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  • Depends on what your looking for on a night out. Staging posts to go on to a night bar/club you wanna look for wetherspoons (cheap) hogs head, varsity, q bar (more expensive but good), copa same as previous, frog and fiddle good pool upstairs, J's vodka bar good for a few cheeky shots on the way to a club. Pubs to drink in all night o'neils up monpelliar, copa, Slug and lettuce, Yates, generally anythin up monpelliar.
  • The Brown Jug & The Exmouth on the Bath road
  • cheltenham = full of pubs
  • looking for the name of the pub in Winchombe street that now is the conservatory. thanks j
  • Inside Cheltenham ther are a number of pubs, but few worth going into. Taylors is thoroughly underrated and is actually the best pub in central cheltenham, it's exterior looks like something out of a horror film and is professionally done. The Irish Oak on the High Street, has a screen, which is often playing rather obscure sports. One piece of advice DO NOT be negative about celtic inside this building and don't be negative about ireland either otherwise your unlikely to survive. Frog and Fiddle; not so bad for people in mid-twenties. OUTSIDE of cheltenham (but within a 12 mile radius) is the Coal House, in apperley, a village on the river severn just off the A38 which is really worth a visit for it's steak-on-a-stone, they don't cook the steak, they cook the stone, put a slab of steak on it and give it to you so that you can cook it to how well you like it done. The New Inn on the Haw Bridge in Tirley has a 32 oz, (yes 32 oz.) steak on offer. The Black Bear in Tewkesbury is renowned for being Gloucestershire's oldest pub, however, it has gone rather downhill since it was bought by the spirit group
  • Hogs, St James Hotel (pints are huge! honestly!) and Spoons are the most popular! check it out yourself and see what you think!
  • Pubs have died in Cheltenham, leaving a trail of 80s style 'trendy' bars instead. I daresay this is a general idea of 'progress' and a disposition to appease market trends, but it results in every bar looking the same, playing the same music, and the clientele consisting of clones. Bouncers have complexes here which aren't to be found in proper drinking quarters like London's Soho, or Cardiff for that matter. If 'bump & grind' isn't your thing, stay well away from Cheltenham.
  • The Lansdown
  • One of the finest real ale outlets in chelteanham is now the Cheltenham Motor Club. Secreted in upper park street, it welcomes guests and serves 3 beautifully kept guest ales and real cider all at 2 a pint or less (jan 2006). Give it a try, you won't regret it !
  • The Restoration (for fun and good crowd), Prince of Wales (if you want to meet real locals), The Royal Oak Prestbury (if you want to meet retired rich folk)
  • morans
  • slacks, has got to be the best bar in town and it has a late licence
  • The TOAD is ok, Q bar, frog & fiddle, Hogs Head, Pulpit
  • The Swan and the Vine are the best places for a good pint and the Retreat is OK if you like Hackett shirts and pretty boys pretending to be hard.
  • Avoid the Frog & Fiddle if you are booking out a venue for a private party. They booked it to us until midnight then kicked us out at 10pm! It was a charity fundraiser too so they've gone right down in my estimations.
  • J's vodka bar. Full stop.
  • The Midland next to the train station, just to be crap but now cheap, and a nice atmosphere. The Lansdown is bad bad bad....expensive, not a nice atmosphere and always full of the older studenty genereation...
  • ok so maybe some underaged schoolgirls go into the retreat occasionally, but be careful that person that slagged evryone off that goes there, my sister knows most of the 'rugby players', but then again, im sure she'll love to know that shes one of the sexiest barmaids in britiain!
  • Crikey, this page is well out of date !! Sad to say cheltenham is a near desert for good pubs. Try tewkesbury instead. Fish and fiddle, mitre shut down. Phoenix no longer gay, now a rugby pub ! Bayshill gone to ruin, Kemble no longer Archers (or good and cheap). Best ale pub in town (along with Wetherspoons)is now the Cheltenham Motor Club in lower park street (was the crown). 3 guest beers always on and real scrumpy on draught. Old spot still great.
  • Wetherspoons is ok until the bouncers arrive then everybody gets kicked out and goes to the Old Amsterdam across the road where they absolutely ALWAYS ask you for ID - especially if you go a bit later and try and act sober - so just remember that......
  • dobells rules
  • The Norwood at the top of Bath Road sells really nice, quite cheap pub food.
  • The Pulpit is one of the best student aimed pubs/bars around. Sensible prices, good drink, good food and decent music.
  • Still like The Dobells, it has remained a pub, whilst most others have fallen victim to the " cram as many people as possible into a large area and play crap music" bar syndrome. They have a decent jukebox too.
  • Le Monk. Excellent pub, serves a wide range of Beligian Beers, which go right the way up to 12%. Thats not important though, what is important is the taste. They are simply Excellent. If you haven't discovered Belgium Beer yet, get in there and try it. Skip the typical Leffe Blonde - thats fruity cr@p, and go straight to your Chimay Blue, Grimbergen Triple, Delerium, Piraat, Judas etc,... You'll be glad you did!
  • If you are old enough, The Dobells is the best pub in town for the rock crowd, for a drink before enigma on thursdays, etc. If you are underage, you can go to the kids night on wednesday at JD peppers, buy yourself a coke, and almost act like a REAL GROWN UP! But don't try to get into the 'bells, or you'll be in for a wet suprise.
  • Slacks is chilled, the Pulpit is alrite wetherspoons is full of football hooligans! taylors is cool.
  • Went to all teeny bopper pubs - very pricey and repetitive. The Dawn Run Pub proved a breath of fresh air - very unique and entertaining!
  • the notorious Retreat - the whole place is like a Pate's common room at the weekend! pricey tho. Bar Med for cheap drinks + leather sofas, Springbok cos a) its a short stagger to the Chicken Inn b) cheap drinks and bizarre sports/cowboy atmosphere
  • Taylors, Rat and Parrot, Frog and Fiddle, Dobells all offer a good atmosphere. Avoid Slug and Lettuce and Peppers because they are overpriced, cramped and serve a rubbish pint.
  • The Pulpit is a good pub, nice and big, and on Monday nights, a lot of their drinks are only a quid! Other favourites include Wetherspoons (their cider/Reef cocktail pitchers) also Bar Med is quite good, if you like cheesy music and reasonably priced drinks; although the people in there can be a little chavvy- good for a dance though, as is The Springbok, they have good music and dancefloor too.
  • the springbok bar is a wicked place its cooking on a saturday night good music and the staff often get up on the bar and give away freebies including spirits
  • Squeeze on Montpellior,love it ..what with the massive buring candle thingys generating heat,makes you feel just like you on your hols! Fish and Fiddle is good-upstairs bar funky on a sat. In town avoid- Bar Med,Peppers and The Toad as again chav pubs and tis not fun watching beer boys pick fights!
  • Pulpit revamped again - new decor is trendy, same vibe as toad/bar med ie attracts rich school kids and aforementioned rugga chaps. However, with a yellow card (NUS+1) a pint of grolsch is 2.15 - cheapest in cheltenham! Don't go to the Midland, the beer comes with an extra helping of yeast. Conservatory serves many pints for 1.80 and is classy and comfy. Fish&Fiddle is seedy, small and amazing - deals on drink most nights.
  • Your Site stinks. The comments you have published about Cheltenham are offensive and you should be ashamed. Also, try to employ a web/graphic designer who isn't a brain-dead, unimaginatve moron.
  • OK, the Toad, the Firkin (as was known, cant remember the new name) an Peppers are the best. Never go into the pubs far down the Lower High Street.
  • I t'wud like to mention that of all the pubs in cheltenham if its sumwhere u wanna go to chill with ur m8s or just go for a casual drink then the RAT and PARROT is the place to go.. me regular mainly coz a fairly fit blonde bird used to work there now replaced by a semi-fit brunette.. well i think u can see the attraction
  • The CGCHE (now the University of Gloucershire) Pittville campus has a great little bar on site and the atmosphere is very friendly!
  • Tailors is the best for just sitting and chilling out. Two pigs for a late one. O'Hagan's. Dobells. Prom Vaults
  • My God theres shitloads! List of the best: Bar Med, Rat & Parrot, Toad, Peppers, J's Vodka Bar, HogsHead, Wetherspoons, Boom, Taylors, Casa, O'Neills, Icouldgoonbutwont.....
  • Toad...High street
  • The worst pub in town has got to be the retreat. Full of silly little school girls giggling and obnoxious rugby players sporting underaged drinking, the problem is they can't handle it. Can't think of anywhere id rather not be.
  • Dobells,Tailors,2 Pigs,Bentleys,Frog/Fish and Fiddle,Pulpit,and Cheltenham's best-kept secret,The Mitre.The 2 Pigs is a good place to go on Saturday as it stays open til 2 and is good for a dance,upstairs is vintage indie/mosh-pit/party silliness,downstairs mainstream but bearable dance tunes.
  • what the hell did thet do to the duck andd phesant best pub in the town or it was
  • Frog and Fiddle on lower high street, very good, friendly atmosphere, great food, loads of room, chilled out. Also The Mitre down Sandford St has been done up and is very swish but nice!
  • The Dog and Doughnut (formerly Rat and Carrot) has changed its name again and is now the Rattle and Hum. Not much has changed except the quality free jukebox from the time it was the Rat and Carrot has gone and there is Rock memorabilia all over the walls. Still nice for a quiet pint though.
  • Cactus Jacks is absolute shite. New Wetherspoons superpub near where Mondo's used to be. Centre a bit thin on decent pubs, though several are OK. I don't see what the fuss is about the Retreat. Reminds me of student wanker rugby henries and their stupid floozy hangers on. Green Dragon at Cowley good for a visit (about 5 miles away).
  • The Circus Bar (Montpellier) and Slug and Lettuce for posing. Dobells for cheesy music, badly dressed mature student types, but that 'everyone knows your name feeling', Frog and... (can't remember rest) on lower High Street for food and a studenty atmosphere. Two Pigs for late licence at weekends, same clientel as Dobells.
  • APparently (according to an issue of GQ I saw a while ago)The Retreat near Suffolk Parade has some of the foxiest barmaids in Britain - TRUE!
  • The Retreat is a great place to start before the Sub-Tone or Po Na Na. Lots of young, attractive, twenty-something lads and lassies, looking sophisticated as they down their tequilas! Is absolutely rammed at weekends, but its a friendly place so there's never much tussle at the bar, just the odd spilt pint of Stella. The Montpellier Wine Bar becomes the choice of many, when not quite so young and attractive as in their Retreat days! Fantastic selection of food, and also a restaurant downstairs. The Office is always full on Sundays when the Chip Shop Boys come to play. Cheap drinks, great music, mad people! Get your membership and make sure you get there early as the fun starts early and finishes after normal licencing hours. Not for the faint-hearted, but definitely for those intent on turning up late for work on Monday with a monster hangover!
  • The Tut and Shive is now called Hydes Bar. It's got an iron cast of Medusa'a head on the wall and lots of conical flasks of multi-coloured water. Yes, it is a bit odd. The Rat and Carrot is now the Dog and Doughnut. There is a pub called the Rat and PARROT in town. The whole of Montpelliar is very snobby.
  • The Two pig's free entry but has a late hours liscence (just make sure you get there before 2200hrs)
  • The Duck and Pheasant Pub is now the Rat and Parrot. Gone is the biker(ish) image, now replaced with a wine bar feel (although you tend to get a wide cross section of the public in there). Nice place, and you get your drinks served to your table. i.e. It makes you stay for another pint!
  • There is an incredibly amusing place to go if one wants to drink and hit up a bit of the local eccentricity. I discovered it when I was living in England two years ago. The local Catholic church runs a pub on the side called THE OLD PRIORY. I don't remember precisely how to get there but I do remember stumbling home up the Bayshill Road after a night of carousing at the priory. Once in a while they have an Ompah band. It's something you have to see.
    To put you out of your misery: The Old Priory Club is attached to St Gregroy's RC Church, where Ambrose Street meets Clarence Street. Just look for the tallest spire in town!
  • There is a pub on the corner of Grosvenor Street (A40 from London), The Restoration, which has a great food bar, but unfortunately during the evening hours on Saturdays and Sundays they have a karaoke when all the local yokels give the entire street their never ending renditions of "My Way" and "I Will Survive" and several other favorites (Hmmmm !!!). Any other time it's a good pub, and has a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Another pub is the little known Fish n' Fiddle. There's nothing bad to say about this place. It's on the main road opposite the Town Hall, beside the Pizza Express. It has another entrance at the rear on the same road as the dairy. There is a great selection of Ales, Beers and imported fashionable largers. It has a very relaxing interior and is a great place to meet. Their selection of speciality sausages can't be beaten but I believe they have restricted food times. Even so it's well worth a visit. They also have live entertainment on certain evenings, ranging from Jazz to a string quartet from the local music college (they're good !).
  • Other fine drinking establishments for the consumption of real ales are the Bayshill (Wadworths, behind the Royal Crescent/Bus Station) and the Kemble (Archers, Behind Fowlers Motorcycles). Both are small back-street pubs with excellent cheap beer and food. Hard to find but worth the searching. Also check out the Gloucester Old Spot on the Tewkesbury Road and The Plough at Prestbury, behind the Church.
  • The Restoration is good but suffers from the perpetual problem of too much music noise.
  • The Fish and Fiddle: A good pub with a nice selection of unusual beers. Quite small though and slightly pricy.
  • Cactus Jacks is Cheltenham's first Western style pub. Fun, lively atmosphere and they'll even sell you a cowboy hat if you want!
  • Phoenix, Tivolli - gay pub, good atmosphere.
  • In Regent Street there's Peppers and the Slug and Lettuce. Both do good food during the day and are busy in the evenings with well dressed young people.
  • SubTone(pub/club on the Promenade) offers a very welcome alternative to 'The Prom'. Nice to hear an ecclectic selection of music, with a chilled out atmosphere. Shame about the radioactive ultra violent light.
  • Tailors, just down from Barclays bank oppisite Tandys. Sit in their armchairs and your stuck in them all night - no escape! Nice relaxing quiet drink type of thing going on. Also the var open in the gardens just up from the fish and fiddle, they are only open in the summer, but absolutely lovely spot to have a drink.

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