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Photographer for Hire FREE for Video Moments by John (Member 10063443) on 24-Mar-2002
This is a FREE service and is open to all Singles / Lesbians / or Lesbian Couples or Bi-sexual Girls of all ages make that someone in you life happy with a Photo CD or Video message. This is a genuine offer and all who participate are treated with in the strictest of confidence and at no time is information given to 3rd parties, and should not be misconstrued as or associated with the adult entert... more >>   
john cornford by david ridgeway (Member 10061229) on 5-Mar-2002
I am trying to get in touch with John Cornford, resident in Chorleywood. If anyone can be of assistance, I should much appreciate it.
You can e-mail me on
Develop and support a sustainable future for Chorleywood by Adrian Wilkins (Member 10061191) on 5-Mar-2002
The whole of Chorleywood's electricity needs could be supplied by increasingly popular and non-polluting wind farms. Wind power is the future of energy generation in the UK, times are changing and we need to adapt. NOW is the time for towns and villages to research the possibilities that this clean energy technology offers. See for links to wind farm information and resources in the UK.   
missing persons traced by ken mcintyre (Member 10035140) on 25-Feb-2002
Missing persons / relatives traced , fast and cheap service any where in uk. email with details or any questions telephone 07949669801
Missing Goddaughter by Ann Richards (Member 10058767) on 24-Feb-2002
Can anyone out there help me to find my Niece and Goddaughter Catherine McCulloch daughter of Carole Suchanowski (nee Atkinson) believed living in the Chorleywood or Harrow on the Hill area. We have not seen or heard from Catherine since she was five years old when her Mother took her away from Leeds. We have been searching for Catherine for many years and Catherine will now be 32 years old. If yo... more >>   
missing frends by david swarbrick (Member 10056392) on 20-Jan-2002
i left chorleywood about 10 years ago after 18 years there. i would like to get in touch with some old frends. greham, rommel, alvin, alexa, phil and the rest if your still around   
  • Re: missing frends by Chuzzle (Member 10038720) on 10-Feb-2002
    I know a Phil and I have contacted his sister to see if it is the right Phil. If it is the same chappie, I will pass on the details.

  • Re: missing frends by david swarbrick (Member 10056392) on 17-Feb-2002
    thanks, that would be great if you could

  • Re: missing frends by Chuzzle (Member 10038720) on 22-Mar-2002
    Hi, Not sure if it was the right Phil, but Rommel and Alvin I know wen't to St Clement Danes School, I have seen their names on the Friends reunited site, Have a look there.
    Good Luck

  • Re: missing friends by david swarbrick (Member 10056392) on 31-Mar-2002
    can you give me the web address for the friends reunited. thanks

  • Re: missing frends by kiminoz (Member 10072434) on 9-Jul-2002
    you asked in March so i guess you have found friends reunited website! incase you haven't its

  • Re: missing frends by Polly Traxler (Member 10262152) on 8-Jun-2011
    Hi Sian!!
    Sorry it has taken nine years for me to reply!! My neighbour saw your message yesterday by chance and realised it was me.
    How lovely to hear from you!! How are you, Geoff and your 3 lovely children??? How are your parents and sister? I remember them all well.

    I still live in Chorleywood with Julian. We have 3 children now. Olivia who is 7 , Dominic who is 5 and Aleander is is nearl... more >>

POLLY CLARKE WHERE ARE YOU ???????? by sian howarth (Member 10056297) on 20-Jan-2002
The last time I heard from you was in moved to 'Chorleywood'- St Christopers Court, lowes were getting married in march 2001
to a guy called Julian(don't know his surname). You previously worked at the westminster society
in London.. polly if you happen to read this please contact me..sian
Horses by Katherine (Member 10055372) on 11-Jan-2002
Please be tolerant to horse-riders. We ride two abreast where possible so that drivers pull out to overtake us rather than squashing us into the hedge, which is extremely dangerous and can make a horse panic.

We would really rather not be on the road at all if at all possible!

I realise some horse riders look imperious at times (or maybe they are terrified!) but some of us will always ack... more >>
Barbara Hill Sedassey by Maureen Vermilya (Member 10046543) on 6-Oct-2001
I am looking for an old friend. Barbara Hill or Barbara Sedassey. I would like her e-mail address. If anyone knows her, please have her contact me at the e-mail address Or reply to this message. Thank you.   
The Hensons by Martin Henson (Member 10044922) on 20-Sep-2001
We lived in Berks Hill, Chorleywood from about 1965 to 1969. Does anyone remember us!? Richard now 43, Martin now 40 and Betsy now 37.   
The Hensons by Martin Henson (Member 10044922) on 20-Sep-2001
We lived in Berks Hill, Chorleywood from about 1965 to 1969. Does anyone remember us!?   
Have a Go! at Traditional English Dancing by Benskins Morris (Member 10011141) on 9-Sep-2001
Join us at 8pm on 24th September and Have a Go! at Traditional English Dancing. Male or female, young or old and a beginner or experienced dancer, a musician or you simply want to watch and learn more about this English tradition you will be welcome.

Benskins Morris dance the more absorbing and complex Morris dances associated with the North West of England. These exciting and vibrant dances a... more >>
  • Re: Have a Go! at Traditional English Dancing by Lisa (Member 10110076) on 12-Nov-2003
    hello what is you name and what has happened to the chat lines????

Hello to a shop by Bruno (Member 10032338) on 26-Aug-2001
I was on 14th July this year in Chorleywood. By the Railwaystation is the Sportsman Hotel. When you stand before it, you have shops on the left side.By the last one works a Lady. Please say someone hello from me to her,from the man from Switzerland, who talked to her for a while.   
Home by Chuzzle (Member 10038720) on 23-Jul-2001
My name is Lorraine Corrigan and lived in Chorleywood for 10 years, I moved 3 years ago and would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.   
ha ha ha by davie johnson (Member 10037285) on 13-Jul-2001
At last stoner Gatch has got his dope cartoon and rastagatch site up - check out   
im moving soon by laura (Member 10034112) on 30-May-2001
hiya every1. reading this website really makes me not want to move to chorley wood!! im 17 and im livin in harrow at the mo... what fun im going to have! by what people are saying, im glad ive already got a boyfriend (and am very happy :o) ) b4 movin there! well, if theres n e other peeps out there who wanna write back, please feel free to :oP (the place cant be all full of old people!)
ne ... more >>
Searching for stepbrother by Marsha Highfield (Member 10024350) on 3-May-2001
I am looking for my stepbrother who would be 56-57 yrs old now. During WWll, my father, Robert "Gordon " Cole was stationed at Aldershot 1943-44. He was a gunnar instructor in the Canadian Armored Corps. When overseas he would go into London on leaves and while there he met a love.
Her name possibly Emma, we are not quite sure on this name. We can only hope that son was told of his father and gi... more >>
Monday, Monday by Andy Bucks (Member 10020345) on 9-Apr-2001
Bored by Mondays? Local lad (early 30s) happy to cheer up any young women who might be finding their Monday daytimes boring. Let's meet for a coffee, lunch, or whatever! ;o)   
  • Re: Monday, Monday by Joanne Burton (Member 10031570) on 25-Apr-2001
    Hi Andy,

    I have just registered with this site and thought your message sounds interesting. Are you still thirsty? If so I look forward to your reply


Unidentified Flying Objects by jonathan slater (Member 10020929) on 31-Mar-2001
Have you! Seen any mysterious lights or strange objects in our skies lately? A non-profit making scientific research group requires serious reports. Website Address   
Chorlewywood College by Janette Wardman (Member 10029016) on 27-Mar-2001
Hi, I attended Chorleywood College for Girls with Little or no Sight between 1975 to 1980. I have fond memories of Chorleywood and wondered if any of the local families remembered me. I went to the local Catholic church every Sunday. I was very lucky to be welcomed into many of the families homes, Mr. and Mrs. Marks being my very first. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.   
  • Re: Chorlewywood College by LESLEY (Member 10088605) on 29-Jan-2003
    hallo there, just seen your message and I worked there before you left. The matron was Miss Crawshaw. We all fell in love with her she was great. Was she still there when you attended? I was very happy there and the girls were wonderful. the only thing I hated was the porridge. It was foul, so salty and I wasn't allowed to put sugar in. Would love a reply. Lesley

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