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Hookup Spots
  • If anyone is free im about in my fiat "shit alloy" punto and I love the sow
  • Love a Netflix and chull me! (J doggy dog Foster sow machine) xxxxxx
  • 'where's the pills?' wokeye, 2015
  • grebinhams - goth central
  • The library is fine on a rainy day even if its just to piss off the oldies!
  • Bitts Park. - Huge field area. Slopes to sit on, have a picnic. Park for the kids. Great in the summer for football games.
  • By the fiddler man in "The Lanes". Cue Up!! Ha Ha...what a nice place (not). Been a long time...
  • Jacksons cafe bar
  • Well it used to be the Otters before they came along and built a stupid cafe, also the Kings Head and the underground bit near Tullie House. And the skate park obviously as well!
  • buskers does not exist in carlisle anymore, and botchergate has completely changed! its full of clubs ect.
  • erm bitts park? i've been there lol for a snog
  • HARRABY #1
  • @ mine!
  • do you remember the 'First Bush' in Carlisle Cemetary or the dinosaur knee tree??
  • it got to be the one and only yates bar, where you meet up with mates then head down botchergate for a real gud drinking session!!!
  • The SCAUR the place to be on a friday nite 4 trinity boppers can usualy find under age drinkers on cheep vodka and lambrusco n the pretend drunk girl crying ! if ya lucky enough to walk past yal hear the chants of carlisle united (at least sum 1ns supporting them these days) and ub40 ! class !
  • The SCAUR the place to be on a friday nite 4 trinity boppers can usualy find under age drinkers on cheep vodka and lambrusco n the pretend drunk girl crying ! if ya lucky enough to walk past yal hear the chants of carlisle united (at least sum 1ns supporting them these days) and ub40 ! class !
  • definatlty the otters- though visited recently and its all gone posh and the water has disappeared!!
  • Near the millenium bridge ooposite the skatepark, go there to meet people everywhere else full of gay townies
  • the hand rail in bitts park always a good spot to meet sum bladers quit low
  • Since a lot of development has happened in the past couple of years the number of places that are still recognised as good spots to meet up has somewhat declined. However, single-mums will gather round Earls Lane as theres quick food, cheap clothes and little things to buy you don't need that often and a shop which sells quality nursery things. Other than that it seems like the new Otters is less and outside the Town Hall is a little more.
  • Rainbow music was never connected with take note Take note went bust owing loads of people money including me Rainbow was there well before take note and is still there At least the lads at Rainbow are honest and wont rip you off
  • Jason's grandmas house - gays only. big up the houghton crew!!!!!!
  • With the middle of the Lanes being done up and the Otters and the Fiddler off bounds at the mo i think it's highly amusing, that the annoying little hangaround scally-wannabe-punk-discovered-nirvana-in-2000-but-have-always-liked-them-even-before-Kurt-was-dead-my-hoodie-says-Metallica-but-I-dont-know-who-they-are kids, have nowhere to go. Come on guys, we all hate them!
  • spider park in belle vue wer me & my crew meet.
  • the slide at bitts park, the one you could sit under and drink kestral super strength lager.
  • at the litch gate in dalston were the notorios zak n saz rule
  • the days ov walking up london road not quite stooping as low as 2 go into scarrby but taking a left down the river and having a fat smoke by the huge camera on the wall, remember some1s watching u but u just dont care.
  • The Beck, Belle Vue is the place to be! Where u'll find all the Belle vue boys. We are belle vue, from the north and south side divide! but we all fight together!
  • The Lanes
  • Raffles is the best place cos all us raffalites are up for out. All the gang from fuckin lowry hill are a bunch of pussys
  • Benches in the square
  • bus station. waiting for artist david harkins to catch his bus. asking him if he wants a model to pose for him
  • Spiderpark, Bellevue :P
  • the otters. people always meet there. or millies cookies
  • ok lowry hill, the wooden park is da boyz gan dere 2 get steamin n dere is alwez a pagger! gud crak also da warehouse but cant say were dat is coz its a secret were we all go n get wasted.
  • bitts park toilets after dusk
  • ok dere is a knew crew in town big up houghton n tarraby dats da place 2 doss now!
  • The old car park at Presto's circa 1985. Good place since all of Carlisle's quarterpipes (owned by local BMX wannabes) were stored here!
  • Its gotta be the fountains in the Lanes, full of Goths and skivers.
  • Well, how about that fountain in the Lanes, or perhaps the wall by the cathedral, or the benches in the city centres, or the benches between Lowther Street and the bus station, or outside the Citadel, or, basically, anywhere. Scallys seem to attract one another.
  • get yasel to the red couch in debenhams; luxury for those with ne money
  • Chinese gardens, stanwix, home to tramps, underage scallys and gay men
  • all the ppl who want to look cool go to the otters. Most of these kids are just tryin too damn hard it u ask me...
  • the beck in belle vue, ratch around in the grass and you will find old can pipes and eren zihnis footprints
  • The Chinese Gardens, stanwix is full of young girls trying to impress the scally boys by wearing little vest tops in the winter. The lads haul abuse at you when you walk over the bridge, and leave loads ofcider and hooch bottles everywhere
  • Speaking for myself, I have often found good trade around the cathedral grounds. The clientele tend to be 50-60 years old and come a lot, but pay to match. Fucking against the cathedral's walls didn't half make those stained-glass windows tremble!
  • again the otters ( but the water is dirty now....) or the turf in me youth or under the bridge near the sands with abottle of sherry and 20 b&h
  • The alley way on Blackwell Road, Currock Boys Tunnel of Death!
  • Finally get to meet other sad ugly bastards at the front of the train station who you origionally met in an online chat room and told you they were fit and up for a crazy time - yuch(talking from experience there?)
  • We would of said the old family centre in botch before it got burned down after a car crashed into it.THE BASTARDS
  • The Otters in the Lanes, the Market Cross
  • MacDonalds-the best pick-up joint in Carlisle!
  • Do you remember when you used to meet your mates on "BOG ISLAND", go drinking in The Apple Tree or the Cally, then dancing in the Kings Hall or the Cosmo and Carlisle had a decent football team.
  • Kings head Saturday afternoons 1983 or outside topshop, half pished afterwards, waiting for summat to happen!
  • All the gays hang out at the fountain in the lanes
  • the bit by that shitty fountain with the otters
  • circa 1980: The Undercroft at the Cathedral where sixth formers from Trinity used to skive off and dream of being rock stars: 'Sitting in the Undercroft, beating out a rythm, tries to tap a cigarette, but everybodies hid'em"
  • The otters in the lanes, all the lazy cunts who have dropped out of school sit here thinking they are superior to everyone else, although this can be a cool spot when chix are there.
  • Being from currock mesel, its got to be outside Walter's (now called Alldays, but it will always be walters). Did anyone else notice it was all 14 yr old kids causin all the trouble there earlier this year?
  • The Board (1972-84 at least)
  • Does anyone remember que-up arcade
  • bitts park is the fave place to drink underage!! either that or the spar on stanwix where you can hassle innocent people into buying you fags!!!
  • the lanes otters
  • Petteril bank shops
  • botchergate at night and randomly smash up the place and burn down buildings??!! whats the crack?
  • by 'the otters' in the Lanes
  • The new Macdonalds drive through at Kingstown. This is now the place to pull, Burger King car park is now out of the window!
  • Burger King on St Nicholas Gate, lots of girlies pulling lads in cars.
  • Bitts Park on a hot summer afternoon. Perfect for a few cold ones in the sun.

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