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Calling Bristol Mums and Dads by Nanny Mewes (Member 10287571) on 1-Aug-2013
Are your children a nightmare?
Are you at your wits’ end with their tantrums, fussy eating and bad behaviour?
In a brand new TV series for C4, Liberty Bell Productions are offering families the chance to work with Kathryn Mewes, a highly experienced parenting expert and author of ‘The Three Day Nanny’.
If you’d like to know more, please contact:
or call 020 7598 7326
rikoko club by Michael Brice (Member 10099006) on 9-Apr-2012
I posted my original enquiry here in 2004 and just had a reply!   
  • Re: rikoko club by Mother Trucker (Member 10254184) on 6-Jun-2012
    It is damn slow on here and not very easy to follow. It's way better than all this twitter and faceless shite that the kids are using.

  • Re: rikoko club by Alan Crownacre (Member 10176309) on 8-Jun-2012
    Oh dear. It looks like you have escaped from the Hamstreet board. Apologies to the people of Bristol. I agree that Facebook and Twitter are a time waste. Knowhere was here first and it will outlive all those babyish websites.

GARETH MICHAEL JAMES by bryn.james (Member 10020532) on 20-Aug-2011
  • Re: GARETH MICHAEL JAMES by Mother Trucker (Member 10254184) on 6-Jun-2012
    No disrespect mate but your posting in Bristol so perhaps u wanna try the Cardiff board. Good luck chief.

Henbury rap by Shell (Member 10233211) on 28-Jun-2010
This is so cool! it's kids from year 11 Henbury leavers, made a rap for the teachers, funny lol

Saga Dating by Glenda (Member 10247636) on 20-May-2010
I'm a single lady in my fifties looking for a companion to spend some quailty time with. I'm not over the hill yet, and still young at heart. I can be found at sagadatingsite website just search for Glenda. Looking forward to hearing from you.   
  • Re: Saga Dating by Mother Trucker (Member 10254184) on 6-Jun-2012
    Do you do lady love? I'm up for anything anytime. Up for some fun Glendale?

Your Family by Shell (Member 10233211) on 20-Jul-2009
find your family/ancestry by joining others researching your tree. FREE
Looking for a simple website template? by Reader (Member 10122086) on 14-Jul-2009
AMBER will get you going. Free to download at   
paranights by kim edon (Member 10237624) on 21-May-2009
new ghost hunting company set up based in yeovil, covering the entire south of england! visit:
Carol Rugg by Kevin Lawton (Member 10025534) on 30-Jan-2009
I'd love to know what my old friend Carol Rugg is doing now and how she is. She was a student in Matlock in the late 1980s but originally lived in the Southville area of Bristol. I've had no luck on Friends Reunited or Facebook. Any information (especially from Carol herself of course!) would be gratefully received.   
Shocking drugs news by Pop Idle (Member 10110884) on 26-Jan-2009
Does this affect you?
What do you make of it?
Cannabis has been reclassified to Class B
drug, pushing it back up the scale, perhaps
back where it belongs.
Drug dealers have responded by ... more >>
  • Re: Shocking drugs news by Mother Trucker (Member 10254184) on 6-Jun-2012
    Does your handle Pop Idle mean your an unemployed father?? I like the idea of scummy junkies turning into toffs after a bit of puff.

Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
SINGLES LOOKING FOR NO STRING FUN IN BRISTOL by John Barker (Member 10125671) on 7-Dec-2008
copy and paste into browser
Help.............?? Bristol 1970 by maybey (Member 10040696) on 16-Oct-2008
Searching For....1970...Bristol, Jo Evans, Son of a Doctor in Bristol, Mick, Son of a Nurse, Paul was an Asian guy that joined the Hells Angels, Debby Jones that came from Weston Supermare, Alan Finch (found) John Logan, John ? from Nailsea, Ann (Sandie) from Cornwall, all in Bristol around 1970, please any info on these people would help, thanks   
new chatroom now open by alan (Member 10169915) on 27-Aug-2008
hi knowhere chatroom has closed down i am offering all a new one......its only bacic so please try it somtime.....its open 24/7 ..tell your friends and mates and good chatting.......the room is moderated so please use but dont abuse.......thanks all.............   
  • Re: new chatroom now open---DONT BOTHER they only want to groom ya by davros's dalek (Member 10231219) on 3-Sep-2008
    alans talkin shite again

  • Re: new chatroom now open by Ghosty (Member 10130345) on 8-Sep-2008
    Ignore the idiot he runs a dangerous chat.

looking for old friends by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 11-Aug-2008
looking for old friends alan joy had a brother richard we worked for rolls royce at patchway in the early seventies there were acroud of us that used to hang about together alan used to live in st george if any knows of him let him know ian mckenzie is trying to get intouch.   
Denise Walker by ian mckenzie (Member 10229718) on 9-Aug-2008
looking for an old freind Denise Walker(maiden name)worked in a hotel chain in Bristol in the mid seventies she had 2 brothers the oldest was peter her father was a warder at falfield detention centre and her mother was a nurse.
she lived in stone on the A38 with her parents.
we used to hang out at the top rank on a saturday night in the early seventies with all the city boys on friday nights we... more >>
  • Re: Denise Walker by Ghosty (Member 10130345) on 8-Sep-2008
    Ignore the idiot he runs a dangerous chat.

Bath guy seeks girls up 4 fun too! by nickc909 (Member 10229675) on 26-Jul-2008
I'm a single cute guy who's looking for likeminded sexy girls to hook up with. Anyone interested?   
Hello there by 真理セイヤー (Member 10228057) on 5-Jul-2008
Just getting to know my way around....   
  • Re: Hello there by Alan Crownacre (Member 10176309) on 8-Jun-2012

re shirehampton by alan (Member 10169915) on 29-Jun-2008
hi is their anyone in hear 50+ living in shire all their lives rember alan and i lived in medow grove 1949 to dad was ron and my mum was joyce..mail me if you   
  • Re: re shirehampton by davros's dalek (Member 10231219) on 3-Sep-2008
    dorset frank

Where are these people from? by Shelly (Member 10226895) on 24-Jun-2008
I'm fed up with the way this country is going, we now have Eastern Europeans interfering with traffic in ristol, they gather around the cars and without consent of the owner - wash the windscreen, then demand payment! they caused one car to go into th back of another on one occasion, they open car doors to get you to pay up, they pretend to drop the money you give them in order to get you to pay a... more >>   
  • Re: Where are these people from? by alan (Member 10169915) on 29-Jun-2008
    send them all home i say and pull out of the EEC quick

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