open ltill 1 on a sat. If you like your alternative pubs come here, good for goths, a few punks and some indie-kids useually hang in the corners, get a few good wierdos also. Lokk out for Dick at the bar.
  • The Railway Hotel, Ditchling Rise, Brighton (opp London Rd Stn) - try it, you'll definitely like the chilled out atmosphere, great beer garden, great beer! Wicked Sunday roasts. Big screen for sports & pool & darts too!
  • Evening Star in Surrey Street! Best beer in Brighton, even has it's own brewery! Cheers, Calvin.
  • The Rosehill Tavern, Rosehill Terrace (just off Preston Circus) - Go there, what's the worst that could happen?
  • The hop poles The pressure point
  • office
  • Has to be 'The Prodigal' (on the seafront, south lanesish) on a Wednesday night, one pound a drink, ALL NIGHT LONG!
  • If you're around the Brighton Uni area, the Bear, the Lecturn, No Mans and the Gladstone are all rocking pubs with their own crowds. Further in towards the town is the Pressure Point which is a fabulous watering hole, and the FreeButt which is a pub seemingly run by students yet charging premium prices. Further in towards the town are the George and the Office in the North Lanes, which are both great pubs that serve food. Prices start to climb in the town centre - Weatherspoons is excellent for cheap drink but is full of Kevs, and avoid the other bars down West Street as they're a bit up their own backsides, so to speak. The Squid in the next street along is a nice bar, as is the Smugglers which is somewhere around there. The Prodigal is a nice place you could make your ritual home, as is Alleycats which is underneath it. There are so many pubs and bars, you just have to experiment, find some you like and make them yours.
  • The Battle of Trafalgar near the station is cosy and friendly. The Belle Vue lives up to its name and is a good tip for fine views on fireworks night. Steer clear of the Compton at Seven Dials unless dribbling, stumbling old men are your chosen companions.
  • Don't go to the one on the pier, it's a rip-off! Go to the following: -Font&Firkin. Theme pub with a difference, used to be a church. Good for sport on TV and on Weds cheap pints. -The Cricketers. Oldest pub in Brighton. Cosy and with red interior and bed pans in the ceiling. -Smugglers. Extremely cosy. Has unusual decoration, always cool music and is right on top of the cool Jazz Rooms (club)
  • THE STANLEY!!!!!!
  • On the way out in favour of juice bars and restaurants
  • Go to alleycats...near ABC cineam. Funky pub full of sk8'ers and darn good totty
  • The Pond, behind North Road sorting office (Check out those bedpans!), also the Cliftoville, George St, Hove.
  • The Belle Vue near the station has been recently done up. It is no longer an old man's pub, but a cool place to relax, with comfy sofa's and friendly staff.
  • Try the Font & Firkin in the Lanes - the layout is really cool (it used to be a church - that'll freak out your granny) has live music - loud music & or so I heard cage dancers on some night or other. Horatios has gone down hill drastically over the past year or so & needs a rethink.
  • The London Unity is a Brighton pub on the web.
  • To find the beautiful people got to be Greens down west street. Cool tunes being mixed by resident DJ and good alround atmosphere. Go there on a friday before 9pm to avoid queueing. After that move on to the squid'n'starfish and then down to the ZAP or the Escape.
  • An essential visit is the "Hand In Hand" in the Kemptown district. It's a tiny place with old newspapers instead of wallpaper. Well kept real ale, and it also has its own micro-brewery at the back.
  • Also, check out "The Albion" on Albion Hill. Another popular real-ale pub, which has been in every edition of the good beer guide.
  • The Geese (Irish - good Guiness, packed on St Patricks day) Southover Street
  • The Greys - live music Sunday lunch and Monday evening and some of the best food in town cooked by a Belgian Chef. Good selection of beer, small but very friendly. Say hello to Mike, Chris or Iain.
  • The Greyhound on East Street. Music occasionally. Best beer in the town centre.
  • St James Street for gay bars, King and Queen or the Pavillion Tavern for hooking up.
  • Heart in Hand, North St - Always cool with a good juke box
  • The George - Roper / student types with veggie food. Busy but entertaining.
  • Try the Rutland pub on Rutland Street, Hove: nice quiet drink with pool table. Also the Railway pub in Brighton.
  • Leek And Winkle, located on the Level, is a lively pub with a good mix of students and townies. Loud House music is played on friday and saturday nights. Good Sunday lunches.
  • Horatio's bar on the pier is a storming place with bands, discos and karaoke every night.
  • Lion and Lobster. nice pub. The Quadrant. Good beers inc Hoegarden. nice. recommended The Albion, Hove. fish tank inside with a cross section of society similar to the Queen vic, loads of wannabe 50 yo gangsters/car dealers. Blimey O'Reillys, good guiness, small but friendly, lots of shorts deals. Vats. Small dingy dodgy, with the feel of prohibition. Below the Star of Brunswick. Late license till 1. Great drinking den. you HAVE to go here at least once. The Plaza. Another late night bar, but the other end to the spectrum to Vats. Posh, cocktails, sometimes live music. Get hammered and watch nouveau riche trying to be classy. Great Martinis, always shaken, nice olives.
  • Go to the albet in trafalger street (near the station) if you like heavy rock music theres always a band playing
  • If you are near the Lewes Road area of town the best ones to try are The Bear (worth becoming a regular!), The Bugle, and The Park Crescent (recently done up). Don't set foot in the New Market, The Counting House or any others round there... it's not worth it!

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