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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Obelisk on Grosvenor Street is a skate shop with nice selection of skate brands like Thrasher, Diamond, Spitfire, Anti Hero, DC, Supra, Huf etc. and always have nice stuff from smaller less well-known brands
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  • Decimal in Cirencester!
  • Phoenix do a nice range of gifts,jewellery and clothing and always smell delicious :-) They also do piercing.
  • Drive to Decimal in Cirencester!!!
  • Joyce Brooks Lingerie for vintage style underwear and lingerie
  • Cult Clothing, good store selling skate clothes even though they have an emo section and it's full of mini-moshers all the time.
  • New shop in Nham that must be checked out for Alt and some Skate Labels too - Front Clothing 40/42 Albion Street, Chelt, Opposite rear entrance to Beechwood Arcade. Has all sorts from clothing to footwear, accessories to hair dye. Labels include: Criminal Damage, Rockett, Heartcore, Famous Stars & Straps, Draven, Vision Streetwear, Hookups, Role Model, Thrasher. Doesnt have decks/trucks etc but can order in if asked!!! (as they are not strictly a skate shop but can get stuff.
  • Cult Clothing, unusual stuff.
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  • I think that you might want to do your homework!!!!!!! Uniform is no longer there and has been for some times now! Also Trapeze is a great shopping place. I go shop there a lot. Their clothes are great, so are the staffs. You get really unusual stuff there. As for your comment, I don't mind paying a bit more.
  • Trapeze, Fat Face, French Connection and Cavendish House are the best places to shop for clothes
  • THREAD SHED and PHINIX offer the best "alternative" clothing but the proces match their popularity. JJ'S just out of the main high street is fantastic for goths, punks and the curious. CULT CLOTHING and DNA offer "mainstream-alternative" with lables such as bench and punkyfish donning their rails.
  • DNA is truely fantabulous and so is legends inside beechwood shopping centre but beware it is split into 3 different sections and you can't go thrugh one into the next you have to go out and in the next one so make sure you get the right one because i have seen many people come in and walk back out in embarassment because they have come in the girls one by mistake!freespirit is also very good for accesories and t-shirts!
  • There are loadz of great clothes shops in Cheltenham. Cult being one of the coolest even though it is overpriced! Also Freespirit, TMS and Legends are great for sk8er clothes. If its clothes u want u should check out for sum gr8 designs!
  • Cult clothing the best shop ever, especiall now it has moved to a bigger premises. GV, Road, Bench, you name it they stock it. also DNA is ace for Motel clothing, and Thread shed is sometimes good for jeans and cords although sometimes it can be a little mainstream.
  • trapeze-LUSH, but unbelievably expensive, i've never actually bought anything in there! oasis is alright but not as nice as everyone says!topshop is gross, really messy!warehouse is ok, but really small, river island is good for shoes, but not that good for clothes. dna is not as good as it used to be, cult clothing is good but the music is quite heavy. id say cav house is probably the best, but sometimes quite pricey. basically everything is pricey except new look and tkmaxx.......i say no more!
  • Diesel Utd.
  • Legends is ok if you can afford it, Cult Clothing if you're a bit trendy, TMS has some good stuff in it, and so does Air Circus.
  • Phoenix is great if you don't want to look like everybody else and you don't want to spend loads. Also, can I just point out that I've seen many, many posh old ladies wearing Burberry, so it really is not cool anymore.
  • JJ's near the Odean in Cheltenham, really good for band T-shirts etc.
  • Phoenix, nice and quirky Browsers Paradise for vintage
  • Cult, LEGENDS, DNA and topshop!
  • The Party Shop at the top of the High Street is sooo great for fun clothes. I've found all sorts of mad accessories and had a great laugh at the same time. Fun atmosphere and friendly staff - I always visit if i want to create a new look or just cheer myself up.
  • Cult Clothing, Legends up near The Strand, and DNA on Winchcombe St for some cool skate gear, hoodies, beanies, etc.
  • oh i love cheltenham for the shopping! cav house ground floor womens', monty smith (when ive just been paid!), trapeze, dna and cult clothing for cool stuff u wont find anywhere else, all the boring chain stores, french connection, more
  • Cult clothing, Legends, DNA, Uniform
  • depends what your style is. There's all the usual High Street garb-shops like Topshop, River Island, New Look etc etc. PLaces like Warehouse, FCUK, House of Fraser for those of u with a little more to spend. For a more alternative look, I'd recommend DNA, Thread Shed, Cult Clothing. Most of the shops are pretty pricey though.
  • Good bargains can be found in the charity shops-there's a lot of rich folk giving there clothes away!
  • Full of the mainstream borringggg stuff that you find EVERYWHERE, but DNA is a good un for cheap funky little pieces,Cult clothing for not so cheap bits,Thread shed and legends in Beechwood arcade also good!
  • dont bother with dna, staff are rude, and make a fuss when asked for help. clothes are also over priced. better off going to cult or legends for better clothes and friendly service.
  • Cult Clothing, new pineapple stoe by Jd peppers
  • Cult clothing Rocks!
  • can i just correct the info about DNA, it is now a very funky clothes shop - far better than cult clothing! selling fab jeans and cool tops (male and female!) also sells a good range of paul frank clothes and accessories.
  • The Thread Shed, at the top of Beechwood shopping centre is a must for baggy trousers and Punkyfish clothes (anyone who is into the alternative scene should know Punkyfish!).
  • Browsers Paradice!!!
  • Usual fare - NEXT, River Island, GAP, Burton. Cult Clothing does some good stuff, Uniform in Regent Arcade is ok but pricey, as is Trapeze (A shitty green Paul Smith shirt for 100? No thanx!). Little Trapeze on corner does Diesel, boxfresh etc, although some of the staff's haircuts!.... Jesus! Otherwise, CAvendish House (House of Fraser) - again, good quality stuff (Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Peter Werth, Burberry etc etc.), but on the costly side!
  • Warehouse which is located in the Regent arcade
  • TK Maxx,JJ's,DNA,all the usual high-street tat plus some brilliant charity shops,try the Bath Road run,or the Lower High Street/West side ones.Not forgetting the Sue Ryder warehouse ( near Valentino's ).
  • Cult clothing, very cool clothes, but can be over priced and poor quality. Phoenix for cheap bargains, and of course all the ladies faves like Oasis, French Connection, Next etc if you're feeling flash!
  • Downstairs in Phoenix for quirky and alternative jewellery. Cult Clothing for skate/surfing/combat syle stuff. Oasis is good here, big and airy, an attempt at a designer store image(comfy seats for bored boyfriends)
  • DNA for ace second hand clothes and check out the foxy twlve year old child that manages the place!
  • Browers Paradise, next to Vinyl Vaults. Great for cheap second hand velvet jackets retro gear etc.
  • Lots of up-market places and not much else.
  • Those who can't stomach the ridiculous prices elsewhere in town could do worse than Your Price, lower High Street.
  • Usual High Street shops, only tend to be small and have limited ranges. Cult Clothing and Uniform are both very good clubwear shops.
  • Do not visit Trapeze (next to back entrance of Cav house) unless your bum is smaller than Kate Moss's (and who's is?)

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