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Cheap Food
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  • Fresh crust do decent pasties (and vegetarian ones as well), Subways usually good, Golden Mountain (Chinese), is yummy and good value.
  • Shon Thong on Winchcombe street does a lunchtime deal 4.99 for a meal and drinks and is delicious! The Indus do a Sunday Buffet for like 6 or 7 quid, eat as much as you like and is scrummy =D
  • hahaha Mcdonalds just don't sit on the counter. they get funny and throw you out.
  • Cotswold Kebab beats the large burger places anytime and their prices are great too.
  • Cotswold Kebab, the best burger in town................Buy far!!!!!!!!!!! Find it at the top of the high street.
  • siam smile. great thai food . great people
  • GREGGS is cheap and lush!!!!!!!!
  • Gianni's the italian is lovely or ASK!
  • Im suprised nobody mentioned number 12 - just by the retreat and lovely home cooked food from Michael the chef. Well worth a visit and fantastic themed wine tasting evenings!
  • Storyteller is fab, otherwise subway, and Squeeze in Montpellier (if you've got the cash) is absolutely awesome. Definitely a favourite of mine.
  • 'ask' is nice, kinda pricey but not too bad!daffodil is really nice, and a nice place(used to be a cinema so really big)le petit blanc is too pricey for what it is-food is good in retreat!
  • If you're looking for excellent food, try Newlands which is at the top of the Promenade. It's top quality and lots of it (though it's not cheap!!!). For a less expensive meal out I recommend Everest .... ohh, and I'd avoid Jim Thompsons, especially if it's a busy night - not so good!!!
  • Chicken Inn Fish n Chip shop, The Hogs Head Pub.
  • The Orange Tree, great vegetarian restaurant. It has come a long way since it was named Barleycorn. We go there often and have never been disapointed. They no longer have a licence, so it is advisable to take your own alcohol. Morans is a good option too.
  • Le Monk : Food is absolutely amazing. The guy who cooks it up is a star. I have eaten out so many times in my life, but the one meal I had there was unbelievably good. You haven't lived until you have had Garlic Mushrooms here. Oh, and you can have decent Beligum beer, too. You will NOT be disappointed!
  • Charles take away in Royal Well, and Mr Plaice up Charlton Kings
  • Moran's on the Bath Rd is the best I've been to recently (Dec 2002). Good selection of high quality food served by v.friendly staff.
  • Went to Everest for a curry after reading this guide . . . very disappointing. Waited for over 45 mins for starter - it was cold. Not being a big complainer (and being clempt'd) ate it anyway. Waited another 45 mins for main meal - it was cold as well (although if it were warm it would have been very nice!). On top of that I had to take cultlery off another table as none was provided. When I told the waiter the food was cold, he touched the dish and said "oh yeah". We were not impressed.
  • The section for Cheltenham on food mentions the following: --- The Storyteller is fab for a posh night out, gorgeous food. Loads of good curry houses- check out the Jaflong on the Lower High St for a laugh, none of the china matches they play very dodgy music but the food is good. --- but the Jaflong closed down 2 years ago.
  • Story Teller is damn good. Chelsea Square is lush and not overpriced. Plenty of curry houses as well. The Everest is best but try Balti Walla on Bath Road for Take your own booze.
  • After a night out, the cotswold Kebab Company cannot be beaten. A large doner kebab and chips to scare off that hangover!
  • Charlies Chips-the best for chips and curry sauce after a night @Subtone!
  • Your Site stinks. The comments you have published about Cheltenham are offensive and you should be ashamed. Also, try to employ a web/graphic designer who isn't a brain-dead, unimaginatve moron.
  • Mcdonalds obv, El Bottelinos in St James street is nice plus the pizza place in the strand delivers alcohol!!
  • There is a new resetaurant in town. I went shortly after it opened and I can't praise it highly enough. Excellent food at realistic (i.e. cheap) prices. It is the Sacre Fleur (a crummy French pun) but it is run by two Frencmen, Andre, who used to have the brasserie in Tewkesbury, and Alban, formerly chef at Montpellier Wine Bar and latterly Squeeze. They were both good where they were but they seem to have got it spot on fromm the off this time.
  • The best two restaurants I have eaten in would be Flynns on Montpellier, and Storyteller on Portland Street, both veering on the expensive side but my woman and I have enjoyed many tasty meals there, before retiring home for afters. Other places to recommend are: Rat & Parrot, HogsHead, Wetherspoons, Yates's, Slug & Lettuce (OH my God all the chains!), as well as Gianni' for top class Italian food, Jim Thompsons for great Oriental cuisine, and Everest for yer Saturday night curries!
  • Beefeater
  • Mayflower Restaurant in Clarence Street, Cheltenham. The best cantonese food around Gloucestershire. Please add this comment onto your guide
  • Cafe Rouge is over-rated,Story Teller unpredictable,Daffodil lovely but expensive. Moran's on Bath Road is my favourite place to eat out.
  • The Storyteller is fab for a posh night out, gorgeous food. Loads of good curry houses- check out the Jaflong on the Lower High St for a laugh, none of the china matches they play very dodgy music but the food is good.
  • Mr Chipps at the far end of Oxford road (near Keynsham St, Hospital, Fire Station etc) is great. Cotswold Kebab for those early morning essentials. Story Teller good if you want to go somewhere a bit special (but not too expensive, pretentious or flashy).
  • La Capanella (Rodney Road) is amazing for Italian food. For Chinese/Vietnamese try Thang Long(lower high street), the atmosphere is more up market in the Oriental Rendevous (Montpellier). Balti Walla (Bath Road) is everyone's favourite indian as you can bring your own drink and get a huge feast for less then a tenner (just ignore the curry-splattered walls)
  • Netscaf cybercafe at 9 Bennington Street (just off the High Street near Tesco's) open 10 til 10, 7 days a week £2.50 per half hour session. 9 PC's on two floors. A wine bar without the wine! A wide range of drinks and sandwiches. Fully qualified staff. Telephone number 01242 23 21 21
  • The best take-away Chinese by far is the 'Mini Roundabout' which is on the mini roundabout nest to the train station. The best chip shop is next door to the best Chinese and is called 'Popeyes' and you can eat in or take away. The best value Indian is the 'Cheltenham Tandoori' on Great Norwood street.
  • The Sandwich Pit (below Skewers tapas bar, next to the Everyman Theatre) - IMO the best quality sandwich and light snack place in town. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.
  • Burger Star (on the Bath Rd near The Five Alls pub) - if you want a burger get one from here. Cooked to order and with a variety of relishes etc that you add from the dispensers on the counter. Open late (for Chelt.) most nights.
  • Curry Hut: Not a bad little take away. The one downer is occasionally your order gets randomly mutated but apart from that it's OK.
  • The Istanbul Kebab House was far better than Burger Star, does the place still stink of Weetabix thanks to Whitbreads occasionally??
  • Bharat Tandoori (Suffolk Street) - Excellent curries with good discounts during the week.
  • The Pizza Express is the best I've ever eaten in for quality of food. They do a great Mozzarella n' Tomato Salad. A table overlooking the Town Hall is a great place to be of an evening and during the summer days, when occasionally the weather is generous enough, you can enjoy a cool beer in the garden.
  • Burger King.
  • You have almost any food you like delivered in Cheltenham including pizza, curry, fish'n'chips and the sunday dinner. The best however is pan pizza.
  • There's a new burger van that parks by the Boots end of the pedestrianised area every night. Very popular, good grub, good prices.
  • Most of the info is pretty up to date and accurate. I would say the best curry house is the Everest, the chicken Jalfrezi being particularly good. The worst is the Bharat which changed its name to the Balti Raj.
  • Glos Grill (next to Restoration pub in High Street) does excellent kebabs and burgers. Admittedly it is not up to the standard of Istanbul Kebab House, but is a nearer alternative for those already in that area of town.
  • StoryTeller (next to Chapel Rock Gym) is delicious, and good idea to have a 'walking winelist' ie; you chose the bottle you would like from the racks on the walls. The Phoenix does a great Sunday lunch, and they always make 'straights' feel welcome!

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