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  • The epidemic of lyme infested ticks in avon gorge an the ensueing outbteak of crippled slowly dying people an animals that are obviously going to contract this 'non' disease which nobody can have because the universitys and medical establishment in bristol do not want it to excist in bristol!.
  • The epidemic of lyme infested ticks in avon gorge an the ensueing outbteak of crippled slowly dying people an animals that are obviously going to contract this 'non' disease which nobody can have because the universitys and medical establishment in bristol do not want it to excist in bristol!.
  • The epidemic of lyme infested ticks in avon gorge an the ensueing outbteak of crippled slowly dying people an animals that are obviously going to contract this 'non' disease which nobody can have because the universitys and medical establishment in bristol do not want it to excist in bristol!.
  • I've lived all over the world with the RAF and in my working life and when I had the misfortune to come to work and live near Bristol I wondered what hell I had stumbled into !!! What is wrong with these people, rude, aggressive , backward, jealous , callous , inbred, ignorant bunch of losers .
  • bristol is a small town over being a city i think and its got its snob parts and scum parts. stay clear of bedminster and clifton and your good to go
  • Bristol is a funny place. Its fun. Take what you will from it
  • Bristol Tantric Massage - fantastic! in Bishopston BS7 01179244923 / 07814873265
  • Hi. The Sk8 & Ride venue in Bristol has changed it's name to Motion Ramp Park. The telephone number has been assigned to a local resident, the new number is 0117 972 3111
  • There reli seems to be a great lack in nice relaxing areas where you can sit with freinds - maybe next to water etc, where it is quite....
  • Just wanted to let you all know that we'll be doing a FREE outdoor screening of Dogtown and Z-Boys (cult skate/surf film - ) in Keynsham memorial park on Sunday 31st July at dusk (about 9pm) There's a skate park there too and we'll be having a skate comp before the screening with (hopefully ) a really good board as a prize.... if you want to know more you can email us at Happy skating!!
  • The Bristol Shakespeare Festival is all about open air theatre in Bristol, from May 21 to 30 July 2005 in parks all over the city. The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Charley's Aunt, Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors - there really is something for everyone. So bring a picnic and enjoy!
  • 'Space' Songwriting Week - for the Bristol Youth music culture DATE: 4th- 8th April VENUE: The Folk House, Park Street, Bristol TICKETS: FREE DESCRIPTION: REMIX are giving young people from Bristol are being given the chance to spend 5 days being tutored by top professional local musicians to develop and perfect some tunes during the Easter Holidays. The week culminates in a showcase gig within Bristol's largest music venue, at the Colston Hall bar, on the 8th April. The week is absolutely free. Any aspiring artists can sign up, whether they can sing, play an instrument or just have musical ideas. To sign up or for more information call Jackie on 0117 922945 or email GIG NAME: 'Space' Showcase of Bristol's youth music scene DATE: 8th April VENUE: Colston Hall Bar TICKETS: FREE - to book call 0117 9223682 DESCRIPTION: Forming the climax a week of songwriting workshops organised by REMIX - Bristol and Gloucester's Youth Music Action Zone, 'Space' will provide an inspirational showcase of Bristol's new generation of musical talent. Up to 30 youngsters from all over Bristol have been writing music based on their interpretation of the word 'space'. The gig will be a refreshing insight into the dynamic and diverse youth culture of Bristol. Not to be missed.
  • if you dont come from bristol it seems overly shabby, but once you've lived here for a good while then youll realise there's SO much cool stuff going on, the music scene is mindblowing and the shops arent too bad either, it is the ultimate youth city
  • Celebs...Russ Conway born Herbert Trevor Stanford born Bedminster Bristol pianist/composer sold over 65 million records worldwide.Side Saddle No 1 hit for 31 weeks foumded Russ Conway Cancer Fund raising thousands of pounds for Bristol Charities.Blue Plaque in Bedminster Randolf Sutton born in Bristol musical hall entertainer known as Britain's Light Premier Comedian,sang 'saucy songs' World wide hits were On Mother Kelly's Doorstep ( before Danny La Rue !) and Goodbye a song song in WW1 has green plaque in Clifton.Don't forget Keith Floyd once had three restaurants in Clifton
  • Bristol used to be described as the gateway to the west of england, infact its more like a barricade. Avoid at all cost (Evern cancel thoes few days in devon, cornwall ect)
  • The proper bristolian people!!!!
  • Bristol is a very green city, lots of parks and fields for walks (if thats your thing)such as Ashton Court, Blaise castle, Leigh Woods. The Downs is great on windy afternoons, you get loonies flying huge kites and karting.
  • Bristol used to be a city AND a county when I went to school - it was on all the exercise books ......
  • bristol has a gud nightlife! and sum nice fit skaters if ur lucky
  • Crosslanes Guest House We are a 16th century cottage offering luxury accommodation, all rooms are ensuite with TV video combo.There are countless country pubs close by for evening food. There is the Ridgeway and Icknield Way for scenic country walks.We are also a good base for Oxford the Cotswolds the River Thames, London is 45 min.away on the Train. Tel.01844 345339
  • The bristol Old Vic Wind In The Willows is the best show I have even seen! The actors wre excellent!!!
  • Stretch Limo Hire Tel: 07968 112704 Email: Hire a stretch and see the Bristol nightlife in REAL style !
  • Redfield. Someone was obviously not impressed with this area. I have lived here for nearly six months now and think its great. I am a Bristolian and admit I had to move to where I could afford but I'me very glad I did, its great. Friendly people, two nice parks, good shops (if you can bothered to look) and an excellent local. Not telling where as might get a visit from Mr Grumpy
  • Dont Flash your Cash. Be on guard dont be out late alone especially in CASTLE PARK!! Granted it's usually ok But be careful through the trees late at night! Dont talk to crackheads.
  • Traffic!! The Council are mostly veggie minded and have had a policy of trying to get cars out of the centre. They concreted it all over and put in a ludicrous traffic scheme. Troublee is all these moronic cyclists don't seem to have grasped the fact that slowing down the traffic just creates more polution. The buses are so bad that we have to use our cars.
  • Bristol City Centre - is just the best city centre in Europe - visionary,imaginative, ace!
  • Bristol is big boring and its the sort of place you stay in if you were born here. If you visit the new Wal Mart store 6 miles North expecting a transposed one from THE USA you will be very dissappointed. Its jst a mssive ASDA hyeprmarket with practically the identcal produce to everry other supermarket in the UK. Be warned!Its a long journey there by bus numbers one or fifty four. From Rail Station.
  • Err, Bristol isn't in Somerset -it's in Bristol. OK, parts of it are, but the centre is just plain Bristol.
  • Bristol started changing a lot since the mid-70s with the influx of financial services companies from the south east of England, which I suspect was due to the completion of the M5 motorway connecting the south west and the midlands M6 and London M4 through the Almondsbury interchange. Bristol was a strong industrial centre, and could have survived without the yuppie influx. Clifton was already snobbish even at this time, and to a lesser extent Redland,Cotham and some other parts of North Bristol. By the time I had left in 1980 property prices were already on the way up with many old houses starting to be converted into flats for yuppies and to a lesser extent students.Obviously this has gone on since that time with even more white collar workers together with IT and Hi-Tech companies moving into or around North Bristol, which explains the comments about North-South differences within the City as many local people have been priced out of the housing market in the north. Most people in Bristol seem to blame Bristol City Council for abysmal planning during than the last 35 years.
  • Just thought I'd mention that Bristol is not in the county of Somerset. The city of Bristol is a county of its own.
  • Interested in old cars? From the plain interesting (old Jags etc.) to stonking Ferraris, Bristol Classic Cars can help you. They will rebuild paint and maintain that old classic at very reasonable prices. Give them a call on 0117 9569115 and ask for Mike.
  • King Street Gallery is a good contemporary art gallery showing local artists
  • Have you been to Heaven on Earth on Picton Street in Montpellier? It's a mad shop, selling all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but mainly coffins! They are supposed to be an interior design concept - they are not coffin shaped, but chest shaped and can be used as bookshelves, wine racks, etc. They've also got Ghanan coffins carved into different things, like boats and BMWs. Pretty unusual and haven't seen it anywhere else in world - not that I've been everywhere(!)
  • BRISTOL: Nirvana or nowheresville? Definitely nowheresville. I live in one of the scuzziest parts of this Godforsaken abyss, and by God it's crap. I'll start with the Inner City, where I live. The inner city in Bristol: worse than Brixton, better than Moss Side. Nine murders since the start of '96. Coke, heroin and crack EVERYWHERE. Fucking addicts, why the hell do they start? Anyway, this area, especially St. Pauls is worth avoiding at any cost, especially at night. Don't belive the lefty bullshit that it's 'really nice', I challenge anyone of that opinion to try saying that after walking down Grosvenor Road after 10 p.m. The Outer City: Hartcliffe & Knowle West, home of the 'Kevins' - tracksuit wearing psychos who'll smack you in the mouth for a pair of trainers, nick your car and then run you over with it. Again, I speak from personal knowlege: a friend of mine lived there for a few months last year and the little kids kept breaking into his flat to steal his stuff for smack money. Avoid. Kingswood, Horfield et al: BORING! Miles and miles of suburban sadcaseland. Forget it. Fishponds: As for Kingswood, only full of Fascists to boot. (pun) The Centre: Yuppie ridden hell hole, the only good thing about it is this netcafe'. And I cash my Giro there. Tip: Don't try to park your car in the city centre in the day unless you are willing to pay MONEY! Like, 2p a minute. Cotham, Clifton, etc: The Rich Areas of Bristol, apart from being exclusively occupied by rich people, have about as much character as a plastic cup. (lame huh?) Sadly Broke, er Bradley Stoke: Forget it. Well that concludes my online rant about this fair city of mine. Hope you enjoyed it and were offended ;).
  • The person berating many of the areas of Bristol was probably right but then again, you have to live somewhere and I would rather live here where there is a lively nightlife and music scene and countryside, hills and coast within easy driving distance.
    The polution can get bad and we have more cars per person than anywhere else in the country, so parking and traffic can be fairly annoying but it's nothing compared to London!
  • Areas of Bristol: Bedminster/Southville. I think this is a great area to live, and I've been living in Bedminster for 10 years now. It's south of the river, so tends to be avoided by yuppies and students, although there was an influx of aspiring yuppies in the late 80s. It's fairly quiet but it's got a good mix of people, and a fair amount of local activity. Good mix of born-and-bred Bristolians, a fair few yuppies and a large Italian community, and very friendly.
    Bedminster/Southville has got a brilliant free community newspaper (called "This is it") with excellent contributions from a wide range of people. The local community centre opened a few years ago and has an excellent cafe and a good range of events, and the "Show of Strength" theatre company used the Hen and Chicken as its venue for several years. Unfortunately, this excellent theatre company (who received good reviews in national as well as local papers) have lost their venue there and now play in Broadmead, but they should be returning to new premises in Southville shortly.
    Nearby is Windmill Hill, home of the Windmill Hill City Farm - well worth a visit. They sell a good range of organic produce, have loads of working exhibits and an energy-saving house.
    Bedminster has a couple of parks - Greville Smythe park which leads onto Ashton Court, and the huge Victoria Park stretching from Temple Meads through to Windmill Hill, and used for the annual "South of the River Show" community fair. Ashton Court holds vast numbers of events, notably the balloon fiesta held annually and the Ashton Court Festival in the summer, with major local and national bands - and it's free!
    The area is within easy walking distance of the docks and the centre, it's served by buses, the ferry, good cycle tracks and has a rail station (but with only a few trains a day).
  • 'Course if yerrr lokkin ferrr reol Bristawl then yu find iht in Lawrence weston an aw the udder plaices wer ex. St paus, Be'mister an so on people got tossed afer the war. Yu reeely wanna 'err ow it waas on the neffer in the twenys an firhies then go en talk to anione over 70. Reol Bristolians don liv in plaices liek Clifon an reol Bristol ain't there!

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