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The Worst Things
  • The fat bird who works in lounge bar. eeeewwwww
  • every teenager is either a drunk git or is pregnant, bullying is constant!
  • all da slags
  • that skanky pool schoolers think they can cum ere acting hard wen they are pussyes ! fuk off bak to pool skanky school u bunch of hillbillys!
  • pool school the lil scanky gits thinking there hard u bleddy drug heads
  • Any new years eve in it's drizzly foggy history, greasy cafes with badly printed mining photographs of 'old', any John Hinde image (especially the bright blurry 60's and 70's ones which sometimes feature up to three cars!), good 'ole boys (still meaning harm), illiterate and disturbing graffitti (doorways behind the Berkeley), kicking out time (all too often taken literally), walking home just before dawn especially in winter- the desperate suffocating ennui of it all, lone stumbling and vicious pot bellied, leather jacketed drunks, the cruel tricks your memory can play...
  • The Berkeley Centre, good 'ol boys (you know who you are), inane dance music, hairdressers for whom the mullet never went out of fashion, intolerance, drug abuse.
  • holmans shutting after 200 years and south crofty shutting never having the guts to ask aimee for her number
  • where the skateboreds skate
  • Camborne is full of INBREDS! Every person that i have asked agrees and every person i have met from there have serious facial impairments, either that or they're just butt ugly! SORRY but its true.
  • Camborne it's self and cops to many of them plus the cameras o yea and that dam care taker at camborne school
  • Emm!!in response to the article about camborne men could have been written by someone who appears to make it her "business" in "delivering" more than just "sandwiches",especialy to men who are already in relationships. "Prior" to that dont know what she was like,only know what she is capable of,as she goes all out to get what she wants...especialy in the "twighlight" hours!!There again the men need to keep what they got in their trousers "tucked" away...
  • townies!!
  • Wives of all the married men in can't hold on to them for ever sugar!!
  • Everyone gets pregnant at 15 yrs old.
  • the one-way system - it took people months to accept that they couldn't drive both ways down trelowarren street
  • All of the townies that hang around in the square
  • having to try to avoid everyother person in the streets coz they're a kid with a kid!! Found out the other day that Camborne school has the highest teenage pregnancy in Europe. hell i know it's boring in camborne but is that all the kids can think of doing!!
  • The centre seems to be being overrun with card shops, which is frankly worrying.
  • Unemployment, lack of shops. Lack of investment. Ask they say "I'm sure it will come right", but it's going to take a while.
  • Nobody knows where the place is, it's just so small.
  • Many shops are closing, in the main shopping area. In my opinion, it does not have the most friendly of atmospheres.
  • The shops are crap. Tehidy post office really pisses me off, as the place is always closed when I need it most.

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Last updated: 2013-10-22

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