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Paula Higgs - Cholsey by phil harrison (Member 10281461) on 18-Dec-2016
Hi all, Tracey Harrison ( nee Mundy ) trying to find Paula, can anyone help ?, thanks Phil   
Trying to find old friends by Gill Clifton (Member 10306762) on 27-Jul-2016
I am trying to locate old friends who lived in Cholsey - Mel and Andy Green lived at 1a Rothwells Close, and they had one son Damian. Mel was born in Cholsey, her maiden name was Hughes, and she had a sister Geraldine. Mel and I remained in touch from the 1960's until about 6 years ago, but I have been unable to contact her or Andy since.

Any information at all will be much appreciated, o... more >>
*treat your feet* SPECIAL for seniors by marlaine (Member 10295414) on 29-Aug-2014
I am visiting in Cholsey for a little while. I offer manicures and pedicures in the privacy of your home. 9am to 3pm only. Safe sterile and hygienic. Manicure - £10.00 *** Pedicure £10.00
Contact me on 7476249924
farmers-land-owners by michael (Member 10271656) on 11-Jan-2014
are you having problems with rabbits damaging your fields,your property.i run a free service clearing pigeons,squirrels,humanely.BASC mike on 07510152596 or email   
Play Games, View Ads, Listen To The Radio - Make Money - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 8-Feb-2013

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T E Mundy - Butchers by mark sherwood (Member 10254232) on 11-Nov-2010
If any of you knew Tom & Jane I would like to hear from you. Jane was my mother although she left my father and I when I was aged 6 and I didnt see much of her except some weekends whilst I was still a youngster. Both are now dead but I would like to hear (good or bad). I also saw a post on this site that mentions a Sam Mundy - wonder if he or she was a relative of Tom because I think he had a ... more >>   
Saga Dating by Glenda (Member 10247636) on 19-May-2010
I'm a single lady in my fifties looking for a companion to spend some quailty time with. I'm not over the hill yet, and still young at heart. I can be found at sagadatingsite website just search for Glenda. Looking forward to hearing from you.   
Edmondson/Cumbria by Wendy (Member 10083752) on 11-Feb-2009
Still looking for info on a lost relative of my stepfather.
Greta Whittall ( nee Emondson) born 1909 Barrow-in-Furness, left or was kicked out of the family home due to a crises not known as my stepfather was only four years old, never heard from or saw her again, knows nothing of her family, just really trying to find what become of his mother during the time she went, her birth certificates sta... more >>
Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

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Childrens Entertainer by Janet Peacock (Member 10221775) on 21-Feb-2008
Does anyone know of a lady who teaches Aerobics and Line Dancing in the Cholsey area who also does Childrens parties - I believe perhaps she does Cowboy & Indian themed parties. I not sure if she lives in the area but I am told that perhaps she holds classes in Cholsey / Streatley?

If anyone can help I would be grateful

gleeson ruttle. by pete chandler (Member 10221598) on 18-Feb-2008
See lots of msgs from you on this site. I'm Pete chandler, Trish's younger brother and Pete Tutty's B in law. Believe you keep in touch with Tutt. Didn't Pete and Paul (my brother) work for you whilst they were 'on leave'? from the navy?   
  • Re: gleeson ruttle. by gleeson ruttle (Member 10094829) on 13-Apr-2008
    Hi there Pete, have not seen u 4 a few years where do u live these days? I don't keep in touch with tutt but we did stay with him and trish 4 a couple of nights about 3 yrs ago. I hear he had some bad news recently, if you are in touch with him tell him
    i am thinking of him, please give him my condolence.
    I also met paul and a few others at the crosskeys 3 yrs ago. Peter & Paul were l... more >>

evacuation to Cholsey 1940 by donna mckenzie (Member 10218597) on 27-Dec-2007
Does anyone remember the any of the children that were evacuated out of London during WW2 to Cholsey?
My Dad was one of them along with two of his brothers. My Dad is Billy Pelling and his brothers Arthur and Patrick . They all were seperated and went to live with different families. Dad lived with Andrew and Mary Bumpass and their 2 children Eileen and Dennis on Panters Road. He attended to loca... more >>
  • Re: evacuation to Cholsey 1940 by Elizabeth (Member 10244393) on 3-Feb-2010
    My grandparents who were the licensees of the Star in Papist Way put up one of the evacuees. The boy later went to Guernsey or Jersey to start a tomato farm. Unfortunately I can't remember the name. My father was away serving in the navy so didn't know him very well, but my uncle who was younger kept in touch with him for some time after the war.

  • Re: evacuation to Cholsey 1940 by beryl ryall-gould (Member 10250636) on 10-Aug-2010
    i remember one of the families you refer to their names were williams, mother bertha husband jack and children christopher and yvonne, they stayed with the hobbs family in panters road just across the road from the bumpas. unfortunately yvonne died some years ago of cancer, followed by chris of heart attack, jack died before them and bertha only a few years ago. both children left children of thei... more >>

  • Re: evacuation to Cholsey 1940 by donna mckenzie (Member 10218597) on 11-Aug-2010
    My dad Billy Pelling remembers his friend across the road from the Bumpass family on Panters Road. They used to play together usually on the footpath outside the houses. He always wondered what became of him.
    I found the family that lived at Blackall farm who ran the sunday school in 1940s. Their son Douglas Kjedsen kindly sent me some old photos of the children in the Sunday school on days out. ... more >>

  • Re: evacuation to Cholsey 1940 by lisa (Member 10262918) on 29-Jun-2011
    My granddad is Dennis Bumpass, the person your dad stayed with. Do you have any other information?

Old friends by alan (Member 10090249) on 18-Aug-2007
Does anyone know if Margaret Drewett (as was) still lives in cholsey. She used to live in Kemendene, Honey Lane. Also Margaret Watters who used to live in Papist Way (Station Hill).   
  • Re: Old friends by gleeson ruttle (Member 10094829) on 26-Aug-2007
    Hi Rita, if you scroll down the page about 12 emails, you will see a message i left 4 u back in february. regards gleeson

  • Re: Old friends by alan (Member 10090249) on 27-Aug-2007
    thanks Gleeson, Have just scrolled down and found the email in February but can't find the one for Sept 06.

    No my Dad wasn't Tom Wells and no he didn't mark the football pitch and have no idea as to whether it was me on a bicycle - did have a bike as did most children but didn't go very far on it.
    I don't know you but you obviously grew up in cholsey. How did you come to go to Australia? Is Barbara well?

peter boylan by angela (Member 10003427) on 4-Apr-2007
Hi does any one have a email address for peter
he used to live in honey pot lane i think hi now in in station rd any infro?
finding old friends by Heather Heason (Member 10197138) on 8-Nov-2006
Hi. I lived in Cholsey from 1965 till 1977. I went to Cholsey infants school then to Blackstone untill I left in 1975. My father was Bill Smith and we lived in Caps Lane with Bill working on Blackalls farm. Anyone still living there who rembers me it would be good to chat. My name then was Heather Smith.   
  • Re: finding old friends by liz cuthbert (Member 10275627) on 5-Apr-2013
    i also went to all the schools you mentioned my name then was liz aves if you remember me please contact me

  • Re: finding old friends by Guy Venables (Member 10293966) on 30-Jun-2014
    I was at Cholsey Primary then Wallingford Boys Grammar after that pesky ill guided 11 plus thingy...moved to Sydney in the end

Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by Rosemary Ridge (Member 10194424) on 28-Sep-2006
My husband (Michael Ridge) and I (as our own dear Queen is wont to remark) both started our schooling in Miss V Hearmon's class in September 1947 (aged 5). At that time "Gaffer" Mills was the headmaster and one of the senior female teachers was Miss Houghton? who had a caliper on her leg. I can clearly remember standing in a dinner queue and putting 5 old pennies into a wooden bowl to pay for 'l... more >>   
  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by alan (Member 10090249) on 5-Nov-2006
    Hi Rosemary - that was a big surprise finding your message on the notice board. I don't often look on there because it doesn't seem to get used too much - anyway, you are wondering who I am - Rita Coles (Wells) remember me, we used to live next door to each other in Papist Way?

    Anyway, how are you both? and the two Mums? Please give them my best wishes and hope they are keeping well. They hav... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by alan (Member 10090249) on 5-Nov-2006
    Forgot to ask Rosemary, how is your sister Jean and what has she been doing all these years?


  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by angela (Member 10003427) on 21-Nov-2006
    Hi I dont know if you remeber me my name is Angela Reilly(dean) when at cholsey i was also remember the same teachers teaching me and my sister i did not start at cholsey school untill about 1951 when i was 8, i also had a very good friend who lived in papist way her name was june garlick. i lived at 49 station rd until 1959 then moved to bedford form there in 1970 to adelaide in sth australia hav... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by Rosemary Ridge (Member 10194424) on 17-Dec-2006
    Hello Rita
    Talk about a blast from the past!! We moved to 37 Papist Way (next door to you) when I was 9 in 1951 - I remember it well as prior to that we had lived with my dad's parents at 102 Papist Way - almost next door to the Star PH. At the time the 'new' house seemed like a mansion after spending so many years in a very cramped environment. 1949 was also the first year I had a birthday pa... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by alan (Member 10090249) on 17-Dec-2006
    Great to hear back from you - I did wonder because your message had been on for a few weeks when I looked. I only found the web site by accident. Willbe in touch via the e-mail

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by gleeson ruttle (Member 10094829) on 22-Jan-2007
    Hi Angela,
    i have talked to u before,u were inquiring about Beryl Polly she is married to Don Paxford, June Paxford older brother they moved into a new house in Cresent Way opposite the garden where u used to live in station rd.
    You mentioned Sandra Thompson i am sorry to say she died about 15 or more yrs ago.
    regards Gleeson

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by gleeson ruttle (Member 10094829) on 22-Jan-2007
    Hi Rosemary
    i saw your message some time ago but i did know your maiden name, since reading
    another message asking how jean was i now presume u r rosemary painter, jean is about the same age as me, i think she married sam mundy.
    i do remember u and michael i think he was a friend of allen polly. i am sure u remember my sister barbara ,
    regards gleeson

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by alan (Member 10090249) on 6-Feb-2007
    Hello Gleeson

    We don't know each other but I remember your sister Barbara. Where is she these days? You seem to know a lot about the people of Cholsey. Do you still live there? Wondered if you knew the whereabouts of Margaret Drewett who used to live in Honey Lane and Margaret Watters who used to live in papist Way before she was married. Wonder who else you have news about.

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by angela (Member 10003427) on 7-Feb-2007
    Hi Gleeson
    thanks for info onb beryl polly and sandra thompson sorry to hear that she died perhaps you can help with others june garlick peter boylan
    i meet him after i left school hows queenland do you live in tropics looking forward to hearing from you

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by gleeson ruttle (Member 10094829) on 20-Feb-2007
    hi there Rita.
    i think i remember you, a dark haired
    girl often riding a push bike down station road? was tom wells your father? he used to do the white line at the rec;for football & cricket.
    you asked about margaret druit, rosemary left u message 28 sept 06 saying she lives in her mothers bungalow in honey lane. i met margaret watters in 2001 at cholsey i think she lives in pante... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by gleeson ruttle (Member 10094829) on 20-Feb-2007
    G,day Angela
    nice to hear from you again, i live on the sunshine coast 'Woombye' about 20 mins north of the australia zoo, Crikey! poor ole Steve. Sub-tropics here thats hot enough. peter boylan as far as i know still lives in cholsey. june garlick
    i am not sure of, i can give u ken polley's email he's her cousin i think? he still lives in cholsey
    when he's not in spain ... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by angela (Member 10003427) on 22-Feb-2007
    Hi Gleeson thanks for info will try ken polly i have not been to cholsey since 1995 took a look at the old house must say it looked very good,we last went to uk in 2000 my sister still lives in wellingborough she and her family come here every year. we went to aust zoo 2years ago shame about steve.we spend a lot of time touring aust in our caravan NT this year for 3rd time just love it if you hear... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by beryl ryall-gould (Member 10250636) on 10-Aug-2010
    hello gleeson bet you dont remember me, we are the same age, and youve stirred momories of the old school at cholsey, and some names i had almost forgotten, but you and david foot and ken polley bobby baldwin and micheal palmer were always asked to my birthday parties.i used to live at 25 panters road,next door to linda smith and across the road from trudy alexander and richard green, please get b... more >>

  • Re: Cholsey County Primary School 1947 - 1953. by Gail (Member 10076399) on 21-Mar-2011
    are you Beryl Hobbs I know Linda would love to hear from you

Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 23-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
The Chequers Public House by Terry Nicolson (Member 10152974) on 4-May-2005
A blast from the past!!!!!
Im Terry Nicolson. Me and my Wife Bernice ran the Chequers in 1983-1985?

We have many happy memories of our time there and quite a few photos too . As someone else said on this site, it would be great to add pics!!!
A few people are set firm in our memories. Gertie, God bless, no longe... more >>
The Bell Inn + looking for ancestors Yates by richard yates (Member 10145915) on 14-Feb-2005

I am looking for any info regarding The Bell Inn between 1920 and 1930.
My great Uncle Ernest Arthur Yates was the publican between these dates, he died in 1928 in the Inn and is buried in the church grounds at Cholsey.
His wife was called F... more >>
  • Re: The Bell Inn + looking for ancestors Yates by Jennie Kent (Member 10284277) on 1-Apr-2013
    I am researching Cholsey history of the 1940s. I am working on an exhibition for the Cholsey Flower Show, which this year celebrates its 70th year with a 1940s theme. I was interested to see your mention of The Bell, as I live there! I would be interested in corresponding via email. Thanks. Jennie Kent

STRANGE surname from Cholsey by Jean Williams (Member 10145911) on 14-Feb-2005
I wonder if there are any descendants still in Cholsey today?

I have been researching my family history and have discovered my great grandmother was Jane STRANGE, born 1850. She was the daughter of Charles STRANGE and Mary Ann LOVEGROVE born Cholsey in 1826 and 1827 respectively.

Charles was the son of Joseph STRANGE and Harriet FRANCIS. I have more information if anyone thinks they might be related.
  • Re: STRANGE surname from Cholsey by richard yates (Member 10145915) on 16-Feb-2005
    Hi I am researching my family history "YATES" see seperate thread regarding "the Bell inn".

    anyway, doing a bit more research and i found that after my gt uncle died in 1928, his widow Floerence married a Willaim Harry Strange they married in 1930.

    i could find details of one child "William Leslie ... more >>

  • Re: STRANGE surname from Cholsey by Steve Stocks (Member 10175375) on 25-Jan-2006
    I don't know if this will help, but there are two well-known people named Strange in Wallingford, which you may know is only 2 1/2 miles from Cholsey.

    One is a town councillor, so his details are in the public domain on the town council website, so I'll pass them on --

    STRANGE, Denis George
    7a, Newnham Green Crowmarsh... more >>

  • Re: STRANGE surname from Cholsey by Ian Wheeler (Member 10198701) on 29-Jun-2007
    Oddly enough, I was chatting to Denis Strange the other night and he mentioned family history. Get in touch if you want contact details.
    Ian W.

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