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  • The big balls outside Bromley south station... legendary and in the view of the police station.
  • We used to hang around in Shortlands Park thinking we were so 30 of us sharing a 24 pack of carlsberg and 6 joints. hardcore.
  • secret places in bromley >on top ov hmv yes it can be done have a look around the back you can get on top of most shops good for parkour just look down tetty way (often empty) >want food places to expensive at the top of the hill outside the glades by that electronics place just down thier the road is called ethelbert road but their is salvation army right at the top you can see it from the glades in their you can get a bacon sandwich and a coke for 50p safe >corner stone want good company go to corrner stone under ground new age church have fun and whach out for burger king big place for pick pocketts have fun!! any questions or you wanna meet up email me
  • If you wanna join a sk8 team in Bromley (Bullet) either: •Call or Text at 07787195240 •Email at
  • Market square, dubbed "Costa" by the Alternatives that hang out here due to the coffé shop directly next to it, good place to find Alternative, we're as harmless as kittens to all the people who think otherwise, sometimes up to 70 Alternatives at a time, Friday nights are best, Saturday's are but Sundays are slow. Churchill car park is another good place to find people, top level.
  • In terms of hook-up spots before a skate; the only place left is the Waitrose car park. The few of us who are left from all those years ago will link there. and skate for a bit. Ocassionally we'll link up in 'he shop'(Urban Chaos), but that's extremely rare.
  • hi i live in chislehust and it is shit there is nothing to do and the chislehurst comon people should get shot when me and my frend do go to bromley that is shit to and the glades should be burnt down my advice is to go up town unless u are gay cos u will get murked
  • in the park, under the little tree. but we usually get shouted at by some pikeys to get of their park. and in the summer theres always little kids running around. or just in the glades in general. Theres nowhere gr8 to hang in bromley.
  • the best hook up spot is (if u actually knew bromley) outside the costa coffee shop...churchill car park is for the evening dossing which invovlves the likes of 18-21 year old grungers such as FLASHMAN, LUKE ASH, CHRIS TRANTEM, MATT GABBELL, LILLY, HARRY FITZ, DAN MAGUIRE...speakin of dan...dnt even have eye contact with him as hes a very violent champion boxer (well known in star lane and ramsden estate)...and a very dear friend of mine! the "Pikeys" in the churchill park are infact albanians which can be quite dangerous! (ppffft!) well i think theres one word tht sums up bromley and tht is "urwelcomeifubaresniff" ohh tht also applies to linking with chicken! "cough" druggy "cough"
  • swanley just a train stop away from bromley.... swanley ledges, skatepark. in asda carpark theres a good wallride spot. swanleys basically an all round good spot for street bmx.
  • Outside costas..thats where all the alternatives (goths grungers sk8rs) hang out
  • just so it is know after about 18 months of the bromley south grungers not being around the group has reformed (with many prickish new people) outsde starbucks/costa. many more irritating people than ever before but still a lot of laughs when you have nothing else to do from about 1 o'clock onwards.
  • outside certain pubs can be good 2 pick girls up. just have 2keep an eye out 4 the one's that r plastered and might not b 2 bothered about a quick fumble. (jokes) lol.
  • Outside Virgin Megastore leaning over the balcony, gobbing and dropping McDonalds coke on all the "posh" people below.
  • lol pubs,clubs? u hear about them in west wickham, hayes, and bromley but where r they? hayes is the size of a bloomin pea .......... if u want sum good hook up spots il name them all in bromley,,,, the TOP floor of the glades car park (or the roof if u have the guts)... kelsey park, outside macky d's in the glades,, the big open area in the glades where they usually show cars.... loads more but i cant name them
  • Cafe Rouge, Bromley
  • bromley is 4 pikeys dat smell n hav bad breath. Dey tink dey wel hard innit blud but not as hard as d eltham book group formally known as the 'elthamian boyz' - dont mess with dem, dey'll set their money on u
  • We all gather at bromley south gamestation before going on a rant up bromley high st. we make our way up the road via gamestation, KFC then the record stores. But bromley south station is the best meeting point with out doubt.
  • Got to be the High Street. Full of peoplle who want to go and chat up the fit bird over there but poo it so don't. I've only got one thing to say to you lot - Don't worry you'll grow up someday.
  • outside virgin on the top floor of the glades near the macdonalds, you have to squeeze through the bodies of pikeys that infest the corridors
  • well i supose there are a number of ok hangouts in bromley the glades is ok provided you dont look to scary and get chucked out (serioulsy we were once told to leve by the local cops just cuz we looked ofensive) but it is the better place to hide in the winter in the summer i guess every one just finds a pach they like in the park realy sadly it seems that a group of trendys own it as every time they see me and my friends they yell get out of our park then go and try to get stoned on camden weed
  • Just to let you know, it's Grungers who hand around at Churchill Car park.
  • Bromley is crap and boring. You get started on by 13 year olds who you know cant even buy cigarettes or get in to 15's at the cinema. You stand there and laugth as you know even boys from St Olaves can beat them up.
  • Glades restaurant area probs
  • Bromley Quasar
  • Queens Park, watch all the 15 yr old pikeys try and get high on one reefa, as they pass it round there other 20 friends!
  • there is a strange group of 'pikys' who hang around churchill park, but bar that you have to bond with parents until you are facially mature enough for bromley nightlife
  • market square McD's has all the usual riff raff -- if you want your kids to go down the wrong path.
  • Widmore park; 15 year old blokes drinking super tennants, 15 year old girls drinking Diamond White and 20/20
  • The Esso garage near to Pratts Bottom along the A21 on the outskirts of Bromley is THE place to hook up if you are into performance road cars. Most nights in the early hours from midnight onwards you may see Cossies, Renault 5 and 21 Turbos, Intergralis, Quattros, RS Turbos by the dozen, Pug 106 and 205 GTi's. Also it often provides a chance to meet the local police constabulary as I'm sure you can imagine!
  • A lot of people seem to hang around Kelsey Park! Don't ask me why, but I think it may have something to do with the lack of nightlife round this place!!
  • The Glades car park (until they threaten to prosecute you). Civic Centre car park.
  • In one of the multi-storey car parks, no doubt, though you often get groups of kids in the park behind the Glades, where's there's a really easy maze. Of course most of them are about 13, go to the Priory School and spend all day just standing in a group in, or outside, the Glades.
  • We've all hung around the churchill garden when we were 13. 13 year olds still do...
  • Outside McDonald's in Market Square. The yoof contigent hang about in fat blokes' jeans, swearing and being frightfully intimidating.

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