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The Worst Things
  • All the stoners. Depresssed fucking stoners. Not just in Easton and st Paul's as well there everywhere and there all depressed as fuck
  • Sjws
  • IKEA. Can’t stand the place. You can tell things are bad when people use a furniture store as a hook up spot. Please Bristol Council get the place demolished it’s an eyesore among other things too.
  • callum robinson
  • cracked jack
  • Jake Bartlett
  • Bristol City
  • Bristol City
  • Freaks everywhere who stare at you for a long time for no reason, are interfering, stand too close, are bossy and generally make you feel really uncomfortable. Too many wierdos in hoodies smoking dope. Too many immigrants... and that isn't racist, it's just a fact.
  • The locals aren't overly friendly and can be down right rude at times, traffic is horrendous for a major city the shopping is poor with very little of the city centre pedestrianized
  • The entire city seems to have an identity crisis. A literal example of what happens when trendies take over an historic city. Pretentious cafes and gastro pubs, micro breweries and gimmicky "alternative" stores, everyone seems to have an opinion in Bristol. Takes too much pride in being insufferably left wing. The Labour MP for the city is a moron. Overpriced. GWR still uses train sets from the 1970s, the station is a pit. Generally a dirty city. St Pauls is a dump filled with graffiti and minorities. Cabot Circus has horrible architecture, the city itself has god awful city planning.
  • The traffic system is bloody awful. The city planners must have been on drugs when they designed it and it takes AGES to get anywhere. The miserable and incompetent bus drivers. The train station is miles away from the city centre, not even walkable. Lack of real decent food places at realistic prices and pubs. Dirty. Smelly in the summer. Way way too many skinnies, women in their Grim Reaper outfits with their mobile phones clamped to their heads, with about 3 snotty kids in tow. Lefties, chavs and people who "think" Bristol is edgy. Wtf?? That bloody CEX shop - takes 1/2 hour to get served. Cabot Circus, just full of expensive shops. Unfriendly on the whole. That bloody accent. Primark.
  • I have nothing good to say about this hell on earth. The most miserable, aggressive, nosey and drug suckled population I have ever encountered in my life. It's scary. It makes Vikky Pollard look like a nice kind woman... yerbut nobut. Rude arrogant don't give a shit scowly workers in pretentious "arty" bars, people who don't know you can wear anything but adidas or a dressing gown, people who smell horrible and don't realise it's OK not to walk like a twat. I could go on. But I won't.
  • traffic congestion, for a major city the infrastructure is very poor
  • Dickhead students
  • Bristol dental hospital and its fake emergency treatment clinic, where average bristolians can be exploited to random irregular dental butchery testing procedures without any compensation or payment for being guinea pigs for horrific experimental jobs by incompetant masocistic students!
  • Bristol dental hospital and its fake emergency treatment clinic, where average bristolians can be exploited to random irregular dental butchery testing procedures without any compensation or payment for being guinea pigs for horrific experimental jobs by incompetant masocistic students!
  • Bristol dental hospital and its fake emergency treatment clinic, where average bristolians can be exploited to random irregular dental butchery testing procedures without any compensation or payment for being guinea pigs for horrific experimental jobs by incompetant masocistic students!
  • Bristol dental hospital and its fake emergency treatment clinic, where average bristolians can be exploited to random irregular dental butchery testing procedures without any compensation or payment for being guinea pigs for horrific experimental jobs by incompetant masocistic students!
  • Every bloody idiot driver, the people who smoke in their Chav mobiles with baby's in the car and windows up, all the uptight idiots who come for the unfortunate area in the world, what an unfriendly backward place Bristol is. Addeco, Milestone and Driver Hire should be avoided if your looking for work and The inbreds who run that messed up motorcycle training ground up in Hanbrook, Oh my God what a bunch of losers. BMTC should be avoided at all costs.
  • snobs from clifton/bath. bedminster munters.
  • Cabot taxis avoid at all costs racist drivers
  • metal scene is terrible. all hardcore bollocks.
  • Labour Councillors who are inbred incompetents following in the footsteps of the self opinionated, lightweight Blairite arse kisser, Dawn Primarollo. Add to that the outrageously left wing and politically correct public servants and you have a City on the verge of failure. Please,no more cash for the Lesbian guild of vegetarian, hessian wearing, tree hugging, man hating, rug munchers.
  • Hmm where do I start? The accent which is second only to the Brummies for sounding thick, The chavs-checkout Kingswood, Bedminster, Southmead-Fxxxing inbred knuckle dragging neanderthal inbreds, the drivers who are all ignorant and rude as fXXk, the drunks and the ccrackheads.
  • Local dialect, rude people, aggressive people, no classy shops,dreadful traffic, evil city council,bad schools, ugly buildings, disgusting hospitals.
  • Local dialect, rude people, aggressive people, no classy shops,dreadful traffic, evil city council,bad schools, ugly buildings, disgusting hospitals.
  • EVERYTHING. The accent, the city itself and a lot of the people. Leaving was the best thing ever. I don't know why family even moved here. I have no Bristolian blood and I'm proud of that!
  • EVERYTHING. The accent, the city itself and a lot of the people. Leaving was the best thing ever. I don't know why family even moved here. I have no Bristolian blood and I'm proud of that!
  • Kingswood. I've never seen so many chavs (the ones with that all-too-similar Bristolian inbred look) and teenage mums in one town.
  • Easton, St Pauls and Stokes Croft. THEY SHOULD BURN
  • The train service run by 'First' Great Western. Once i asked the conductor why a train was late one morning and his explanation was it was because a train was late the previous evening. Village idiots.
  • Bristol Rovers
  • The worst things are the lack of BMX and skateboard specialists in the area, there all road and mountain bike shops....
  • the minority which make bristol look bad!
  • Posho prick students, especially Bristol Uni. I was bullied out of the place for being 'local'; they form these twatty cliques and think Clifton is where it's at (bullshit). Also, too many drugs, lots of fights.
  • Lot of hills , no cash points , stupid town design . Needs a major town redesign - get rid of the canal and the sculptures , flatten the hills and put the train station nearer the town .
  • Traffic. Parking.
  • Trustafarians, the weather, the students, the traffic, the hills when you're cycling...
  • bistolian accent, before venturing into brizzellll make sure you have a map the languge barrier is really that bad! You will have pleanty of time to look at it while waiting in a traffic que, or for a bus, or evern when walking (WALKING UPRIGHT ISNT A SKILL BRISTOLIANS HAVE FULLY EVOLVED)If "souf" of the river really is "the real bristol" then it hasn't changed much since its origins BEDMINSTER origionally was a LEPPER COLONY.
  • The constant abuse students get in this city. This may come as a shock but I am Bristolian and worked my backside off to go to Bristol Uni. I agree that Bristol Uni students have a reputation for being arogant gits and some are (personal experience believe me!) but not all. Students can be your future Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists etc, they bring a lot of money to Bristol. Bristolians should be proud that their University is one of the oldest and considered one of the top ones in the country. Stop the student bashing - or be more honest - some are idiots but then there are idiots in every walk of life. Also to all the people taking the mick out of the accent - BOG OFF to another city - if that will help your precious ears!
  • The people are so unfriendly - nearly as unfriendly as MIdlanders.
  • The smell
  • Pissed-up wankers in the center on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The studants when they pince around saying ya ya, mummy and daddy bought me a boat and its just not big enough! looking down on everyone else. Rude, wasters who give bristol a bad name. The smell of the center when it warms up in the summer on a saturday night
  • The Driving in this urban death maze! what the f**k are the Bristolian on when they drive? Why is a Vauxhall Omega the Rolls Royce of the average bristolian cretin! I go to (ahem) uwe.. i am ashamed of myself! Typical Bristol attitude here! uwe were going to take 5 students to a piss up in a brewery, but they couldn't organise it!
  • st pauls at nite
  • the Pikeys in Southmead. Southmead.
  • people hu dont get dat it dont matter wher u live in bristol - if u got da accent an born&bred&live dere dat makes u a bristolian eg NOT da students
  • Can be a bit towny,
  • Temple Quay - heads should roll. The baffling, nonsensical, ugly centre of Bristol.... those fountains? I could piss heavier than that! Embarrassing.
  • Bus drivers everything is SO expensive Clifton students
  • coming back to bristol after a holiday.
  • Bristol Rovers them F*****G GYPIES will move anywhere.
  • The Crackheads
  • not having sk8 parks in lockleaze
  • Where do I start?!?! Clifton - beautiful buildings, but fuck Clifton!! Cliftonites seem to believe that they're the light and soul and civilisation of the city, but what culturally significant has ever come from the area? Nothing!! Just a lot of rich kid students attempting to live bohmenian, alternative lifestyles in their 0.5m flat courtesy of daddy, air kissing wine bar types, "mums on the school run" blocking up the roads with their monster trucks to save Jemima and Jeremy their 5 minute walk to school, 3rd rate it girls and guys, and lots more rude, rude unpleasant people who treat the place like it's flippin Knightbridge or somewhere. Given the technology, I'd saw around Clifton and push it off into the Avon. If you think this is a class-war issue, then you'd be wrong cos I'd also include all the monkey men and white mini-skirted slapper who descend from Southmead, Knowle, Bedminster etc who descend on the centre every Saturday night to go to clubs like Evolution (such an ironic name!) and The Works to vomit and beat each other up. What else?! Too many crack/smackheads, rude boys, dim people, City Line - the worst bus service outside of Afghanistan. The student issue - the difference is the students who want to be involved in creating a bettre Bristol and are an invaluable asset, and those who patronise locals and complain about how everything's better in London, who we could do well without - come here in August and spot the difference. Worst thing of all about the city right now is house price situation. Ever since Bristol became "successful", house prices have gone crazy, constantly pushing lower income workers further out to the edges of the city. Little affordable housing seems to be built nowadays, yet there's little shortage of 'luxury flats' going up. While this trend is continuing key workers in the central districts of the cities cannot realitically afford to live there and are having to come from much further afield. From my pub philosopher's viewpoint, this is tearing apart the very fabric of city.
  • not having skate parks
  • Ritas kebab coming back up at 9.30 am
  • there seems to be an un-written law that locals and students shouldn't get along.... why is this? theres absolutely no need for it. there alos seems to be the reputation that all students are bristol are pretentous. hate to break it to you but this isn't the case. observation shows that UWE students blend in with the locals a bit better I have to say, but the above comments stand, why can't we all jsut get along.
  • Bristol is the ugliest city in the world. The archeitecture is dreadful. I've never seen so many homeless people in one city. The public transport is terrible and sometimes non existant. The traffic is a nightmare. The main shopping area around Broadmead is rubbish. The people look like they have not had a wash in years. Temple Meads station is in the middle of nowhere. Everyone's ilogical. All this and I've only been there once.
  • cars; being ignored by the rest of the world; outsiders insisting this is Avon; not knowing which county we ARE in; people moving out to the country to avoid the pollution and driving back in every Saturday morning; extortionate bus fares and services that stop at 11.
  • THE BIG CRACK AND SMACK PROBLEM!!! This cities ability to turn a completely sane person into a paranoid Schizophrenic or a crackhead within 6 months! The tunnels that lie under Bristol that used to transport the slaves!
  • Drunks on a Saturday night, every Saturday nigth, don't they ever get bored??
  • townie goons, edge of city estates, BRISTOL UNI STUDENTS : fahfah fah fah fahafah aaaaaagh - almost without exception upper class twits, totally clueless as to what bristol is really about PLEASE GO AWAY
  • Average food, Average pubs, 2nd worst schools in the country thanks to retard Bristol City Council which has wrecked the centre with silly sail things.
  • The fact that unless you earn more than 20,000 a year you are scum.
  • The continuing pathetic wasted existence of that other team.
  • The class war; mainly the problem is the mutual resent between locals and students. Why can't everyone try to get on?
  • The Centre after pub closing on Friday and Saturday nights. Crammed full of drunken lads in shirts and gold chains gobbling kebabs and leering at shrieking girls in too-tight dresses staggering across the cobbles in too-high heels. Avoid.
  • Bedminster is one of the best and worst things about bristol
  • I lived in Bristol for nearly two years and just thought I was going insane, but I am so glad that someone has mentioned the word 'ideal' as a subsitute for idea thank you thank you thank you. They still think your crazy if you try to correct them!!!
  • People trying to isolate one aspect of Bristol that is at its heart. Bristol is unique exactly because there is a dynamic between the locals and students, Clifton and St Pauls, Broadmead and Park Street. Oh and the fact that this is a town built on slavery and cigarettes.
  • City line - Bristol's bus mafia, who refuse to give returns before 9 o' clock and never carry any change. The Evening Post - makes The Sport look like serious intellectual reading. Bedminster, Fishponds, Southmead. People from south of the river who claim to be 'the real Bristol', although what they really mean is that they go to the same pubs as their mums and marry their cousins. Londoners moving in and bumping the price of everything up. 2.50 a pint now - insanity! Bristol's a lovely place though, I'd never live anywhere else!!
  • Town Centre Townies Demise of decent House Music now everywher like lakota,maze,creation et al play hardhouse/trance absolute bollocks.where can we hear vocal uplifting House? Parking in Clifton Being burgled and car broken into 5 times in Y2k in clifton-if I ever catch these little shits...... Cribbs Causeway-just one Question WHY?Full of slappers with pushchairs and sportswear with boyfriends called Wayne looking for stuff for Our mum.
  • The Bristolians, they are ignorant peasants, that's why the city has no decent restaurants or clothes shops.
  • Scum types everywhere. Dirty inner city. No food places near Station
  • "That sounds like a great ideal", look it up in the dictionary (that book collecting dust next to the Jackie Collins), it's a different word from idea you tracky wearing idiots.
  • Adecco in BT Queen Charlotte Street. Don't work for them. They are THE most arrogant and obnoxious employment agency I have ever come across.
  • Unfriendly people.Town Centre a s##thole and utterly boring. Naff accent. F##k all to do unless your'e into farming. If your'e thinking of moving here take my advice- don't bother, go to the West Midlands- its much better!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Skateboarders
  • Student Clifton,St Pauls Rd sorts talking loudly who eat in Pizza Prov,Henry Africas,Scream Bar,Watershed, u know the bars. Londoners who come down here push prices up complain about everything, its not as good as london well fuck off back there then!.Sharons with those orrible mini skirts with slits up the side who try to look like posh stick!!! who go in those disgusting bars by the Watershed. That city centre thing. The Lansdown, Richmond Springs and others being turned into sanded down personality black holes because of Students, Londoners etc!!!!
  • TAXIS ritzy's they've closed all the TSB's haven't they?
  • South of the river. There is a cult among non Bristolians about the Southern suburbs. They believe them to be the real Bristol. Don't be misled. Bristolians who are born south of the river cannot wait to move to the more civilised areas north of it. Those who do not wish to can be identified by their recessive chins and excessive amount of digits. (this is known as B.S.4 syndrome).
  • Club scene. Dance music, dance music, dance music. Hello? There are other types of music you know! And I'm not talking about the shitty "indie" clubs either. Although, saying that, no-one in Bristol would appreciate it....
  • Chuffing students everywhere. Thankfully most of them go home to Mummy and Daddy at Christmas/for the summer, etc., but nevertheless, its seems like theyre always there. Whiteladies Road at 8:30 am is a sight to behold, as a thousand feckwit students walk blurry-eyed to their one and only lecture. Unless, of course, theyre driving in Daddys-bought-me brand new Golf (or, for the fairer sex, brand new Renault Clio).
  • The huge amount of trevors in their escorts with boom boxes and spoilers that think they are gods gift. They also think that the chip shop makes a good place to hang on a saturday night.
  • How many kappa slappers and trevs can you fit in one city?
  • the nauseous students, ritzy and the cliftionians who think they are special
  • the traffic, public transport and expensive rents.
  • Far too much wannabe head up arseness all fuckin round
  • many townies as well.
  • Snobbish class war that seems to be raging across this guide between Clifton and South Bristol. Just coz there are a lot of students in Clifton/Redland/Cotham doesn't mean they are any less part of Bristol or the people who live there any less Bristolian, (we still say ideal not idea).
  • the state of disrepair allowed by the council to happen to the flats
  • REDFIELD: The most boring suberb of Bristol, consisting of one horrible hiogh street with a zillion charity shops for sick animals and you could mistakenly buy one posing as a hat or winter coat. The rest of the road has the usual cheapo shops and take aways. There is a Tesco, but this caters for mostly oaps or students, so if you fancy cooking something exotic - forget it! Though there was once an occassion when they stocked packs of strips of Japanese seaweed for - why??? The only saving grace is that you are near town. N.B. ALL the pubs - and thre are loads to choose from - are equally yuk!
  • Trying to gett around this F'in' city. If you get a taxi it costs a bloody fortune. Esp. Euro Taxis, avoid like the plague! If you take the bus its NEVER on time. I've taken to leaving an hour early to travel ten mins down the road. If you walk you get choked by the fumes. Also Library books have to be returned in THREE WEEKS how crap is that!
  • Getting about: Bristol has a huge traffic problem - the city is split by a river and the docks, so the only way to get from one side to the other is via one of the bridges, and the queues get horrendous during rush hours. This means that not only is driving a nightmare, but buses are notoriously unreliable, as they get stuck in jams too. They're also very overcrowded during rush hours. The really civilised way to get around is on the ferry - regular service from 11.30 am daily (unfortunately, they've suspended the very useful early morning commuter service), from Hotwells and Bedminster (SS Great Britain) to the Centre, Broadmead and Temple Meads. Single fare 80p.
  • Any soccer team bearing the name "Bristol"
  • Rather a sweeping statement concerning Bristol. Bristol City FC have a large following on the WWW. Bristol football is alive and thriving, albeit in a minor division!
  • The word "look" is added to the end of every sentence!
  • The Accent, I hate the Accent, the Accent is terrible, I do not like the accent. Along the same lines the word "ideal" being substituted for "idea" and being called "my lover" well actually being caled "my lover" is faintly amusing, BUT NOT the word "IDEAL" I hate it.
  • Harvey's Bristol Cream Tour: By far the biggest rip-off in town. 2 1/2 pounds for a teeny bit of sherry, a lot of self-promotion, and tour guides with a bad attitude. We preferred scrumpy tasting in Cheddar.
  • The Worst Place in Bristol is College Green! I got splatted twice by Pigeons on my way up to Park Street!
  • I lived in Bristol for 3 years, yep I was the worst kind of resident.....A STUDENT WHO LIVED SOUTH OF THE RIVER. I love it, it has so much character and the residents are really nice hardly any anti student feeling. The worst bit? GWR and Galaxy. Talk about a pile of absolute shit. As far as GWR goes you may as well be in any part of the country, they're all the bloody same (Graham Torrington is ok but the rest are crap) Galaxy - wall to wall dance tunes for the metroplex... yeah right, no one's heard of any of them and where the hell is the Metroplex?????
  • I was brought up in Bristol, in Brislington, and get really pissed off when I hear fucking students going on about "their city". Of course they have a right to be there and they do add to the place, but they don't live in the real Bristol and they don't know real Bristolians. Most Bristolians live fucking miles from Clifton and Park Street and their lives are a million miles away from the wankers that shop, eat and drink in those areas. And yet, the council perpetuates the myth of Bristol as Clifton. If you want a laugh, go to the council web site, it's all fucking Clifton. What about the real Bristol? Like St Annes, a beautiful suburb, or Stockwood, which is surrounded by some of the lovliest countryside in the West Country. These places might not be lined with Georgian mansions, but at least they are three-dimensional and unpretentious.
  • I lived in Bristol between Oct 1987 and Jan 1989, and I moved there from Brighton and studied at Bristol Uni. Bristol was total bollocks. I hated the place. I particularly hated the way it tried to be a sort of "smaller west country version of London". I also hated the way all the Bristol students formed little cliques. Bunch of arse. Still, never mind. There are millions of Chinese people who couldn't give a fuck.
  • Pollution. The insane government transport policy means that everyone drives into work, and hardly anyone car-shares. If you are asthmatic, *don't come to Bristol!* I'm just about to move to Devon to get out of the way :-)
  • Too many student Sloanes!
  • The traffic. People who spend three years at the University (or, worse, the Poly - or should I say UWE now?) and think they know the place well enough to judge it.
  • Yep - the traffic - and POINTS WEST what turd they are. I hate the Evening Post too. I should blow them up, or at least nail bomb the editor's wife
  • The Bristol accent, go to the chip shop in the centre of horfield and have a chat with one of the locals. You'll see what I mean.
  • Pollution, Public transport limitations, parking costs, hills when cycling Drunk 'yoof' on The Centre on Saturday night.

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