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Seeking male partner by gilf (Member 10245596) on 16-Mar-2010
I am an adventurous widow in my early sixties, and I am still young at heart. I am looking for a local man to satisfy me and keep me warm at night. Nothing long term though. The best way to find me is via www dateagranny dot com web site - I would rather you find me there than me put up my email here - I hope you understand. Sylvia x   
paranights by kim edon (Member 10237624) on 21-May-2009
new ghost hunting company set up based in yeovil, covering the entire south of england! visit:
Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
Invite To Bristol Social Forum by munkeeunit (Member 10166886) on 22-Nov-2007

This is an invitation to join the Bristol Social Forum egroup. As a subscriber you will receive an average of 2 digests of regional group emails per week, so as not to overload your inbox, as well as being able to email your events, news, or resource requests and offers to all 1,000+ subscribers.

To join our egroup please send a blank email to the address below and then wait for, and ... more >>
My Berry Tree by LeCoach (Member 10169670) on 11-Sep-2007
The Berry Tree Overview:
You can make $1336 per month without sponsoring anyone or having to sell anything.

You can earn on everyone in the company. Even on people that joined before you!

This patent pending plan is totally unique, no one has anything ... more >>
Regional Media Expansion - Publish Your News! by munkeeunit (Member 10166886) on 11-Jul-2007

If you are part of an organisation, please pass this information on to other groups and individuals across the South West.

http://bristol.indy... more >>
More 'Votes' Than Evening Post - South West Welcome! by munkeeunit (Member 10166886) on 24-Mar-2007
More ‘Votes’ Than Evening Post – Bristol Indymedia – Publish Your News!

http://www.bristol.indym... more >>
CRIME! by Ethan Mayall (Member 10204215) on 8-Mar-2007
Most of us are fed up with these bullying yobs who appear to be such cowards nowadays, they can only fight in gangs. If we all lobby an MP in Parliament with an e-mail maybe one day someone will be brave enough to bring in laws that stand up to these thugs. here you'll find a list of MP's email addresses.   
Blairland, it's pronounced Blairland by Reader (Member 10122086) on 1-Feb-2007
Reader review of Iain Brimswall's satirical novel 'blrlnd' at   
Bristol Social Forum Invitation by munkeeunit (Member 10166886) on 12-Dec-2006

The Bristol Social Forum was launched on 30th April 2005. In that time our egroup has grown into a large and successful outlet, of over 700 subscribers, for activist and community news around Bristol, as well as regionally and nationally.

This is an invitation to join the egroup, and to receive news of events from group members. As a subscriber you will re... more >>
Somerset Forums by paul (Member 10183830) on 1-May-2006
Somerset Forums is a new forum for the residents of Somerset. A place to share your ideas, hobbies, opinions, or comments with other residents, find lost friends, make new friends, find love, or even soul mates, tell everybody about your club or society and attract new members, play online games in the forum, chat with other members in the live chat area.   
  • Re: Somerset Forums by paul (Member 10183830) on 1-May-2006
    The Somerset Forums URL:

Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 13-Aug-2004
UWIST reunion seeking CLARE HARRILL BEVERLEY Lee seeking SABINE Meigh/Mcveigh Richard BENDELOW, BLAIR McClure,GAYNOR Pierce UWIST Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco bar buffet 0 1482 21951 0 best interest seeking BEVERLEY Lee, SABINE Meigh/ McVeigh Cardiff Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco 0 1482 21951 0 best interest seeking BLAIR McClure www.psyreunion.comCardiff Reunion s... more >>   
  • Re: Uwist psychology reunion by *superstar* (Member 10141764) on 28-Jan-2005
    hello wat r u al up 2

Interested in caving around Cheddar? by Chris Binding (Member 10122765) on 19-Apr-2004
Check out details for Cheddar Caving Club on (see under Caving Clubs).   
  • Re: Interested in caving around Cheddar? by Chris Binding (Member 10122765) on 5-Jul-2005
    Chris Binding: caving website now at:

IWTV in Cheddar by Anna-Louise Croft (Member 10120167) on 18-Mar-2004
IWTV is looking for camera people in Cheddar, the candidates must own a digital handycam or be able to get hold of one. It is not necessary to be a professional cameraman/woman.

The job evolves around a great variety of sports, from football to martial arts, from skateboarding to darts, so having an interest in sports is a plus.

For more information please email me with your contact details ... more >>
remember?????? by chazzybfrank (Member 10117561) on 16-Feb-2004
does any 1 remember me, charlotte brockley. i moved to north wales in 2000, the year when i was suppost to go up to kings???? any 1????   
HELP!!! by CoralWilliams (Member 10112505) on 9-Dec-2003
I am trying to find DAVUN STUART. I know he has a son called Callum ( aged 17 ), and that he lives locally. If you know him PLEASE reply   
  • Re: HELP!!! by lhughes (Member 10238313) on 18-Jun-2009
    hmmmm I would like to exchange notes here asap think this could be very interesting if you can get back to me things are not what they are believe me.

  • Re: HELP!!! by lhughes (Member 10238313) on 18-Jun-2009

adoptee / birth parent search by gina (Member 10064319) on 23-Nov-2003
Born to be Found offer a Tracing Service for Adoptee's searching for Birth Parents. We also offer free advice to Birth Parents trying to trace Adopted persons. If you'd like to post a free message on our boards, please visit There is no obligation to use any of our offered Services. Good Luck Gina Gingell   
The East London Advertiser Online by dean saliba (Member 10045372) on 24-Oct-2003
Have you left the East End of London recently? Maybe you were born there and left when you were a child? Maybe you still have family and friends who live in the area? Would you like to read about what is going on around the East End of London? - -
Any good lookin cavers around? by Beth Perkins (Member 10108401) on 24-Oct-2003
Hello, I know there are good cavers in Cheddar but is there one that is the best that could take a new caver for a go at it?   
  • Re: Any good lookin cavers around? by Beth Perkins (Member 10108401) on 31-Oct-2003
    Andy Sparrow in Cheddar is one of the best. Or Martin Torbett. check them out. Good luck. summer tenderheart

  • Re: Any good lookin cavers around? by Beth Perkins (Member 10108401) on 31-Oct-2003
    Or anyone from the Cheddar Caving Club. I find them exceptional.

  • Re: Any good lookin cavers around? by Beth Perkins (Member 10108401) on 13-Nov-2003
    I can't believe I answered my own message. Well, I found out the information I needed and passed it along you could say.

  • Re: Any good lookin cavers around? by Chris Binding (Member 10122765) on 19-Apr-2004
    You can contact Cheddar Caving Club on or
    The club meets socially at the Kings Head on the third Sunday of the month from about 8:45pm (for the time being, anyway!). New members are welcome. For further details check out (look under Caving Clubs).
    Martin Torbett is also a good contact for climbing - you can get in t... more >>

still no luck by mikey1983 (Member 10058174) on 6-Feb-2003
a year ago i wrote on this site that i was trying to find debbie richards a friend of mine who lived in cheddar in the early eighties.she used to hang around the cliff hotel quite a lot.

i still havent had any luck in finding her. so if anyone can help please get in touch.

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