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  • Hit Blush on a saturday night if your young eg under 24! next door is Fever is situated and is a great place to hit before blush especially as you get in free and get a free shot wiv a drink if yo meet the promotion girls on the walk down there, brill if you don't want to head to a club!n The place formerly moda good night if you are new to clubbing and want everything! Dakota if your feeling a bit rich nice looking girls and bar. 13 if your a little older as well as prom. Subtone if you like a little drum and bass. Anything more hardcore goth hard rock head to 2pigs! Mbargo if you want the feel of a club but actually able to speak to each other!
  • Cheltenham is full of clubs if you can't find one then you're hopeless.
  • Unfortunately the Fez is no more :( such a shame! Moda is even more packed but has pretty much no underage kids sneaking in. Music is always the same to be honest. I always find that there are way too many bottles on the floor which is annoying when trying to dance amongst the hundreds of people there...! Blush is quite good, but I only like the middle floor with the more mainstream music. Downstairs is a bit too heavy for my liking! Thirteen is still a favourite of mine. Great music and quite chilled out :)
  • BLUSH.......... only place to go, good atmosphere, good service, monday and thursday are dirt cheap and for students. friday and saturday are gr8 from professionals. only had good nites in there.
  • Moda - On the Highstreet next to the 20 min photo place. Only ever go on cheese night, and make that a themed cheese night and perhaps only once or twice, it's possibly the most popular club in cheltenham but it is way too small and the variety between music each week is minimal. You can prebuy tickets (discount?) at the Frog & Fiddle. Never Ever arrive without a driving license/provisional liscense/Passport, you will NOT be allowed in I have seen 28 year olds turned away from moda for not having ID. 2 Pigs; Alright for those who like to see some of the local amateur stuff. Previously a pub it's now been pretty much stipped and turned into a club. Montells: Not actually in Cheltenham but 10 miles up the road, don't even bother... unless you want to cause trouble stay away from here and if a friend takes you here just go straight past and into the pub next door (the black bear) seriously; the patrons are VERY young, many of them are miserable bums, the club has been ranked one of the worst in the country.
  • Moda-Different levels for different music! alwayz packs out jus after nine tho n its pretty hard work to get to the bar, so you need some stamina! You'll probs find the odd under-age drinker but everywhere has pretty much cracked down on id now! Anyone lookin or actin like a chav doesnt even see the entrance usually! Essence-Basically this dive is 'Chavs-r-us!' dingy old pit in the back of town, not much fun unless your a chav or wanna be robbed or beaten! Subtone-Wherre people with the money go! have been a few times but not really my thing since its a bit of a trekk through town! I would comment on Fez but im still workin on tryin to reduce my life-time ban! long story honestly! it was a v.drunken 18th! Que Pasa and Yates are the best bars in town, can work out expensive but alwayz a good atmoshpere! Bouncers are crackin and never is much trouble, if there is it wont last for long! Que Pasa has a pole, usually blokes crowed round tryin 2 climb it! Yates is quite small but the DJ Mushy is a legend!
  • The best used to be the Night Owl (Attic etc)
  • Time, Gas, Fez are all worth a look in.
  • The office in cheltenham is wicked on sunday nites, cheap drinks, cool music with beat boxers biggin it up massive stylie! Fez club has a good student nite on monday, its the only place to be for a quality unforgettable nite!
  • Fez has been very good on friday nights recently because of their 'House' nights. Beware, they are picky and they WILL tell you if you don't look good enough to enter. They ID quite a bit, so this club is good if you don't want to run into too many underage kids. Q-Bar has become extremely expensive! If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the pool tables, play on the 1.50 table which is near the toilets :P Don't go to Niche. It's full of old men who are looking for a good time! Trust me... you don't want to be seen in there! Thirteen Degrees is pretty cool. Only been in one of the bars (on the right when you go in) and it was nice :) Have the "orgasm" shooter... Y U M!
  • FEZ CLUB CHELTENHAM! We had to wait ages to get served, even when at the front of the bar! Please see my blog entry at for more bitching!
  • The Hub (opposite the town hall) have recently launched an alternative music night on Mondays (to replace the rather poor one that was on tuesdays one assumes) and its actually pretty decent, mostly rock and metal with some punk, goth etc. Only a quid to get in and open til 2am, the venues pretty good too
  • Cheltenhams fez club is absolutely brilliant on monday nites,cheap drinks, wot more dya ant. also 21club and office on sunday nites is always a good crack...usually very messy but worth it!!
  • Moda formally Time has become enormously popular after its refurb.Wed nights "Ministry of Cheese are amazing"! If your not a chav try the wicked VIP bar upstairs always hosted by some sexy bird, strict on dress code though so watch what you wear if you wanna get in. The Office too is getting better and better. Sundays still hold the monoploy over all venues in Cheltenham. Fridays and Saturdays are getting busy due to the opening of a new VIP lounge "The Boardroom". Try Thursday nights at Prom for free entry for the ladies and 1.50 voka mixer!
  • Just wanted to give little Niche nightclub in Cheltenham a mention. The place is small cosy and friendly. you may find sum young ones in there bt we were all young once so lets not get jealous.Godd night if your into your hip hop and r n b, honest, ull have a good laugh!
  • Cheltenham is one of the best places to go clubbing. The atmosphere is exciting but safe at the same time! everyone just seems to gel. Enigma, Moda, Chemistry and 13Degrees are the best clubs. Moda has different levels for different music but is quite expensive to get in (7) hey everyone has different preferences and you've got to try it to like it!
  • lots of the stuff here seems to be out of date and sadly quite alot of the clubs mentioned have closed down. Time is now MODA and has become more selctive with its clientel. Both MODA and FEZ turn away anyone who looks a bit "dodgy" and ID alot to prevent the young patrons spoiling the club. They r both main stream in music and people. NICHE offers the best in black music and older men (!) Enigma has rather young people in there a lot which may put u off. Po Na Na is now THIRTEEN and is full of C&G students but a nice if slightly pricey place. sub tone is still excellent although not great for the under 25's as most poeple in there are older than that - but it does boast the piano man! Embasy is now CHEMISTRY and still as other comments suggest not really worth the walk out of town. Pubbing is quite good beware of the TOAD - its over crowded but as always WETHERSPOONS is the cheapest bet with Q BAR offering many pool tables. :)
  • Recently launched network is organising roaming events for gay men and women in Cheltenham. They aviod gay venues- the last one was at ultra cool Kandinksy. You have to sign up first, but the event attracts 50 or so of the smarter crowd.
  • Ok, here goes.....Fez Club and Boom have been lacking until recently but thankfully is on the up. Starting to leave the boring rnb behind and bringing in some funky house and head kandi. Door staff have imporved a lot too - look out for Tom and Gary on the door on Monday's - nice and friendly, makes a change. Great stuff! Moda is still Time but with more walls and different uniforms for the door staff. Niche - what's going on there? Everywhere else is same old, same old, apart from 13 degrees, which is now the new hoity toity club for Cheltenham. Enjoy folks!!!
  • nish (ha - if you want "young" girls and boys then go ahead), chemistry, po na naaaaa, many others, i think that there is about nine or something
  • LOADS! theyve all been mentioned really
  • scince the closure of axiomand bransons where else is there.two pigs carrys the torch with cheesy charts downstairs on a saturday with a mix of crazy locals students and twats that can't get in elsewhere,go upstairs to listen to indie toons but don,t mosh to hard they'll chuck u out as i have found in the past. the only other good place for a late drink is slak over the road from wetherspoons,groovy tunes from johnny and a small sweaty atmos try and head to the back as not to get trampled on!
  • How old is the stuff on this page?? The only real alternative night is in Enigma (weird). If you want to be your self and feel relaxed then come here. If you want to listen to dance music then please go somewhere else, as there's no way you'll enjoy yourself. Enigma have an industrial night 'Judder' once a month, for those into Digital Hardcore etc.
  • Fez Cub and Boom! On Saturday the join together - Fantastic!
  • Two pigs is shut for refurbishment (summer 2003), now theres nowhere to go at all! bring back the axiom!!! anyone know when bransons is going to start doing axiom nights?
  • Well Time has gone downhill now. It used to be banging Trance virtually every night. Now its Flip 'n' Fill / Scooter covers of decent Hardcore songs that we all used to go raving too. Or just RnB
  • Axiom: Dead. The Attic: Dead. All people that previously went to those venues can now be found at Enigma on Thursdays and every last Friday in the month. Or Crackers in Gloucester on a Saturday.
  • Enigma and time are full of chavs so is the toad (full of old perverted men) The fish is Wicked so is the Fez on a monday nite - student nite 1 4 a vodka red bull!
  • Subtone is definetly the best club in cheltenham, great music and change of scene with the piano room if you get bored! Boom is also good as is 21 club. J's Vodka bar is always kicking and a good start to the evening!
  • fish and fiddle on fridays is the greatest night in chelt for real music, i.e rock and roll, real punk (not the crap that 14 year olds in big jeans like), classic baggy tunes, retro pop, bootlegs etc etc and the dj is a v. handsome young man
  • Best bet is The Fish near the town hall - loads of local live bands and the DJ plays all sorts - Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Rap, and a good bunch of people. It's 2 floors but gets very busy. Try Sub-Tone just opposite for a bit of Dance.
  • All the clubs in Cheltenham are rubbish. Usual load of townies ruining it for anyone who's just out for a laugh. Too crowded everywhere cos there's not enough clubs. Get the train somewhere and have a better night.|
  • fez for young people and the office for the older crowd the two pigs is for punks and students
  • Subtones good if you like your music a little different and funky- also few different rooms to explore and a piano bar! Gets a licle crowded,but if you can find a space and keep it, your in for a good un! Also Fez good on a sat, havent been there or a while,but assume its still the same. Hate Enigma and Time as full of Sweaty Beer boys in the same clothes (Sure i spotted 10 blokes in the same top once!!)and bitchy girls dripping with cheap gypsy gold!
  • time is going down hill rapidly, saturday nights are better spent at home than going there! or go to enigma, fez, boom....
  • Embassy is terrible unless you are verrrrrrrry drunk, no other decent clubs tho!! Try the Toad, its a pub that stays open late! The Outlaws Clubhouse is great, you hav to be known though.
  • Po Na Na is now not elitist and is very good, especially on thursday nights when it is alternative/punk/heavy metal/industrial/goth etc. i think its free b4 10pm. The Attic and The Axiom have closed down sadly but apparantly The Axiom has moved to Bransons, but that is being refurbished at the mo!
  • There are no good clubs anymore!
  • seems like a while since this was updated! embassy, enigma, time - still full of rather young looking 'students'!! The fez club is pretty good, if thats your scene, but with all the pubs open now who needs clubs!! Boom is also a very good bar/club (open til 1am!) and only 3 entry!!
  • Subtone. Branson's once a month. Two Pigs. Time's too tacky
  • Well, for the usual brigade of underage drinkers and fightstarters, Time or Enigma are your best bet. Do good student nights though, as does Embassy, even if the carpets havent been cleaned since it opened (they really do smell of vomit, its disgusting!). Po-Na-Na and Fez Club are pretty good, and Subtone, alough small, has its moments.
  • poNaNa...Tuesday night!
  • Depends what turns you on. The Axiom used to be a fab venue,Cheltenham's only crustie venue where the tunes were always bangin. Branson's was ok,music a bit on the dull side,hard but lacking in something,too computerised,not layered enough. Deliverance,the hard house nite at Enigma was ace,I've only been to one but it was brilliant music and crowd,admittedly the advertised DJ failed to show but it was good anyway. Clubbed to Death at Po Na Na's (every second Thursday) is amazing if you're into drum and bass,with MC-ing.Icon is a laugh but the music is very cheesey/disco-ey. SubTone is just a matchbox.
  • Cheltenham really needs a new club! It only has a handful of small, run-down, smelly little sweat holes that havent been refurbished since the early 90s.
  • as to the outlaws clubhouse if your an in person it is the best place to go for a late night drink cheers chaps
  • Cheltenham is a banging place, a odd night out is all i can say, The prom Club is great, the door man is very polite and freindly and the owners are a good laugh, a great club i would give it 10/10 and then there is Time a good laugh but quite a few underage drinkers, the door staff are freindly just as long as you dont back chat and piss them off but the same goes for any door man/ woman! Cheltenham has got to be the best place to go clubbing that Gloucestershire has to offer!
  • There's now a gay club again - Icon - where Ballantynes/Black Velvet used to be. Slightly smaller venue than the Subtone, music can be a bit variable, if you're lucky it'll be anthemy house all evening, if you're unlucky it'll be Abba and Vengaboys all evening. Used to be members only when it first started, but that was probably just to get a mailing list - now open to everyone at the weekend, but check for private bookings midweek. Cosy and friendly, but closes early when the Racecourse disco is on.
  • time nightclub is the place not to be seen in,(unless its your sixthteenth birthday). the beer is rubish,the music worse and one bouncer who thinks he is ARNOLD whats is face. for the more mature person (over 20) The Office is the place to go. The drinks are abit pricey but the music is great with different music on the second floor. Also the barstaff and doormen are friendly.
  • Cheltenham is sadly sadly lacking now the Axiom has closed.It is all mainstream chart music naff clubs full of girls in mini skirts and platforms and leering men in multi coloured shirts.Bad! Subtone is Ok but a bit small and smokey, Tabac has shut too (?!), umm, Po Na Na has the monopoly, the music is good on a Friday but full of idiots a lot of the time, nice decor though! We need a new club NOW !!
  • Don't bother with Embassy unless your a CGCHE student. The place is always packed with students who seem to think that becuase they go to C&G they're better than anyone else.
  • Subtone is definately the place to go if you're into the more underground vibe. Really friendly atmosphere and great with DJs & live acts such as Massive Attack and Portishead. Forget the Time & Embassy meat markets, Subtone's where it's happening ;)
  • Don't think that there is a decent club in Cheltenham. Mainly boring chart house, with usual suspect beery colours of the rainbow shirts etc main stream clubs. Sub tone is good though - can actually dance on the dance floor without being walked through by idiots. Pittville pump room for Jive & Swing dances on Fridays.
  • Time and Enigma are v. mainstream and 'towny' (lots of YSL shirts and cropped-tops, The Fez club is expensive and OK but it may feel like a sweaty night in Instanbul, Po Na Na is trendy, one of the better venues if not a little elitist (expect to be asked if you're a member), Axiom and Two Pigs are better on summer nights when you can sit outside but don't expect luxury !
  • Linedance in Cheltenham with Heroes and Villains. Pittville Pump Room, Sunday evenings. 7-8.30pm Intermediate/Advanced class, 8-30-10.30pm Social evening.
  • Enigma --- All I can ask is why?????
  • Po Na Na (previously No13) is probably one of THE places to be seen at the moment. Don your D&G, DKNY, Armani, Prada, (whatever takes you fancy, just as long as its got a "label") and get down there to stut your stuff! There's a variety of nights running to suit the funkiest of music tastes, and a now well established "up-for -it" clientele. Relax in the upstairs top bar with a Stella and a game of pool, or get sweating on the banging dancefloor! Love it! Sub Tone is an excellet place to go for a chilled out evening of funk and groove. Really relaxed and friendly, great atmosphere, with everyone in the same vibe.
  • Just as a point of interest, Gas is presently closed (Aug 1998) and is due to reopen in time for Christmas. When it does it will be rid of all teeny boppers and will be a 25s and over club only. Great. Looks like it will be Time again then....Monday nights at Time are excellent - it's student night. Free entry and pound a pint all night. Wednesday at Time is highly under rated - it's 70s and 80s night. It's v. cheesy and also worrying when you know all the words and can remember the video. Pound for a bottle of Volsk all night.
  • Enigma 3.50 before 2200hrs 5.00 after convient parking for cars round the corner and close to centre of town. there can be very long queues if you wait until the pubs close 'cos its so popular.
  • The Prom Club - More a late night drinking joint for Boho wannabes than a hardcore, Hi-NRG dance zone for the hormonally challenged. Feels packed if more than thirty people breathe in at the same time. Has a certain raffish, down-at-heel charm.
  • Try Gas, Enigma or Club Mondo. These are a lot better than some of the other clubs in Cheltenham, but you'll still need lots of beer in you first, to have a good time.
  • Try Time. Pricey to get in, seems to be independently owned, classy without stupid dress codes - yes, it expects smart dress; no, it doesn't give a damn if said smart dress doesn't (for instance) include a collar on your shirt. In other words, the bouncers aren't quite as thick as has been known at other places. Hope this makes sense.
    Time now has a 'secret passageway' to downstairs (and a different musical atmosphere) at weekends.
  • Cafe Tabac, the Strand - small, seedy, smokey, can be 'hard-core'...
  • Racecourse - gay disco (Saturdays, held about monthly), snacks included in entrance fee. Don't confuse the venue's Suite, or you could appear in a wedding knees-up (check for dates in the Phoenix pub).
  • Time unfortunately has now been sold to giant company Northern Leisure. Has lost a lot of its character and the variety of its bar stock as a result. Entry is still as pricey but the atmosphere is gone. Clientele are mostly arrogant beer boys and kids, making it simply a more expensive version of Gas. Great efforts are currently being made to re-establish their "house night" on a Thursday so things may improve.
    Enigma has just launched a new "house night" on a Friday which has proved to be extremely succesfull. Lots of "big-name" DJ's playing storming sets. Great atmosphere, great selection of friendly people, reasonable admission.
    For a more specialised selection of House music, check out Perpetual Motion at No.13 on a Thursday night. There's hardhitting, banging house downstairs with residents Tony de Vit and Lee Dean. While upstairs in the bar ther's a more relaxed combo of Funk and Garage. It is a members only club, but that is both free and available on the night.
  • Perpetual Motion in association with Sundissential are now at Time on Thursdays, members and guests only. Venue a bit 'leisure world' but music and atmosphere lush (as the locals say). The Prom is ok as long as you don't mind three rooms full of dribbling 40 something men leering over their G&T's at you.

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