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  • the Cotswold (pub) the Conservatory (pub) the Vine (pub) frog and fiddle(pub)
  • venue returning from the dark side - manor by the lake jazz bar - jazz and blues - just need to get some acts lined up - watch this space - accoustic acts welcome too
  • Ok I cant believe no-one has talked about the new purpose built live venue in Cheltenham??! The Front Rooms on the Strand is a fantastic venue, the only one since the Axiom closed down. Nice surroundings, big in house PA, sound engineer, 2 stages! For live music in Cheltenham there is only one place you want to play and that's the Front Rooms. Live music most nights with showcases, local bands and bands from all over the UK. This place is new and we need to support it or we'll lose it. Keep Music Live!!
  • THE VENUE @ THE WHEATSHEAF OLD BATH ROAD LECKHAMPTON 01242 525371 Hosting live music Rock / Blue / Jazz & Indie
  • two pigs, night owl, every bar in this town. there's quite a few.
  • the night owl has been open since June 2007 and is THE Premier dedicated Rock/Metal Club and Live Music Venue in the Cheltenham. Check out and
  • For little Stuff 2 Pigs or the Hub, although they have largely focused around some emo music. The 2 Pigs is TINY but worth a visit once in a while as some slightly smaller but growing bands play; for example Get Amped who played at Download festival this year. For Larger bands they play at either the Town Hall or the Racecourse, Status Quo recently played at the Racecourse and the Town Hall (while not recently showing as good a show for live bands) has entertained Queen and the Rolling Stones. For regular stuff though it's often worth while checking out the Guild Hall in Gloucester although Security is extra tight HOWEVER, it is probably more worth while to go to one of Birmingham, Cardiff or Bristol all three of which are within an hours drive.
  • the Guildhall in Gloucester, bout 8 miles outside of Cheltenham has a huge selection of comics tat have proved pretty popular, and they book some good tribute bands, they've had a green day tribute, AC/DC tribute band and they've lined up a Guns 'n' Roses tribute as well.
  • Subtone on the Prom
  • The Hub
  • The 2 pigs.
  • Gloucester Guildhall
  • wheres the venue bar? havent managed to find that yet. N what is going on witht he two pigs, every time theres gonna be a gig on it shuts down???!
  • Hmv virgin
  • FISH AND FIDDLE is great for local bands even if the place has an odd layout. 2PIGS is equally entertaining but a bit run down.
  • The Two Pigs is OK on a thursday night for punks, the Fez club is for the "younger" clubbers out there but the Frog and Fiddle is the best place for live music. The Study (was JD Peppers) is a joke, its pathetic, don't even bother looking in there.
  • 2 Pigs is pretty new but they have some good bands there, The Hub is cool if you want a decent drink and sometimes they have some quite big bands there, JD Peppers is a bit crap for moshing and stuff, but alrite i guess.
  • The Two Pigs is pretty much the only place big enough for bands (and it's still really small!)
  • Fish n Fiddle and The 2 Pigs are both good venues in Cheltenham.
  • The Fish and Fiddle just off the Promenade sometimes have good bands playing. It's a bit squashy in there though. King Prawn played there and went to a really good Ska night. They seem to make the effort.
  • With the Axiom long gone your best bets are possibly Peppers, The 2 Pigs, or The Fish.
  • The fish do cool music nites king prawn playd recently, they do open mike nites too!Fez has cool people playing shy fX and kilakella playd recently, Niche is a radio one favorite!
  • The Fish near the town hall has regular alternative music and live bands during the week.
  • Sadly lacking a big venue for any decent bands. Some decent DJ's/live acts at Sub Tone.
  • O'neils do live music on a tuesday and the springbok bar in cheltenham is going to give it a bash in october
  • Your Site stinks. The comments you have published about Cheltenham are offensive and you should be ashamed. Also, try to employ a web/graphic designer who isn't a brain-dead, unimaginatve moron.
  • ooh dont know any decent ones, sorry!!
  • Oh what could ever live up to the days of the axiom?
  • Axiom was good for live music, but sadly has been closed- sob. Two Pigs does similar sort of thing, atmosphere very studenty though.
  • The Subtone now has a website that lists upcoming gigs (mainly in the acid-jazz / funk genre) -
  • Axiom for indie/alternative also The Attic is getting some fairly well known acts. The Music Festival means lots of free live jazz around the town and organised concerts at the Town Hall.
  • If you like your music on the heavier side of Rock, Punk, Metal and Hardcore and you've realised that the Axiom hasn't had a decent band in there for over eighteen months, then try out the Attic, on the high street next to Virgin Megastores. There's something going on there 4 or 5 nights a week which is guaranteed to be a mile better than anything going on in the Axiom for a reasonable price See you in the pit !!!!
  • Axiom Centre Music Venue. The Venue Bar caters for a wide range of tastes from indie to dub, techno to world music, triphop to r'n'b, through both live bands and club nights. Over the past year we've hosted Zion Train, Kangaroo Moon, The Longpigs, 9 Below Zero, 60FT Dolls, Snowboy, Astralasia, Dr Didg and The Egg along with the best local acts and D.Js. Our main nights of the week are Tuesdays: Band Showcase Night, two local and one out of town band, free entry. Thursday & Friday: Main gig nights. Saturday: Club Nights, Acid techno, hard house, Drum'n'Bass or Indie & cool pop sounds, one pound entry.
  • There are plans to open a large Jazz and Blues club (on one of our old College sites); this looks to be the most promising thing for the future.

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