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Hookup Spots
  • The Obelisk Roman beacon tower, beside where St. Tarcisius school used to be, is where Peter Jackson and I used to hook-up after school back in the 1960's before we immigrated to the States two weeks after England won the '66 World Cup. Also in the 1960's Peter Jackson and I hooked-up in an old horse stable we accessed from an alley behind High Street which runs up to the London Road. We discovered it was where a couple kids from Old Dean stashed toys they stole from Woolworths. My parents caught me playing with some of them in the shed and mom marched me down to the old police station opposite the train station. Detectives came to our house, interrogated me and I took them to the stable to prove I only stole the toys second hand. One detective was more interested in finding antiques in the stable than verifying I was half innocent. Those kids got in trouble and a tub load of toys I took to the police station I never saw again. Glorious memory! Hey, Peter Jackson, let's connect after 47 years!
  • The Dolphin, great pub
  • A good hookup spot used to be the bench outside the cricket pavillion next to the Arena complex,its surrounded by hedges so you can get naked in the summer with your lady without anyone seeing you.
  • park
  • watchmoor park
  • For a while the latest place for young people to hang out in the camberley area became 'Crabtree Park'. After getting bored of the gigs held at the 'camberley football club' youths of the 'emo' and 'pop punk' disposition took to getting drunk on cheap cider and smoking cigarettes and spliffs in the area around the skatepark. Notable occasions include when a girl invited everybody to her party and ended up with 200+ people coming. everybody was kicked out by her aunty and the police after her house was wrecked and hundreds of teenagers were left wandering the streets. about 60 people went up to crabtree and had there own party there. Of late the park has grown strangly quiter. This may have something to do with an event in june 06 where a group of the youths commonly reffered to as 'chavs' came up to the park and assualted several so called 'mettlers' with bottles, a baseball bat and even someones own skateboard. The strongly exxagerated newspaper article on the violence may have something to do with the sudden fall in popularity of this as a hook-up spot.
  • down an alley
  • when i was a lass an wearin my tomlinscote yellow sockes the place to hang was marconi park. Now that I'm at the ripe old age of 20 its gotta be goose, spoons caz there cheep or yates since its been done up. The adge is great but when i turned 18 i felt to old to be there.
  • looks like all the main spots have been mentioned.
  • rock box (down alleyway from boots in the main square) oh, and i know it says not to but the carpenters arms does a decent pint
  • Theobalds in Heatherside man. We wax curbs, make ramps, and generally piss off whoever lives there by turning there road into a skatepark.
  • Camberley is a hole ....englefield green would kill the lot of yous cheap homo wannabe's
  • We hang around the arena near the town centre.
  • ok the walkway inbetween the libary and the high street, the carpark behind the libary, the park behind the libary including the tower thing at the top of the hill and the Arena park
  • The Agincourt carpark- always full of bored Grungers or Townies looking for some easy drink.
  • A place all the cool kids used to hangout was by Marconi's in the park. It became a favourite drinking spot especially after we finished out GCSE's.
  • Definately Knoll way, linking the High Street and Noel road, between Barclays bank and some other shop. By day its occupied by 13 year olds learning how to smoke, people smoking bifters on their lunchbreak and old people having a rest before they move another five metres. As yet there is no resident tramp although I believe it would be a perfect spot. By night it is occupied by agressive little cider drinking oiks, 13 year old prostitutes, and skag heads. Again as in every town, outside McDonalds is a favourite meeting ground for bunking schoolkids, spending any left over change from the wrap they just bought down knoll way on a cold calcium-carbonate cheeseburger, served by a spotty part-time drug dealer who always puts ice in your coke when you ask for it without. The entrances/exits to the main square are also becoming popular for red eyed teenagers and people wearing slipknot hoodies. You can't hang out/smoke in the main square as you get moved on by the "security" (they like to control any shoplifting.) If you're in the know you hang in the rock box, harrasing strangers with your solid knowledge of music and smelly armpits. The back of Robins cinema and the arena park are good spots for social drug taking and organised fights.
  • Top of the multi storey car park was always a good one... always plenty to do, if gobbing and throwing bricks over the side onto passing shoppers is your thing...
  • when i were a lad i would go anywhere that was quite and secluded for a smoke with my mates, nothing has really changed excpet that now i go to bangin clubs and smoke with mates and strangers, depends how happy i am, if you now what i mean.
  • the goose
  • the main square.
  • 5,6 or even 7 years ago, wondering round Cambo' at night was a laugh.All the boyz doing the circuit in their dodgy motors.Everyone around 14 getting plastered on diamond white, White Lightning etc walking the streets. Nookie for all. then the old bill tightened their grip and all this is now a rare sight. now the kids have nothing to do, so drug taking is certainly on the up!
  • Mostly 15 year olds hang out around Spar, hassling you to buy them a can of Diamond White cider.
  • Cambridge. Outside Yates at 10.30 on sat and fri night waiting for the coach to Reading night club.
  • Was in the U.S. Navy stationed at Blackbush in the middle to late 50's. Lived in a home called "The Wilderness" with a family by the name of Archer. Remember good fun times. Sounds like Camberly has definitely changed. Would love to hear from anyone who was around in those times. Thanks! Dennis
  • The Forresters Pub car park on Park Street is where to go to if you a:have a nice car or b:are a tasty bit of totty!! We (the boys) welcome any new chickies because we are running out, all of the usuals seem to dissapear and re-appear 9 months later with a kid (nothing to do with us, honest!!!)
  • Up the common by the lake for a nice smoke.
  • The park just behind the Arena Leisure centre is usualy the best place, especialy in summer one lots of teenagers turn up to hung out on the grass. Alternativly, outside mcDonalds on a saturday.

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