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  • Katey buckley. The local town slag. Ive heard she now resides in bognor regis but spends alot of time in chichester still.
  • All the twats that hang out in macds car parks with thier shit bmws and trampy looking girlfriends
  • all you people who think chi is crap then you obviously dont know anyone who lives there coz i have lived in chi ma whole life and its great! if it was crap then i wouldnt live here. we aint thick atall i have friends that are really smart,yer some people are a bit thick but most are really friendly and smart and lots of people in chi can skate and bmx! your just all so fuckin jealous!! and people who think that all the 14 year olds go and get drunk all the time..we dont!! we also dont all fight and wear hoodies! yer i agree with the too much rain but ya get used to it! a lil bit of rain wont hurt you. we are a city coz we have a bloody cathedral! chi aint a poo hole! and the old people aint that bad. we aint bitches either and i rarely see people wearing sunglasses all year round and we aint rich nobs! SUCK ON THAT BITCHES!
  • Baffins Court off Baffins Lane which is itself off East Street
  • The Skate Park, always met friends there for a session, and also before we head off in a search for something new to skate.
  • On a warm summers day around the cathederal green
  • Chi? Yawn - thank god i don't live there anymore - full of jumped-up poshies or inbred woolly-backs who think they've caught up with the rest of the South-East. Give it a wide berth and go to Pompey instead..
  • outside one legged jockey
  • chi college field, bishops otter garden, priory park.
  • Avoid the Chi chavs-they tend to hang out and try to look like the "boyz an'the hood" near McDonalds which is, of course, their idea of a good night out.
  • The beautiful "Butter Cross" in the centre of town.
  • Chichester college, at night, in the summer. Great for hitting on foreign exchange chicks who'll lay you just 'cos your English! Thumbs up!
  • the cross
  • The Cross always!!!!!
  • of course The Cross is the obvious place to meet but only if shopping or something within the town. Otherwise the railway station at the southern end of town, the barracks at the north, the Westgate leisure centre to the east and last of all Sainsbury's or any store on the portfield park retail centre to the west.
  • Apart from the Obvious...The Cross??? Errr how about the single bench on the hill in Priory park looking over it!
  • i dont live in chi but often come in order to go to college - FUCKIN TOWNIE SCUM!
  • The best place to hang out is the cathedral green...Round the back of course!
  • The cross!!! Kick ass
  • The cross.Were everyone meets.whether its to go to the cinema, for a meal, into town, to school, after school. its where u meet. "3 at the cross?"
  • There are some new places to go!! The chichester Gate has partly opened at the VERY end of South street containing a cinema, bowling alley, restaurants and Chicagos - a cheesy nite out!!
  • well, you'll find townies meeting up at the ampitheatre park next 2 the market carpark but theres normally a bunch of retarded grunge stoners sitting rite at the back of the park almost out of view...which would begood coz its just this big group of black & chains smokin pot gettin high 2 4get the bad times 4 like...10mins! then uv got priory, thats a good place 2 meet up & its mostly townies, alot of fit boys playin footie ther in the summer but its 1 of the biggest parks in chi so u gotta kno wher ur mates r gunna b b4 u walk straight in ther & stand ther like a complete mong lookin around! florence park, abit out of town but its a good little park 2 get drinking & stuff on!
  • Bishop Palace Gardens - the college stoners hang-out. often walk through here on my way to the skatepark, and see many many stoned young people! Priory Park- much the smae thing s Bishops' but with a lil kiddies play park. for non-skaters the bench in the skatepark. some retarded townies hang around by the bus depot.
  • outside cycle works on a saturday morning
  • the train station.....
  • The Cross is the center of Chichester, where the old Roman Roads the roads meet. It is in the centre of the shopping area so most young people with nothing to do but hang around town will meet there! It has a real nice atmosphear on New Years Eve as everyone piles out of the pubs at midnight and goes around hugging and wishing them a Happy New Year. A lot of drunken frustrated males are also looking to get laid but then there are a lot of the same type of women!
  • Cathedrel area, the cross
  • The Cross is the genral spot for Limp Bizkit hoody wearing munchkins to pretend they know anything at all about skate boarding or the music they claim to know about. People who can actualy skate genraly use the muliti storey car park as the skate park is crap & full of small minded conformist idiots who like to pretend they are black &/or from London.
  • priory/station/ you know the places dude
  • The beach in Witterings! Great place for downing cheap vodka and snogging various people at 14 years old! Be careful of the tide though!
  • The green in front of Chi college... lots of young teens drink and smoke there in the evenings
  • The cross is generally a great place, for all the pot-smoking dreamers of this world, as well as being a meeting place, for all normal, un-snobbish peeps, like me!oooh, and the skate-park for all the pot smoking, townie-turned-wannabe grundgers.
  • The Darby and Joan a-go-go!!
  • A popular place to 'chill out' or, alternatively (as most tend to do) smoke hash while sitting in the cloisters at the cathedral, otherwise priory park is a much-used place for the young and the illegal.
  • Bishops Palace Garden - in the Halcyon days of Chi College this was a haven. You could picnic and study. A pleasant, well maintained and usually tranquil place (don't bring your stereo please unless you have decent music taste and are perpared to keep the volume somewhere south of deafening)
  • The Cross (The old market cross) in the centre of Chichester. A popular evening meeting place for those youthful members of society building up the courage to try their hand at the nearest Off-licence.
  • chichister multi car park is good for skate boarding and it is there that the famous terminator gang ( t2 ) were formed. the termintors beng the first hardcore gang in the south of england, (and are still keeping it real) but bewhere of badgers and Tony Bevil (or "Tone" to leos mum) .
  • The Cross in Chichester is great for underage cider drinkers and pot smokers!
  • That 'cross' thingy is called the Market Cross and dates from the 13th Century!!
  • We have now been given the go a head on a skatepark in chichester behind the leasure centre just like the dudes down in crawly this is now actually going ahead and is goinig to be Great
  • The 'cross' (that wierd thing by the Cathedral). As a side note, check out the cathedral; a few skate possibilities outside, and the inside is quite impressive (even if, like me, you're not a Bible basher).

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