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Hookup Spots
  • a drugy on every corner waiting for his drop off
  • thorny bay van park full of immergrants low life scum breeding ground need to clear them from canvey
  • The Methodist Church, Oh, The times we've had there! And not in a holy way!!!
  • just want to say as someone thats never been after reading all the cock and bull from the kiddy crew knumb nuts!! have no desire to go there!!
  • im am 17 and live on canvey i allways use to go up town or king georges dats were evry1 use to go. it is still like youth central wen u walk past on a friday n sataday night the seafront is were evryone goes in da summer but it gets boring arfta a while
  • big up 2 da thorney bay crew and canvey crew i used to have a caravan on thorney bay when younga 15 years old at da time have my fun and laughs i come from london but my days were in canvey all of the crew loved hanging down town by the library and then on camp to finish the night off with laughs once all the 48 cans that we used to drink every night had gone then the drugs kicked in got banned from the sea wall and then took it back to the caravan for the rest of rge night and now i am grown up but feel no one could ever replace all the mates and laughs that we had canvey is the best place to be to have a laugh big up to the thorney crew and the canvey crew love ya all
  • Out side the STD clinic
  • can i say as a northerner all you people from canvey island sound like a bunch of tozzers who have no personality what-so-ever! Your not cool for smoking, shaggins and boozing at the sea front you a BIG BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!!
  • the field at the end of bommel avenue
  • Arghhh... I see not a mention of the Canvey Cricket ground where we spent many an afternoon playing footy, drinking booze stolen from our parents cabinets and smoking Bensons under the canopy of that blue and white building. Good days...
  • i usaly go sumwhere good i go dwn lake n dwn seafront with me m8ts thats where i go n many others to get pissed lol gd fun x x x x
  • yea me and mi m8s hang dwn kismit park and get pissed and stonned every friday night its great fun.
  • we r 15 da beach is da best wen it hot or wen ya up da town
  • well i am a 13 year old girl who goes out every night after skool and i tell you somehting canvey island is the the place to be on a friday night. every child on canvey is out and its a great way to link kids from differnt skools togther. yer maybe we go out and have a drink but who doesnt? and people moan we sit around where are we ment to go??? and the people who say kids just sit in parks...last time i checked parks were made for kids.!!
  • well im 17 and have alot of friends on canvey and a hell of a ot off canvey and every1 agrees that there is bugger all to do cos the chavs reach 13 and believe they are gangster so they piss off and attack every1 else so if you wanna go newhre its off canvey island probably southend cos all the grungers skaters mettalers emos etc will always look out for you and you know ya safe and chavney island is a dump leave it now now NOW NOW!! if anymore people say that the seafront is fun they are thick because getting beat up raped attacked evn by ya friends and getting arrested within an hour is not all that fun bye
  • Its the 13-17 year old who sit up the c wall thinking they are all hard because they are smoking and drinking, when in fact they just look pathetic. Thats what makes the Island look bad. All those who sit in the town looking hard just look stupid and need to learn to speak english! Its not SE London!
  • canvey is cool if your in everyones good books, as soon as you do something that someone doesnt like of agree with then everyone knows its gossip central....! trust me
  • Canvey sea wall smells of bare love blud every friday night and sat, if you cant get any p*ssy yourself just go to the sea wall and have a wiff
  • Paddocks, nuff sed
  • Long Road on Canvey is the centre of the universe - drive down it enough times and you will see everyone you know!
  • dont meet on canvey ull rather die
  • i am a faggot and i cant skate 4 shit i skate like a bug and look like one a have a very attractive long nose if you wont to toch it
  • see front lol sad right :P
  • gay den- theres a gay den round Ian faetz house. if yourin the canvey county area, ask anyone, it is well known about the severebumming sessions with his several cats, and even ian joins in if the men are muscly.
  • skaters are gay
  • The early teens tend to hang out around the sea-front, thinking that they're 'hard'. Then there are the ones who skate outside the library and the old people tend to complain about.
  • Grant Perry's house
  • Hi my name is jack watson and I hang about by the Space Cadet Base If u want a good time just come along but bring some DRINK!!!!!!!!!! and I find it offencive wen people call us Zit-faced as I suffer from acne.
  • I am a 15 year pld boy who goes to air cadets on friday nites. But wen I can I try to sneak off to thorney bay and do some acid but my mum would kill me if she knew. Canvey is great although im quite ugly and people call me fat head and cocknose on canvey on a friday nite u get to smooch with anyone you want. If that fouls im really into I'NCEST!
  • meet at co op and den go on2 Thorney Bay
  • Best spots on canvey are all down the town DNG ledges are pretty good but they could do with a coat of wax library is ok but is a bit basic the oysterfleet has a wicked ledge but the staff will throw you out after a while the car park opposite was good but has been blocked off. Youth club is also great 5 stair with a beefy handrail stairs would be perfect if you didn't have to turn into it. There is also the gunny and some other spots which are ok but the town is where its at.
  • We sometimes hang bout over waterside farm but it getting a bit shit lately so we dont instead we go down Fun Zone which iz down the town and jus ad it exstended,there iz nuttin to do evry1's to worried bout the fucked up idea of the the skatepark when there is only bout 30 grungers on the Island.
  • we had various places we would hang around till we got moved on the health center;waterpump; cookoo woods;most importantly the poohpipes
  • we had various places we would hang around till we got moved on the health center;waterpump; cookoo woods;most importantly the poohpipes
  • Just a quick note.... the majority of the youth on Canvey (with exceptions, of course) make the Island seem extremely...whats the word. Uneducated. I would just like to say that not every one on Canvey lacks an education.
  • the library i phat...not...bobby and sam do hardflips ova barclys wall got there to sk8 n stuff
  • We used to end up down the Point with our drinks bought from the offy and climb on board the Concrete Barge (tide / booty permitting!). Unfortunately the local Yacht club had it demolished so we just hang out on the sea wall!
  • "posses" as they call themselves, from canvey are all inbred. they all go to the seafront and to the parks to touch their sisters in private.
  • you all suk you dirty grungers
  • jonses bus stop yea well cool
  • I my self am a teenager and have lived on canvey all my life i hang around the seafront most days and it is not sad and full of trouble most of the people that go down there live near there and meet friends the only reason there is trouble is because of 13-15 year old kids getting drink from shops! in the summer most people that live on the island go to the front and enjoy it,i agree the island is getting rough and although im only a teenager me and my friends know its not the real Islanders that r the problem the real problem is that we r becomimg a suburb of London and kids from canvey even at school think its better to be rude boys, i an't go a problem with people from london i know loads my age and most of my mates mums and dads come from london including mine. that dont make me go round putting in phone boxes smashing shop windows and stuff ,I would just like to say to older people that live on canvey just because a kid wears a hodded top and a hat dont make him a thug.i will write on here more often as i have only just found the site. j.c
  • D Place ta b iz THE POOL HALL up carfleets it closes at 10'oclock but Its keeps us off d street thena at 10 we all go to mc'donaldz n safeways n destroy stuff !!!! and alwso the meetin point at the mo 4 year 10/11 iz *second avenue and 3avenuse Shops (freshways* n the chippy* !!!! cavey rulesss !!!
  • Geoff Barsby - You a W____R
  • the libary and the bunkers
  • the town the rugby club thorney bay nothing decent really check it out though
  • all the little kids hang around the seafront and around random parks.
  • most ppl hang round up da c front cos theres no where else 2 hang round cos its a loada bollox.
  • seriously all the people who have wrote into this have made the island look like such an awful awful place! Not everyone 'hangs at the front' drinking and smoking. It's usually just all the little 13years old who do that. we do have some really horrible people on this island. but there are a few of us who are ok.
  • use to live in se london it is much better in canvey, people are nice and keep to them selfs, the beach could do with some money being spent on it,and also too much building is going on at the moment.
  • well lets see me an me m8s like to hang out at kismit park, but l8ly a bunch of tossers hav started 2 ruin things but usually on fridays it is th place to be, get pissed, get stoned, start trippin, hav a shag, u name it we got it cum down here for a laugh but dont bring trouble cos i really cant b assed
  • The boys like to skate near canvey libary..... but they've kind of been banned by Barclays's and the Police are not keen on it....
  • kismic park is the place to b on a friday or every nite after school !
  • yer i am from canvey i am 18 years old, and what really f**king gets on my nerves when people takes the piss of us all.
  • The Hook-up spots for Canvey are the Seawall to the Rugby club where all us year 9-11 at school used to hang around and get drunk. The hang-outs are the benches near the Library for all the 15 year old rude boys, but if you wanna see aload of under-age drinking go to the seafront near the arcades because all the 11-15 year olds will be there drinking White Lighting and smoking fags.
  • If anyone is around 21/22, they will remeber the 'ealthy lot'. Everyone used to sit round in there rs turbos and XR3i's, not sure if anyone does it anymore, but it used to be a laugh, also the sea front posse, I used to work in the shop, and there we some really great people down there, think some people still go down there, but everyone was always really friendly (probably becuase they were all drunk on 'White lightning' at the time.
  • Yeah seafronts the place in the summer. i am now old enough to drink in clubs, but a few years ago i was up there. respect to the people who still hang up there!!!
  • Wimpey's is good or kings
  • Well me and my mate are from canvey and we aint zit faced teenagers and we are from canvey born and bred and we are 15 and 14 years old and we go up the seafront on a friday night and saturday fridays are much better the thing is when u are young u do do alot of stupid stuff but when u are with your mates u dont tend to cause as much trouble when we go up the seafront on a friday we meet all our mates and have a laugh we get together u meet a lot of new people alot of LONDON SEXY BOYS come down and we get on really well but u all slag off the place but to a teenager the seafront is the da bollox's also maybe most of the parents aint to happy with it but it is what makes us happy,Some of the stuff that does happen down the front is bad sometimes like there maybe fights and shit but nothing to bad and at the end of the day we are having a laugh and there is nothing ne 1 can do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha CANVEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO ME AND MY MATE AND OUR POSSE ARE UP THE FRONT THIS FRIDAY SO IF YOU WANNA MEET US BE AT EMILYS BAR AT 11.00 AND WE WILL SHOW U AROUND HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
  • Im a 14 year old girl who hangs about Canvey Sea Front most days of the week and its the place 2 be on a friday night.Its not just about drinkin' and causing trouble its also about socialising and having a laugh with your mates. Although teenagers do drink and smoke whether they do it down the front or not aint really the point coz if we dont do it down the front we are gonna do it somewhere else,aint we?! My posse do like to drink and have a fag here in there but personally i think thats our choice coz we aint vandalising the place and we stay by the sea wall its not as if we all walk the streets with booze and it aint white lightening its VODKA!!!!!!!! or something that tastes half decent! Well all im saying is we aint all zit faced teenagers we r teens that r out 2 have a good time with our posses and NOT forgettin' the CANVEY CREW. And no adult can tell me they didnt do things like this at their age. LEAVE US ALL ALONE WE ARE ONLY HAVING A LAUGH!!!!!!!
  • About ten years ago my friends and I used to take acid and sit on the seawall at Thorney Bay, watching the lights in between every caravan in the caravan park and the looming, spookily lit structures of the oil refinery in the background. The lights would multiply and do all sorts of wierd things to your head. We used to call it 'Space Station City'. Excellent in the summer cos you could take girls behind the seawall, nobody could see you you and you could do loads of naughty stuff. Cool!
  • i live in canvey island and i am not a zit faced teenager and no we dont all have a attitude but i am a 15 year girl and we dont have no where to go so u all slag off the place but i bet u haven't even been there but a good place for a kid of my age is to go down the seafront on a friday and saturday night coz there aint nothing else for us better to do
  • The sea front, or over waterside.
  • all the zit faced teenagers seem to love the doctor's surgery just off second avenue. all us old farts use to meet @ the king canute on a friday - years ago.....!
  • any where, most of the 13-25 are drunk after 9pm so any wheres good! Probably the sea front, cant say i ever appealed to me to be freezing my arse of there but hey!
  • The seafront is where all the little possie hang out smokin' their fags, and dreaming of the day they can drink in a pub, and not in the shelter of the old public toilets!
  • Ye Old Oysterfleet
  • Most teenagers have met friends down the seafront at some point of their life.

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