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Sports Clubs and Facilities
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  • To correct a previous comment, cheltenham rec. centre (now leisure@ cheltenham)never has had or will have an Olympic sized pool and I,m pretty certain that GL1 does not either!!
  • Cheltenham has a relative range of sport facilities. On Tommy Taylors Lane (pittville) there is the Swimming Pool, Prince of Wales Athletics(/Rugby) Stadium. A bit difficult to find and I wouldn't advice going through the local neighbourhood at night, HOWEVER, the Athletics stadium is very cheap and provides a 1st class synthetic track, Cheltenham & County Harriers train here every tuesday and thursday. I'm not sure about the rugby pitch but it opens in about september/October and I believe there is a club for teenagers. The indoor swimming pool across the road from here is meant to be Olympic Class, but it is often closed for repairs on the roof, useful for professional swimmers in the area however I would suggest taking the 94 bus into gloucester and going to the GL1 Leisure centre, the pool is really clean, olympic sized and the pool can even have an adjusted depth. It also has a really cool fun session where they put an inflatable obstacle course on the water. It is also FANTASTIC for other sports in it's facilities, GL1 has a large fitness studio and is incorporated into the fitness spa area, and the place has a sports hall large enough that it often holds concerts. The other swimming pool in cheltenham is the outdoor lido, often overused, it has been there a while, be prepared for it is rather cold in the pool, however it's quite fun.
  • The Recreation Centre, (also known as The Rec centre)jus off tommy talors lane has loadza diff stuff 2 do for all ages!
  • JJB
  • Cheltenham F.C.
  • Just to correct the above comment about East Glos Club being a bit snooty... 5-10 years ago that was the case but we've mellowed a bit now and are happy to take members of all ages and playing standards. Julian Wellings, Webmaster
  • the most sport i do is the 20 minute walk into town!
  • An excellent Jiu-Jitsu club run by 5th dan Ross Ianoccaro operates out of the council leisure centre.
  • East Glos tennis club a bit snooty tho -very posh and ladies college types.

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