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  • The Downsman in Southgate. Hugely improved over the years since new management came in. Now one of the best pubs for atmosphere anywhere in Crawley with a funny and welcoming group of real 'characters' who make it their local. It's also where you will find what is undoubtedly the best curry in town.
  • southgate,boardfield,not bewbush anymore,three bridges, tilgate ,
  • Royal Oak in Ifield Green, small, friendly and good food.
  • after trying most of the pubs in Crawley we found ourselves going back to the Rat and Parrot, not only was the drink cheap-ish amd cheap on special nights it was always good. The bar staff were also the best around.
  • Jubilee Oak
  • The Fountain, Hand Cross, about time we got a "Gay Friendly" pub. I mean for god sake there is enough of is around. Keep up the good work guys
  • the railway...the cure used to play in there when it was the firecracker and!!
  • Always the Railway...none of the other pubs are worth going to!
  • the imperial has a bad reputation but it is a lovely place in the summer, where people from all ethnic backgrounds get together. you are always going to get some tosser though starting trouble, wherever you go.
  • no coment i drink in the imperial so have no room to chat about other pubs
  • I have to say, I love the Flight Tavern. The landlady, Ruby, is a sweetie. Now that we have the sprog her and her minions are very sweet about providing hot water if needed and extra bits of this and that (we try not to abuse this). The Jubilee Oak isn't that accommodating for a bowl of hot water to warm a bottle. Although I don't hold that aspect against them, people with babies do remember "friendly" places and go back to them time after time.
  • the windmill u will see me in there thats if you wanna get pissed quick or the mill house on hyde drive expensive but nice grub and ok beer the railway on brighton road pint of guiness for £1.50 lovely easily get fucked on £20
  • Punch Bowl: Brilliant pub, lovely food and excellent bar staff!
  • Best pub is The Rocket, as it was known - however it gets tarted up, hopefully its spirit will remain. It has always been home of the alternative side of Crawley. So have your face tattooed and get on down!!!!
  • Hill side Inn on the Balcombe road in Poundhill, fab food, great service, reasonale prices,a menu to die for, and a really freindly atmosphere,plenty of parking, it's a must to go to.
  • THE SWAN is by far the most friendly, great atmosphere pub in Crawley! Excellent music venue on Friday and Saturday nights especially if you like ROCK music!
  • The White Knight should now be renamed The White Shite as since Frank & Peggy left it has turned back into a right hovel! And Friday night is once again FIGHT NIGHT!!!
  • Old Punch Bowl, on the high street is a fantastic pub t meet your mates in during the week and then great as a pre club bar at wkends. Never seen any trouble in there and attacts an over 21 crowd.
  • Stay away from The Swan and The Crown they're the ruffest pubs in the town
  • black dog
  • If you want a good night out and your staying quit far from the town centre, you can go and visit The Imperial (at the broadfield shops) It is a good place to chat and drink away together with the good old broadfield people. As many people know broadfield is quit voilent, but visiting The Imperial does not get you involved, because most of the trouble-makers are under age and are not allowed in the pub (so they just stand on the street having noting else to do, but causing trouble) The people working in the Imperial and visiting the pub always look after everyone in the pub. They accept you for who you are and where your from. They even accepted me, a dutch 18 year old.
  • Used to go rat n twat all the time (airpport night all drinks 1.60) and the bouncers even knew me by name (leonard...."put it in your mouth!!" always called me and my bf the lovebirds....!!). Jubilee's good, crowded on a fri and saturday and a girl works there called fiona who really smells. careful if she serves ur food.
  • downs moon, white knight, the train station, the white heart, the swan, the apple tree, the crown, face it crawley we're all drunks :-/
  • Go to the highstreet, there are about 4-5 pubs here alone. There are also loads around the suburbs
  • Well this place aint a pub as crawley folk like to call it. Ja Ja Bar (hence the word bar). What can i say about this place, this is what Crawley needs, a place where people can go without the young fizzy pop drinking twats we have in the town. They can all stay at Ikon/Diva and fight there. This place has elegance and class that all the other drinking holes in the town lack. It must have been open now for about 9 months if not longer. Nice friendy staff behind the bar also goes for the doorman there. I have never been to a place in the town where they actually open the doors for you and greet you with a smile/ friendly welcome. Whoever owns this place CHEERS thank you keep up the good work.
  • Ikon is designed mainly for people who can't get served fags and drink cider out of a coke bottle. Diva is over 25 on a Friday and Saturday so there tends to be people between the ages of 50 and 100. At the moment they have a £15 entrance fee on a Thursday and then all drinks are free once inside, over 19 to get in but make sure you take some sweets for the kids and ideally a nappy or two for the cider drinkers. Also it pays to have some body armour and ideally a Glock 9mm as your unlikely to meet anyone that can beat that - the best they can do is a 4 inch knife from the army surplus with their mums name on it. Usual rules apply, don't look anyone in the eye and avoid pointing out that everyone looks under 15 cause we, the management, the police and everyone else already knows and for some reason it just winds up the kids when they are dancing with a bottle of VK2 in their hand, go figure! Brannigans is great if you wanna find out what it's like to be outnumbered by numerous 'fat' bouncers and then beaten to a pulp. Once you pass the doors of brannigans the usual laws don't apply, forget escape from LA, escape from bloody Brannigans is more like it. If your looking to catch VD or Aids then I would suggest making a night of it and make sure you buy the single 13 yr old mums plenty of drink to get them in the mood, a couple of Shandy's should do the job. Bar Med is full of white people who for some reason talk like they are from Jamaica, maybe they are all studying hard to speak Jamaican, Bob Marley fans maybe? Bar Med has plenty to offer in the form of vomit filled walkways, 30 minute hikes to the toilets and staff who have done extended prison sentences and pride themselves on customer service, obviously. If you wanna dance and drink safely pop down the local off license (avoiding Langley Green shops - reverse racism, Broadfield, Bewbush and Hyde Drive), grab some beers, go home, chuck on some Gareth Gates and have a bop in your front room - put bars on your windows and keep a shotgun by the door.
  • just to say the the rat and parrot in crawley now as a new look, large screen tv and 33in tv's on the downstairs bar. also pool table and many drinks ofters. this is the place to be in crawley the largest bar in town.
  • Rat and Parrot (rat and twat to my mates) on a tuesday night, loud music, cheap drinks and that fit barman, matt....!
  • There are loadsa pubs in Crawley, but most attract the younger generation who like to fight and cause trouble every friday night! One pub i would recommend would be The Apple Tree opposite West Green shops. Altho not in the town centre, it attracts a wide variety of people from the 'fresh faced' generation to old men and women1 The staff are extremely friendly and a laugh, and if loud, noisey pubs arent ur thing, the Apple Tree is for you, as its only ever well noisey on thurs and fridays, they have karaoke on thurs and jazz and other music other nights with live bands. It is actually being refurbished at the moment so not the most appealing decor, but all in all a great pub- bouncers have now been placed on the door to stop the 16 year old hood rats causing fights like they did a few weeks back- altho these bouncers are known to only let in the pretty gals! Oh well!
  • To all the previous submissions regarding the Firecracker & Firkin pub. This place was originally the Railway Inn before becoming The Rocket. Whilst it was The Rocket it was singularly the coolest place in town, no question. Totally devoid of trainer wearing, baseball cap sporting dicks it attracted only the most select indie/metal fiends in the area, breeding the mighty Nemo and Beerzone acts. It then became the tedious magnolia of the Fire Cracker & Firkin, complete with stupid slogans on the walls. Firkin Breweries actually thought it was called The Rocket after a firework, and not after Stevenson's train which ran on the adjacent railway line. It has since become The Railway and it's anodyne crap. I used to live just over the road and could climb over my fence and be in the pub in seconds, getting home seemed to take longer for some reason...
  • I have seen something here that says avoid the dorsten in bewbush well dont in fact it is incredibly friendly even if the majority of the clientele are redneck males
  • Hopper's sorry the Tilgate
  • Before graham eats his Kebab
  • jubilee oak
  • dont drink in crawley but the only thing horsham have got is good pubs. you will see a ginger yettie.
  • the jubilee always good for a few reefs
  • THE Railway used to be Cool. It used to be a mecca for alternatives and not a single trendy trouble-maker ever set foot in the door. Thats all changed and now it s full of them. The only saving grace was Miguel the landlord, who was cool. But now he's leaving too. The Swan has a METAL night run by DJ PEET every other thursday, that is now becoming a regular for the people who come to those metal nights. EVERY other pub in CRAWLEY (except maybe the Apple Tree behind the Hospital) is full of idiots listening to DANCE music and causing trobule.
  • Rat and Parrot, Jubily Oak, Dolphins, WindMill, The rose and Crown, Punchbowl
  • Good pubs to chill out in, in Crawley, are few and far between. The Punch Bowl still has some attraction but they still chuck out on a Friday at 8o'clock if you're wearing trainers. Chill out guys and let us relax a little. Isn't that what a pub's about? Crawley seriously needs some central (meeting place) pubs that allow you to sit back of a friday/saturday without being in the midst of a clubber's revenge. Is there such a place???
  • The pubs in crawley are full of people ,waiting for ikon diva to open. the pubs empty at 9.30pm when the streets are full of people walking to ikon diva.The men in the pubs seem to always drink stella,and the girls seem to always ask for a diamond white, in a put on type of voice
  • Apple Tree, in West Green, myself and my mates Steve, Dan and Craig will be there to impress the ladies with our wit, charm, intelectt and copious amounts of drugs
  • Rat and Parrot Friday or Saturday night
  • Please some one knock down the maid of sussex,i wouldnt let my dog drink in there.
  • The Swan is cool music every week relaxed atmosphere and really good beer what more could you want. Theve got pool room and beergarden and Footie is showed! The staff and Owners are friendly and make you feel welcome! A place to go to in Crawley, theve just started food which is great now i have no reason ever to leave????
  • Jubilee for cheaper drinks. The half Moon is a nice little pub with several pool tables and isn't that smokey.
  • Fighting: Jubillie Oak, Punch Bowl. Pulling: Bar Med Fighting and pulling: Branighans
  • There is no longer an "alternative" pub in Crawley now that the Firecracker and Firkin has been well and truely fucked over. Yet another drinking venue for trendy fuckwits. Oh Dear. All we have now is a bottle of cider in the Memorial Gardens.
  • Firecraker and firkin has been revamped and is now the Railway !!!!
  • Sweet Merciful Crap... What the F*ck have they done to the Firkin?? What the hell is it called now? Can anybody see past the glare from the orange interior to actually read the pigging sign? For crying out loud... please if anybody from Brighton is reading this.. Don't let what happened to us happen to the Font... Get a petition, write your MP, chain yourself to the painters, whatever you have to... There should be a new crime put on the statutes... Breaking and Decorating....
  • Pubs in Crawley attract, dirty old men, dirty young men, old slappers and young slappers. No country pubs round here - all are rough, all attract weirdos and all are beast to keep away from. When you walk in don't look at anyone, look down at all times or else! PS have I told you that Crawley is the sixth most dangerous place in England.
  • The Half Moon, best pub in town not too overpriced, full of good people. Always has the footie on the 2 big screens, plus about 10 TVs, and the landlord has payed for the Premiership Plus as well. 4 pool tables you are never short of a game if you want one. Better atmosphere than the dross in town, except maybe Rat & Parrott. Normally has the same people drinking there, hardly any 16 year old scrotes getting drunk and causing fights. To top it all off is the landlord Martin, you wil never meet another bloke him, just don't push him too far or he will bar you, (plus the things he says luvvly, luvvly luvvly). Overall decent pub, shame it is not in the town centre
  • Jubilee Oak - cheap (wetherspoons) and busy. Rat & Parrot - full of youngsters. White Heart - full of 30/40 somethings. Bar Med - full of poseurs
  • I agree about The Downsman - a lick of paint would not go amiss, are they going to do anything about the swimming pool in the car park every time it rains ?.
  • there are loads of pubs particularly in the High Street Rat and parrt, old punch bowl, and about 3 others
  • You have lots of quality pubs in Crawley but I'll list the ones to visit and the ones to avoid. Visit these: The Jubilee Oak, Old Punch Bowl, The Rat and Parrot, Brannigans (Bar), Bar Med (Bar). << These are the most common but there are others. Avoid These: Anything with Swan in the name. The Crown in West Green. Any Pubs in Broadfield unless you know someone there. The pub at Bewbush shops (regular front pager in the local news, if you know what I mean!). Apart from that all the other pubs are quite pleasant.
  • Jubilee Oak is very cheap, but has an atsmosphere like the moon, thin and uninviting. Rat and Parrot is VERY expensive, overcrowded, over-rated and would rather let in fresh-faced Crawley-Boy-Rats than people of any class. I've been to all the pubs in Crawley and by far the best is the FireCracker & Firkin. Nice atsmosphere, everything £1.25 on thursdays, good for everyone from 18-80, clients range from punks to hippies and thrash metalers to alternatives. Wear what you want, say what you want, do what you want. The only problems are caused by trendys from places like the Jubilee who come in and are obviously disorientated by the lack of people being loud and offensive, and people not wearing clothes that LEVI and YSL tells them too. Enraged by people being allowed to think for themselves and drink in a pub at the SAME time, they invariably cause a fuss and the bouncer MARK (nice guy, 7th Best PowerLifter in Britain in 2001) throws them out onto the street immediately. The Firkin is a pub full of regulars who love to go there, rather than a sad old mans pub that fills everynight with uncultured scallys. If you want the later, go down to the Jubilee, you'll love it.
  • Try the imperial in Broadfield for a real "Friendly" night out.
  • The firkin is my favourite, great atmosphere, friendly and decent music - the occasional band aint bad either. Rat & Parrot is crap and the bouncers are bloody rude with a bad attitude.
  • Firkin very seedy, i like it but be craeful not to knock anyone. Jubilee oak is too hyped up, it is always to busy and they dont have a pool table which is bad. The Holywood Bowl Bar is not that busy and is quiter with 2 pool tables so if youi want a 'quiet night' go there. Over 12 pubs in High Street, it may feel unsafe but usually it is.
  • the frogshole. yeah, thats exactly what it is, a hole. Only serve food at times when nobody wants it.
  • Bar med is one of the best places to go- on tuesday drinks are only £1.50 and at the wekend it really does have a fantastic atmosphere. And the staff are very nice despite others opinions! The jubilee has little atmoshphere and is the place people go to get pissed before they go on to a good pub which actually plays music. the only reason it is so busy at the weekends is because its so cheap.
  • A grim fairy tale all of them
  • Whit Hart in the High Street. A good session on Harveys - very fartworthy.
  • Theres loads of the things in Crawley, and I've haven' had any problems getting in since I was 15.
  • The Firkin is for the 'alternative' sect. The punchbowl is for the rodiest sect. The ulitimate is the Jubilee oak as its a wetherspoon chain so they always have drinking deals and most will be in ikon or brannigans later
  • The Jubilee Oak is the cheapest but EVERYONE goes there so it's too packed.The Rat & Parrot plays such loud music so you can't hear yourself think and Bar Med is overpriced and the staff are useless (Can anyone say Customer Service with a Smile?!). Go to the Tavern in Pound Hill if you just wanna sit, drink & chat : Otherwise go into town where you'll find a pub on every corner.
  • Quite a lot have sprung up in the town centre in recent years. The Firkin (formorly the Rocket) is head banging but nice atmos. The King and Barnes Festive they serve in the Plough at Ifield is superb and it's such a quaint pub in a pleasant location. The Apple Tree used to be for the 'fresh faced' but I don't know if it still is.
  • Brannigans,Rat and Parrot,Bar Med,Punchbowl,Firkin,Weatherspoons
  • Pubs in Crawley are great if you like lager, Sky TV and fights. Otherwise, don't bother. Even the bikers pub doesn't any more.
  • I've been to many but my heart belongs to the firecrcker and firkin.
  • Avoid The Dorsten in Bewbush like the Plague
  • Well ladies and gentleman - there are loads of pubs in Crawley! That's the good news. The bad news is there are only four that are any good! You have the selection of The Jubilee Oak (which is although is good it's only worth going on a Friday or Saturday night as there is no music in there and the place is huge so often feels like no atmosphere), The Old Punch Bowl (which is good most nights but is small and has a crap layout. It takes ten minutes to wade through people just to have a slash) and you've got the Rat and Parrot which is a cool pub on two floors and is by far the best. Then there is Frog's Hole Farm which is in Maidenbower and worth going on Tuesday nights as it's full of cabin crew totty!!!
  • Hurrah for horrible theme pubs. More over-priced beer for me!
  • all over plastic mock victorian green bazed hang outs for designer wearing nike and vasarchi clones but take heed the swan at westgreen worth a visit good ales from the wood and a frendly crowd make this pub my tops for crawley
  • Jordans - Great Pub/Restaurant, near town, sell Caffreys! New American Theme Bar opening in June 1998, Bennigans, sounds cool so far, also run by Bass/Toby I believe. The Punch Bowl, okay if you want to stand up and spill your drink on a Saturday night, other than that, best in town centre.....probably.
  • Maid Of Sussex in Gales Drive, Three Bridges, is full of cronies ‹ used to have a sexy barman called Simon working there. He was in love with a girl called Leanne Judge when he was at school. She hated him though, and ran off with his best friend, Glen Greenwell, who was good at fencing.
  • Jubilee Oak, Rat and Parrot - these are the best new pubs there.
  • Firecracker & Firkin (previously The Rocket). At the top of town, by the level crossing.

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