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Cheap Food in Camborne, Cornwall*

Corner eateries, quick bites and the local chippy

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Cheap Food
  • At the weekend especially the gutters are filled with despoiled unrecognisable globules of reconstituted, gluten and E number filled semi-digested corpses of saturated fat...Goldies Place...The Best Plaice.....the aorta disabling piscine abbatoir that is Norton's.....forget Rick Stein, if you want gluey batter encasing Heimlich inducing boney fruits de la mer, camborne is Y0UR kinda town.Elsewhere, a quartet of miserably beportioned,long standing Chinese takeaways.The latest addition to the cuisine [mis-en-] scene is Colonel Bulldog's, affectionately known locally as Captain Alsatians, allegedly delivers miseably overpriced pizza two hours late.And who could forget Mr.****in Munch??????
  • usa chicken
  • Tse House JJ's
  • May's Garden - alot better tasting chinese food than The Tse's place
  • Wimpy.
  • The Tse House- Lovely for a chinese
  • Currently being overrun by the owners of JJ's, with kebab and fried chicken places
  • Camborne has GREAT pasty shops. There's at least 4 off hand.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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