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Sports Clubs and Facilities
  • Allover town
  • that bit of fanny at the reception of hengrove is amazing the one with the fake eye lashes amazing pussy and animal on coc@
  • One of the only truly mixed team sport in the world - KORFBALL! Most commonly compared to netball and basketball. Great for meeting new people and keeping fit. Check out the website:!
  • Girls Rugby in Bristol, Interested? Looking for a Girls Rugby Team? Live around Bristol? Then why not come along to St Mary's Old Boy's Trench Lane Winterborne. Training is on Weds from 7pm. and Sundays 10am.
  • combe dingle is gd for outside sports, next generation gym is amazing, but very pricy!!
  • hockey
  • If you're interested in playing (or watching) rugby then come along to Cotham Park Rugby club. Find out more about the club at
  • Interested in playing rugby? Come along to Cotham Park Rugby club. We're just over the Suspension bridge. Training is on Tuesdays from 7pm. We're a very sociable club with excellent facilities and fantastic coaches. Come along and give it a go!
  • Opus life style gym (formly known as Redwood lodge) is the best gym in Bristol,if your not a member its only 10 for adults for the whole day and you can use the gym, swimming pool, sports bar, etc
  • Dragon Boat racing in Bristol. Great Bunch COOL!!!
  • American Football - The Bristol Aztecs. A good team who train and play hard down at the BAWA ground in Southmead. Come check us out. Training starts in the new year (9th Jan).
  • The masters snooker club has 2 professional tables (+ many standard club tables)with tight pockets and super fast cloth. All the tables I've used there are of a very high quality.
  • Colstons Rugby team WOW!
  • Climbing Center in St Werburghs is great. Can be quite packed sometimes but if you're interested in rock-climbing have a look. If you're looking ot start they run introductory courses but have to book well in advance. It's a converted church and is pretty mad to look at when you're inside.
  • 2004: Bristol Rugby club at the Memorial ground. The Dolphin Swimming pool in Filton has recently had a refit and is pretty nice. Horfeild Sports centre is building a swimming pool atm... For martial arts, there are loads of Tang Soo Do clubs scattered around Bristol, meaning that the Bristol championships are quite big and well worth competing in: not having to go far afield for some good competition. see
  • Bristol City
  • The Memorial stadium Home Of the ALl Mighty Gas
  • jjb sports
  • bcfc
  • Birdwatching? Or Jerome's kickboxing classes above browns restaurant.. well, it's more sport karate really, but very female friendly and lots of nice like minded people.. (you sometimes even get an apology if you're kicked in the head!)
  • Get your rocks off - The climbing centre in St Werburghs has indoor walls and course for beginners and experts alike. And when you're good, get down the sea walls - as much climbing as you want, outdoor and FREE!
  • Swimming, Synchrnoised Swimming and Waterpolo at the Bristol University Pool run Mon, Wed, Fri (7pm onwards)& Sun (12.30pm onwards), plus other areas around the city. A cheap and effective way of keeping fit! Don't knock it until you have tried it! For more details email:

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