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  • The old duke is where all the slag Spanish girls that work at Zazabizare bizarre go because it's the most alternative pub in Bristol... Yeah right. Crap pub. Aside that a very good selection it has all the dickhead chain pubs as well but just avoid any pub that has a dress code and you'll have a good night
  • Not anywhere if in this town
  • Not In town
  • Not In town
  • The Highbury Vaults is one of the most funky pubs I've ever been in, good food and drink
  • stay out of cliton its full of boring cunts
  • Start the bus is where all the rich kids go, to go on there iphones. usually just a bunch of people in there talking about the time they squirted cream on quentin and when they got arrested in bath for stealing a police cone and taking a picture of it and putting it on facebook. The hatchet is cool, but the music is SO OUTDATED. They seem to have system of a down on constant loop in there and if you ask them to play anything from the last 10 years they get really upset and nervous.
  • Disgusting pubs.
  • Disgusting pubs.
  • There is a cool pub over the river by the docks which ypu can use after going out on the water!
  • The crown is brimming with atmosphere.
  • FIRE ENGINE, Redfield. Great for all live sporting events on 3 big screens and 2 TV's. Pool and darts teams. Live music Fri & Sat. Free to enter Poker Tourney on Sunday nites
  • The prince of waterloo in winford is acute country pub and everyone is really nice!!!
  • Cotham Porter Stores in Cotham - traditional cider house - a 'real' pub. Great fun and very friendly atmosphere. Cool jukebox and a big screen to show sports.
  • Cadbury, Old Duke, Cornubian...
  • Walking into town last night,we passed a pub called THE VELINDRA,its based between the general hospital and the high rised flats in Redcliffe on commercial road, as we passed the window we all looked in there was about 20 people in there, so we decided to have a quick one, well what a good time we had all 6 of us laughed till after midnight, the land lord & ladie (STEVE & JULIE ) welcomed us with open arms and joined in with little pranks and jokes, we never got into town, THIS PUB IS WELL WORTH A VISIT, FOOTBALL AND GOOD MUSIC
  • Walking into town last night,we passed a pub called THE VELINDRA,its based between the general hospital and the high rised flats in Redcliffe on commercial road, as we passed the window we all looked in there was about 20 people in there, so we decided to have a quick one, well what a good time we had all 6 of us laughed till after midnight, the land lord & ladie (STEVE & JULIE ) welcomed us with open arms and joined in with little pranks and jokes, we never got into town, THIS PUB IS WELL WORTH A VISIT, FOOTBALL AND GOOD MUSIC Paul Johnson
  • The King George pub in Filton is a nice big place with a pool table and friendly staff.
  • Henry summit hothouse up whiteladies road nice place nice bar staff too!!!
  • The Three Tuns -just along from College Green C.O.B college.
  • The Cadbury (montpelier), Cosies (St Pauls), The Star & Garter (Montpelier).
  • King William on King St could be nice but too many students. Sportsman in Horfield has loads of pool tables.
  • The Bridge at Shortwood (Nr Mangotsfield), for that little house on the prairie moment, sit on the veranda on a sunny evening and get slowly shit-faced....heavenly. Hobgoblin in Gloucester Rd is fine and mellow with some choice brews for the cool connoisseur and debonair sorts. Rhubarb Tavern Barton Hill for that old time feeling of yesteryear.
  • the lifeboat in shirehampton, the atmosphere is great
  • the upton inn at upton cheyney, near bitton and wick
  • The Cock o'the North
  • Ether opposite the Ice rink, Bar Ha Ha off Park st, Barouque for pre club drinking and for late bars definately go to either The River or The Park (top and bottom of Park Street)Tobacco Factory is the best in Town in good old Bedminster
  • Avoid the Avon Gorge - over 6 for a vodka Red Bull.... I'd be embarrassed to ask for that amount....
  • Kings Arms, Kingsdown - great chilled out pub, almost still a secret, sexy bar staff, too.
  • The king billy in warmley, goo dlocal, friendly crowd, scream roadshow disco every friday, live music most saturdays, bouncy castle for the kids, various other stuff going on.
  • the Cadbury, Star and Garter, Farm
  • hatchet
  • E-shed, the little red bar underneath the watershed has djs everynight and the music policy tends to keep the 'shirt boys' out. oh, and we show snowboarding and skating videos most evenings.. when our projector is working!
  • The Hatchet This is Bristol's oldest pub and 50 yds from the Mandrake. You can get wasted In the Hatch til 2pm! It's the place most rockers go to b4 the club's But its getting a bit trendy now, the new owners want it a bit wine barey but we wont be moved form our pub- It will be a rock pub forever!
  • artichoke is wkd in summer , commercial rooms always cheap and thebarkley on pk st!
  • Best pubs tend to be hidden The Cadbury - Montpelier, Cosies - St Pauls, price of entry seems to go up threefold every time I go there and music is now very loud, however still original and v. laid back. The Prince Of Wales - Cheltenham Rd - full of friendly leering locals and last but not least - The Hillgrove - Class just off nine tree hill and it has Pool and good ale.
  • The Bell (Jamaica Street)
  • Bristol pubs mostly all ruined by 2001, tastless swirly carpet, plastic head banging noise etc except for the excellent Highbury Vaults, Bag of Nails, and best of all, no frills, beer award winning Kellaway Arms,(2 miles north of centre) in the Good Beer Guide 10 years running. It boasts a full green garden with rabbit
  • The Park - The Triangle - new bar owned by James Savage & Ben Dubuisson - good tunes , loads of women if you can get past Savage harrassing them! Savage even does the hoovering
  • The Wellington (aka. The Boots), Glouscester Rd and Muller Rd junction.
  • The Cadbury and The Bell are great. And may i take the opportunity to point out that Browns is the largest pile of pretentious wank that i have ever come across.
  • glouceter rd is good for pubs and bars ie. the Cellar other good places are the Black Swan - Easton, The Star and Garter - Montpelier, The farm - St Werburghs, the E-shed is okay for later drinking so is renatos.
  • The Robin Hood on St Michael's Hill. Best pub in Bristol by a long way - manages to avoid wanker students AND the kevs & tracys WITHOUT the hinderance of being bored to death by OAPs.
  • Channings-Garden for Summer and great on a sunday indoors to recover or carry on all night session Browns-Bar area and steps good to meet friends .You always see most of Clifton walk by on a sunny afternoon.good selection bottled beers Square Bar-members bar but hang outside as members can get 3 guests in and youll be rewarded with waitress service to your sofa good food 1am licence good looking crowd that normally ends up in Browns,Ponana,Dojo bar or Fine line Coronation Tap-only ever been with express purpose of getting anihalated on halves of exhibition on prelude to pub crawls,guaranteed to prime you to become v annoying anywhere else you go afterwards and your vomit is a satisfying dark red.Either its the exhibition or stomach lining but dont get it on your trainers
  • Horts in Broad Street, but for more info look at
  • Go to Edwards if you believe yourself to be a highly respected, intelligent twentysomething because you wear a shirt and tie everyday when in reality you have a smattering of poor GCSEs, don't understand the concept of not speaking in monosyllables and seem not to notice that you generally behave in an arrogant and obnoxious way. Thatcher's runts.
  • The Cadbury House and the Star and Garter. I can't believe no one had put these in before!
  • The Old Duke -great for Jazz and Blues
  • The Lamb, Cadbury Heath. If suicidal, merely enter and shout "I love Bristol City". Death is instantaneous.
  • The frog and toad - 1 a pint on wednesdays!
  • edwards , slug and lettuce and rsvp are the best... well in my opinion... you can swap between the threee al night and are garaunteed to find loads of people you know in there ... some real characters in bristol and you'll find most of them in edwards on a weekend!
  • White Hart Berkley Hatchet
  • Highbury Vaults in Cotham, dark dingy what more could you want, (cheaper beer its nearly 2UKP these days) The Clyde, it's in Clifton/Redland but can you see any students? thought not.
  • the seven ways swan with two necks sportsmans arms
  • The best thing in Bristol is finishing work at 6pm & diving in to a bloody huge & teeth chatteringly cold Citron Martini at Henry Africas Hothouse. The worst thing in Bristol is falling off the bar stool after you have had two.
  • If you like beer, the Naval Volunteer on King Street has about 20 real ales to choose from every night.
  • Bass Pump House on Sundays.
  • The Kensington Arms pub on Kensington Road in Redland. Serves Smiles and other good beers, has cool bar staff and friendly atmosphere.
  • Horn and Trumpet next to the Hippodrome is one of the best atmospheres on a weekend. For a quieter night, try the Brewery Tap at the bottom of St Michael's Hill, or the Highbury Vaults at the top.
  • The Hope and Anchor, Jacobs Well Road - lovely pub, weird pint glasses!
  • Naval Volunteer (King St) has just had a million quid spent on it - you can imagine the result. No more Bass straight from the barrel. Central Bristol has the usual predictable run of Wetherspoons, All Bar One, Edward's etc. If you want somewhere a bit different (where you can hear yourself think), try The Hare on The Hill (Kinsdown) or the Bag O' Nails (Jacob's Wells Rd/Hotwells Rd)
  • If you want a fight, go to the Hen and Chicken in North Street

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