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  • Too many in towm
  • In towm
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  • Lucky's Cinema is Bristols First Classic Cinema, Screening the best of Classic and independant film as well as hosting Stand-up comedy and live music. For more info find us on Facebook or call: 0117 3251979 Lucky's Cinema: 22 Nelson Street Bristol. (It's above the lanes) Every Wednesday is Olver's Student Comedy night. Top Class stand-up from the man who bought you the likes of Russel Howard. Flight Of The Concords. Jimmy Carr. Russel Brand and many more £5/£3. 8pm till late. Every Thursday is Comedy Club. A night dedicated to comedy films as voted for by the audience. Free entry. 7 till 9pm. Every Sunday is Comedown Sunday. Free Films screened all day from 1pm till 8pm, cheap drinks and hot food. Every Sunday Night is Horror Club. A night dedicated to Horror films as voted for by the audience. Free entry. 9pm till Midnight. Sat 10th - Will Ferrel Double Bill. (2 Classic Frat Pack Comedies) Fri 16th - Happy Gilmore Golf Party. (Free entry to golfers including an after party in the lanes till late) Sat 17th -City of god. Tues 20th Sing-a-long-a-labryinth (Free entry in fancy dress including afterparty) Fri 23rd - Pulp Fiction. Sat 24th - Ferris Bulers night out: A tribute to John Hughes. (Double bill screening and afterparty in the lanes)
  • The cinemas at the mall are gd... but if u want the cinema vertuly empty for u and some1 else =].. then the cinema on the downs in white tree by waitrose is very good... and cheep.
  • longwell green
  • The Watershed by the river waterfront is buzzing with cult films from dynamic film producers with lots of different genres, its really good.
  • theres loads! a vue cinema at longwell green and cribbs causeway, odeon in town, hengrove has got a cinema too but havent been there
  • Watershed. Lots of independent films.
  • ORPHEUS HENLEAZE. A really cozy little cinema, clean and runs current releases as well as the occasional oddity. What's more it's REALLY CHEAP and not full to bursting all the time!
  • Cube.
  • The Cube in St. Pauls / Stokes Croft or The Water Shed on the Waterfront.
  • 2004: Bog-standard multiplexes: Showcase, Warner Village. the latter to be avoided when a big new film is out, traffic is awful. there is The Watershed for independant cinema, and The Orpheus on Henleaze Rd shows blockbusters and also independant/world cinema films at very reasonable ticket prices! however the seats are not v comfortable (NB: don't watch Lord of the Rings here)
  • warner village - biggest ripoff
  • Watershed is one of the best and first arthouse cinemas with a fantastic bar area and art exhibitions
  • A decent cinema in the city centre is desperately needed - not everyone has a car, you know!
  • Cube cinema (show skate flicks occassionally)
  • odeon Still the cheapest and the best not on friday or saturday nite wen its full of people too young to get into a pub and then end up in Mac Donalds.
  • watershed shows most of the good independent films
  • the odeon in the centre is wank, showcase is much better and about a mile on from the train station from the centre. though a tad on the pricey side.
  • blatentley the warnner village ones in longwell green ad cribz!!!!!! or showcase brislington
  • Watershed, Arnolfini, The Cube, ABC Whiteladies (if it's still open), maybe ODEON Broadmead Out of town complexes are expensive and charmless (although good for comfy seats and blockbusters)
  • Best value in Bristol is Orpheus Cimema Henleaze, 3 screens, really amiable staff and none of that nasty plastic nonsense and overpriced sweets you find elsewhere. Good old-fashioned flea-pit, privately owned.
  • Watershed: see something that you can't see anywhere else for once. Or rent a movie from 20th Century Flicks as they are the best record shop in the universe.
  • While the mainstream city cinemas seem to be having problems thanks to the multiplexes (with Whiteladies' Road closing), Bristol has fantastic arts cinemas: Watershed, Arnolfini and The Cube (used to be the Arts Centre Cinema I think).
  • The Cube, arty cinema, good people cheap booze
  • The Watershed. The Arnolfini - anywhere that shows all Three Colours back to abck can't be bad...
  • In town, only The Whiteladies Cinema in Whiteladies Road, otherwise any munltiplex.
  • showcase is good but expensive. i would recommend cineworld more, its a wacco cinema and about 3.50 to get in, 2.50 tuesday nights.
  • It has got to the stage thatbif you wait a few months, a cinema will spring up. There is now a multiplex in Longwell Green, walking distance for me. In a sense, it's almost a return of pre war days, when (I'm told) every where in Bristol had a cinema in walking distance
  • showcase is the best place... new clothes shop there now called ? can't remember, haven't been in bristol for a few months as i am travelling
  • Odeon Watershed Orpheus Warner Bros Showcase
  • ABC Whiteladies road is the worst cinema in the world, (with the possible exception of the one upstairs at Waitrose) and it should have been closed long ago. Multiplexes may be big ugly buildings but they do have comfortable seats, decent sound quality and lots of films.
  • Bristol now has three multiplexes - Showcase, Cineworld and Warner Village. Warner Village (Cribbs Causeway) is the best - you can get there by bus, and it has stadium seating. Odeon plan to build another 12 screens on Harbourside soon. Whiteladies Cinema (Whiteladies Rd) is an 80-year old fairly trad cinema which has recently (and improbably) been saved - SUPPORT IT OR LOSE IT!
  • Try supporting your local video shop, and drive these Movie Monsters outatown.

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