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The Best Things
  • As long as you earn over a 25k salarg it's very easy to get a white girl as a gf
  • crackeds playing fortnite
  • Bristol Rovers
  • There are some pleasant woodland and riverside walks very close to the centre such as Blaise castle and snuff mills Close to the coast and countryside and within relatively easy reach of other major cities such as Cardiff, Birmingham and London
  • Clifton village is a delight with its tree lined streets, bistros, bars and cafes, The harbourside with its bars etc close to the coast and countryside such as the Cotswolds and the Somerset hills
  • St Paul's carnival is a brilliant cultural experience, and also where all the frustrated white girls take "breaks" from there boyfriends so they can get there pussies stretched out and mashed in properly by real niggers. Welcome to Bristol and go home white boy this carnival is only interested in your girlfriend and there is no way any white girl can deny 10 inch of pleasure that you can not provide
  • The disease infested avon gorge and leigh woods and river banks.
  • The disease infested avon gorge and leigh woods and river banks.
  • The disease infested avon gorge and leigh woods and river banks.
  • All roads leaving Bristol are to be thanked for their service to humanity
  • drum and bass
  • vibes great
  • The Downs, Leigh Woods, Old Vic Theatre.
  • The Downs, Leigh Woods, Old Vic Theatre.
  • The roads out.
  • The roads out.
  • The eclectic mix of people that call Bristol home
  • Bristol City
  • The best things are the amount of concrete skate parks, and there never seems to be an end to the new ones popping up.
  • the accent!! and the variety of people also the sayings!!
  • Castros, the waterfront, night life in general. You can get very drunk, dance like a prick and no-one notices. Unfortunately everywhere's now playing shite house music and RnB so be careful where you choose (bring back trance and hard house!!). St Werburghs and Windmill Hill City farms are great, you can smooth the goats and everything. Live in a safe area and you'll have a fab time. Fantastic accent (y'rroight me luvverrrr?)
  • Welll me luvvers I knows that lots o thee is takin the piss outa the Brissle accent but I fer one thinks it sounds gert lush.
  • Cabot Tower. Watershed. Downs.
  • 20th Century Flicks, the finest video shop anywhere. Anywhere down by the docks, Up on the Downs, the live music, the films, the accent, the tunnels...
  • All the roads leading out of it (provided you have the hour or so needed to get the 300 yards and can servive the fumes. Oh yeh students (not one myself) The bristol that is advertisd to intice popl is almost entierly due to them! The pubs, clubs, resteraunts, theaters, quint shops, and most (if not all) of the more tollatrable things in bristol are due to studant grant, them staying on to dilute the inbread locals is all there becase of them, or to attract more! most moder employers in bristol also rely on them, espetally becase of the lack of communication skills in the local population who are far more at home, drinking in a squlid pub or on a street corner, fighting, staling (if it aint boulted dowwn you dont need that spanner!)joy riding or once again drinkin down at the benifits office (obligottory 80's sportsware, pram, pikey gould jewellry, bleached blound heair
  • The lovely ‘Venice’ type river/canal system in the centre.
  • The St Paul's Carnival - PARTY ON!
  • Its a small world, Being able to not have the accent even when you have lived here 4 ever. The strip at night in the summer
  • evo on the waterfront
  • Nightlife. the big events: Balloon fiesta, Ashton Court music festival. Bristol is v good for firework displays also. there must be a pyromaniac on the council...
  • bristol city and da amazin accent - not as p!ss annoyin as sum but original an beautiful - god bless bristolians:)
  • Atmosphere, people, location,
  • Pembroke Road
  • going on holiday
  • Come here on a hot summers day (there ain't many) and it all makes sense. Sitting in the park with your mates, a stereo, some cider and sensi and you wouldn't want to be elsewhere. Brilliant music scene here, nice and friendly people (bar Clifton), fine ladies, and a definite laid back character that you don't find in many other cities.
  • What is Henbury like
  • Ritas kebabs on Stokes croft at 2.30 am
  • eclectic people, buildings & history; rivers & boats; hills; cycle-paths; south AND north Bristol, even if the northerners don't know how to cross the river; parks; churches; small shops; unusual pubs with no music; unusual pubs with great music; strong local communities; comforting Bristolian accent and 'l's on words; fantastic bands, and MUCH MUCH MORE - try walking around and see what you can find.
  • The drunks at the pedestrian crossing at the end of the high street in Bedminster. Oh how I wish I could be them.
  • Everything that you want from a city with the proximity of the countryside, I have lived in London and really do not understand why everyone wants to move there, haven't you noticed that all the Londoners are trying to move here? It's why none of us can afford to buy our own homes.
  • The varied culture and one love of music!
  • Good Hypnotherapists - see David Gould in Yellow Pages. Fab range of alternative therapies..
  • People, Bars, Clubs, Cafes, Shops, Art, FESTIVAL WOOHOO, general emininence of cool things, parks
  • Bristol is laid back, full of emigres from Tooting. You can be yourself here.
  • The accent - no better or worse than Scouse or Estuary English. Just totally ignored by the local media & replaced by would-be Mockney. It sounds like home when I hear it - which is less & less. Bristol speakers are used to meekly accepting "correction" delivered in ways that would provoke a smack in the mouth if they were Mancunians or Glaswgians. Enjoy Bristolian "characters", they are a dying breed.
  • The sheer presence of Bristol City FC
  • Good supply and quality of flammable dried herbs.
  • The Old Vic theatre, the Cadbury and the Bell. The old bits of St Matts Campus in fishponds.
  • Ashton Court Festival. Sitting outside the Arnolfini, in the sun, with a drink, looking across the docks. It's just the right size - loads to do, but it's not too bad to walk/cycle around (apart from the hills!).
  • the vibe in bristol is great, i've lived here a year and it's a second home to me already. hiphop in bristol is havin it
  • Ashton court Ashton court community festival Devon cornwall beaches within 1 and 1/2 hours drive Clifton most of the time especially non term time! Drugs getting cheaper
  • Not much apart from the choice of beer in all the pubs!
  • A wide variety of districts Nice area round Blackboys Hill with Badminton School, Red Maids school and Ursula Convent all next door to each other up on the downs. White Ladies Lane is also pretty cool.
  • The Star and Garter in Montpelier. Love it I do. Beer in Belgoes.
  • There's got to be something..... Lots of trees, parks etc. The Docks -very nice area Clifton -Downs and the zoo
  • Topspot snooker club except the students are taking over in a big way.
  • woodes cafe on park st. - better without the naff pewes upstairs, but still the best floater coffee in town. arnolfini marcruss stores on the rd to hotwells (cool ad on telewest!) cabot tower the slidey rocks nr. the suspension br. - true bristolians will have been taken there by their dads when they were 5!
  • BeWise in Kingswood. Great value, at a bargain price. I think many of your contributors are non Bristolians. Those of us that are love the seemingly drab suburbs, as well as the comical accent (particularly if, like me, you are blessed with it for life). I can't tell you quite why, but I've moved away twice, and always returned.
  • all my great mates
  • the balloons in the sky on a summers eve.
  • Clare in Pizza Prov. show us yer tits love
  • loads of skaters in bristol, and a fair few punks too.
  • Right : 1. It is nice. In the nice bits. 2. It is nasty. In the nasty bits. 3. The nice bits are very nice. And so are the people. 4. And so on.... But if you're coming here to visit. Pay attention to what nice things people have said and you can't go wrong at all.
  • the residents of the many blocks of flats
  • The Exploratory hands-on science centre is a really mega place to visit. Lots of things to twiddle, push, pull etc etc and surf the net as well! Right next to Temple Meads railway station.
  • The Water-front Pubs - Try the Bass Pump House on Sundays, or a river boat pub crawl in the summer
  • The non-mall shops - Check out Queen's Street
  • The Pizza Provencale Debate:
    • Restaurants - Always see what's new before it gets trendy and expensive, but in 1993 PIZZA PROVENCALE in Clifton was the place to be seen.
    • 1995: Pizza Provencale is NOT 'the place to be seen', unless you wish to be seen dead, which would probably improve the atmosphere.
    • I feel that you have been very unfair about Pizza Provencale, my friends and I are regular customers there from the day it opened and although the atmosphere has changed a little it is still a relaxed and cheap place to eat with good jazz on certain nights, I do feel that the comment about it for 1995 should be removed, maybe it was an off night that they tried it on, but I must say that it is the customers who provide the atmosphere!
  • The excellent number of pubs/cafes/restaurants on Whiteladies Road.
  • As already mentioned: The Lakota, Fantastic, I went to Cream and "thoroughly enjoyed" myself. Nasty thing though: a man was found outside with about 200 E's down his trousers, no-one is that well endowed mate!
  • Hotwells - a great place to live, great pubs, good atmosphere.
  • Venue Magazine (A bi-weekly whats-on magazine): You may not agree with what they say but you can't knock the comprehensive coverage of almost everything that goes on in the Bristol, Bath and surrounding area. It has sections on Music, Clubs, Gay&Lesbian, TV, Film, Classified Ads and also has regular inserts on specicfic subjects. This issue has a pull out guide to all the Music venues, PA hire, Lighting, recording, making a Record guide etc etc. Splendid.
  • The live music scene. Loads of bands quite a few good mid sized venues. See Venue for listings.
  • Jazz at the Bear, Hotwells Road
  • The annual Ashton Court Festival (13/14 July 96) Europe's biggest free music festival (they say) 75% local talent on six or seven stages/marquees - Jazz, Rock, Indie, Roots, Theatre, Poetry, Dance, 100 stalls etc - the biggest collection of dogs on string in the whole world...
  • Oh yeah, and the International Kite festival at Ashton Court each year the international Baloon Fiesta at Ashton Court each year. All of these things are free!
  • Best Radio Station: GWR FM (96.3fm). Listen To Morning Crew: 6.00am-9.00am! Best time to listen is 7.30ish-7.59ish!
  • Ashton Court Community Festival - the largest free festival in Europe, with a very mini-Glastonbury feel to it. Loads of arty stuff, theatre, classical music, Indie, Rock, almost anything here! Highly recommended.
  • Pizza Prov, it still rules in 1998 - great food and friendlyb staff
  • Massive Attack-coolest band on the planet.
  • Eric's Cafe - Best Coffee
  • Bristol Rugby Club - England's best club from the 1950s to the 1980s, when it went into decline. Despite recent bankruptcy, millionaire Malcolm Pearce is investing in the club, and plans to bring back the good times.
  • Bristol is the most eclectic, laid back, in yer face, up its arse, frustrating, exciting place outside London. There's always something going on, but nothing ever happens. It has a lovely suburb called Bath, which is well worth spending an afternoon in if there's nowt on telly. Bristol has a thousend years of history, (though the last fifty havent been too kind to it) - you won't find more variety anywhere.
  • Music variety and venues - 50 gigs happening on a quiet Monday!, culture, people, new age stuff, Spark magazine, Venue magazine, Students(!) Closeness to the countryside - the moors, Wales, The Gloucester Road - 3 miles of small shops - the ones supposed to have been wiped out by megastores. The bread shop,pasta shop and butcher on the bit south of the baths. Sapphire the flamboyant character - seen in clubs and also on the Gloucester Rd shopping in his tiara and dress :)

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