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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Walter Sterne! only one of the best music video directors ever. chatted to him on the tube and he was very nice indeed...... and alan carr's teeth
  • I hate to say it but that tit off eastenders lives here. Monty is it?
  • David Vanian use to live in crouch end with his first wife
  • Nigel Harman, Joel Beckett (Eastenders and The Office), Sharon Small (Inspector Linley Mysteries), saw Dermott Murnaghan walking along my road looking sweaty this morning, Dr Legg from Eastenders (and why do I always see him whenever I'm in Reena chemist?), Minty from Eastenders, Tamsin Outhwaite and her hubby who was another doc in EE.
  • For me it will always be Dave Stewart & Annie Lennox. Not the new rave of c list luvvies
  • Ive seen Magnum P.I and Friends (Monica's boyfriend Richard) star Tom Selleck perched on the window sill of the restaurant Florians, on more than one occassion. Apparently he has a house in the area now!!
  • You often see thesps around. Shaun of the dead shot here.
  • Fran Healey from Travis, Minty from Eastenders, Jake from Eastenders, seen Todd Carty in the Broadway, the new Doctor Who... forget his name.
  • Dear old 'Minty' bless 'im one day selling father christmas hats out side budgens the history I salute you Cliff
  • Perry Fenwick does not live in Crouch End!
  • EASTENDERS... Past, present and for the rest of eternity it seems... Lead singer of Feeder lives near me.. Yummy. The x guitarist from Suede lives across the road and Fran from Travis lives on the road opposite. Matt from Busted apparently moved on to the road behind mine as well... Did Bob Dlyan live here at some point!? Oh and that Cassie bird from X factor.. although shes not really a celebrity regardless of how much she acts like one!
  • people posing in florians oor err....other people looking at anyone in sunglasses as if they are in east if
  • For those of you who are not real Crouch Enders, ie, most of you, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox did not live above the bookshop. In those days it was a record shop called Spanish Moon.
  • The Brigadier from Doctor Who is a local resident - how cool is that?!
  • Lots, but I shan't name them. I value the idea of privacy and it's so boring to list them, just come here and you will see.
  • John Simm - The Lakes, State of Play, Sex Traffic, etc. - moved to Crouch End from Muswell Hill recently (the latter reminded him of Trumpton!!)
  • Charlotte Coleman from "Four Weddings" used to live in Holloway. I'm sure no one has seen her recently as tragically she died about two years ago.
  • Gillian Anderson (Scully in X-files) lived here as a child.
  • David Stuart and Annie Lennox used to live over a music shop on crouch end broadway (where hairdressers Elysian Fields is) and not over Prospero's Books.
  • Saw Liam Gallagher trotting through the broad way loooking like frank spencer due to an incredibly dodgy mac/beret combo
  • Don't know about famous, but there are certainly plenty of insoucient t*ss-pots who walk around self-consiously, checking their reflections and monitoring everyone else's reactions to them AS IF they were some Z-lister out for the day. Why can't they go back to Islington, WHERE THEY BELONG????? I once stood behind Arabella Weir in the bank. My husband has seen Aidan Quinn loads of times. I think he's stalking him (i.e., my husband might be stalking Aidan Quinn, which would be weird).
  • Dave Stewart has sold his studio in Crouch End (the one in the Church) to David Gray... so one celeb takes over fron another. Probably means that we won't have a re-play of the Dylan story but what new musos may make the trip to N8 now... we wait and see. Gollum from Lord of the Rings lives in Crouch End (his kids go to school with my mate's kids). Luckily he doesn't scare them at home time because they don't recognise him without all the special effects.
  • Gina McKee - "Irene" in the recent remake of The Forsyte Saga.
  • Simon Pegg lives just off Tottenham Lane. Lots of Eastenders people. Tamzin Outhwaite, Michael Grecco. And Perry Fenwick lives in Muswell Hill.
  • Hanna from S-Club lives in "Middle lane Mews"
  • Did no-one mention Josette Simon? Ronald Pickup? That bird who played Rita's ungrateful niece in Coronation Street? That pretty young housewife who used to be one of the three mates in that series of Kleenex ads? And, er... I'm sure there are others.
  • some person from spaced, many people from eastenders have been spotted, bob dylan was reported to be living in the area at some point
  • Didn't Marina Sirtis from Star Trek TNG grow up in Crouch End?
  • Richard Higham lives near the Broadway. Where is he now? still resting!! Also Paul Beaumont of the 'Beaumont Papers' lives just off Crouch Hill.
  • Bloody hell where do I begin? There are LOADS. They all move to Crouch End to be "seen" apparently.
  • Lynda Bellingham. I've seen Juliet Stevenson, Sean Hughes.
  • A few weeks ago we saw Fran, lead singer of Travis in Budgens on the Broadway. My brother and his girlfriend followed Neil Morrissey and that Brummie bloke from the Fast Show/Jumpers for Goalposts into The Hogs Head last week-end. Said that were very loud and luvvie like!!
  • The girl from 'Four Weds' is Charlotte Coleman I think, and her sister Lisa (played Jude in Casualty). There are plenty of 'between jobs' actors who appear in adverts and old English actors...Lots of Eastenders stars past and present are seen floating around....We have all heard the Dylan/Dave/Crouch Hill mix up story......
  • Adrian Dunbar. Jean Simmons was born here
  • that Irish chick who used to Live and Kicking, ex-celeb Bernard Butler from Suede, Kevin Eldon - comedian fella from loads of sketch shows now in Attention Scum, Neil Morrisey who was spotted snogging Les Dennis' wife on the bonnet of his car just round the corner from my house, Dr Legg from Eastenders, strangely Lofty lives round the corner from him too...
  • Gary Pollard, the man who has masked and make-uped some of our finest films lived in Crouch End for a lot of his single life
  • Clive Barker of Hellraiser fame bought our house on Crouch Hall Road in 1986. He scared the hell out of me!!
  • My friend just spotted Suzanne Moore (You know, newspaper columist, row with Germaine Greer, fuck me shoes) doing her laps at Park Road Pool. I have also seen Bill Patterson down at the doctor's in Crouch Hall Road and Cindy from EastEnders in the World Cafe (thought she'd died in childbirth). Star studded or what?
  • I heard a different version of the Dylan story. There are two streets with similar names, Crouch Hill and Crouch End Hill. Dave Stewart's studio is at the bottom of Crouch Hill. Dylan gets a cab to the studio but goes to the same number in Crouch End Hill instead of Crouch Hill. He knocks on the door and asks, "is Dave in?" By coincidence the woman who answers the door has a husband called Dave. Not recognising Dylan, she answers "No, but he'll be back soon". So Dylan goes in and waits in the chintzy front room with until Dave returns and somehow the mess is sorted out. Personally I prefer my version, I wonder what the truth is...
  • Sean Hughes, the Irish comedian and star of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Also DJs on weekend mornings on GLR. Saw Claire Grogan in Holmes Place on a stairmaster. Quite sweaty. Saw the guy from the band Cast in All Bar One last summer.
  • Famous residents:
    • Present...
      • Ray Davies (The Kinks) - the Godfather of Britpop (hmmm....)
      • Sean Hughes (comic)
      • Loads of less-than-starlike British actors.
    • Past...
      • Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) used to live together above the bookshop on the Broadway.
    • Almost...
      • Bob Dylan almost moved into the area (see Restaurants above) but sadly pulled out at the last minute.
  • Dave Stewart's recording studio in Crouch End gives us a constant through-trade in pop personalities who can be found hanging out in the 7-11 after mere mortals are safely tucked up in bed.
  • Apocryphal Tale: Bob Dylan arrives in London and decides to visit Dave Stewart. He doesn't have the address, but someone resorts to the phone book and, sure enough, there's a "Dave Stewart" listed at a Muswell Hill address. When Dylan arrives at the ordinary suburban home the door is opened by a woman. "Is Dave in?" asks Dylan. "No, but he'll be back from work soon," says the woman, reeling in surprise. Her husband is, by coincidence, a big Dylan fan and she recognises the star instantly. "Do you mind if I wait?" he asks. And so she shows Dylan into the front room, where he dutifully waits for this Dave Stewart to return from work.
  • Ho Chi Minh used live in Ferme Park Road
  • Most Saturdays one of the folk outside Budgen's Supermarket selling "Socialist Worker" will be legendary letter-writer (The Guardian, Time Out, frankly anywhere else he can get the damn things published) Keith Flett.
  • "Loads of less-than-starlike British actors"?! Like Peter Capaldi, Alan Cumming, Bill Paterson (not sure about him - lot of Scots around, aren't there?).
  • The actor Bill Paterson does live nearby -- though a bit closer to Archway.
  • Lesley, late of Silverfish, now of Ruby, used to live here and possibly still does.
  • The girl from "Four Weddings", "Oranges are Not the Only Fruit", Jeanette, Sean Hughes, Cara Noble from Heart FM
  • Oh well, I won't mention I write the Urban Myths column in the Guardian, then...
  • Gillian Anderson, of X-Files fame, grew up in Crouch End - she moved there with her parents when she was two, and lived there for ten years, educating herself (or not) at Coleridge Junior School.
  • The entire Crouch End Festival Chorus! All 130-odd of them are famous occasionally. Like when their Film music CD went top of the US Billboard chart and the so-and-sos were never off the telly all week!
  • Richard Monette, current Artistic Director of the Stratford Shakesperian Festival used to live at Eblana, 100 Crouch Hill in the late 1960s.
  • The Crouch End Festival Chorus are on the new Divine Comedy CD!
  • Andy Kershaw Ardal O'Hanlon Cute Scouser from 'The Lakes'
  • Alexei Sayle eats at La Bota Spanish restaurant. Bob Dylan and Dave Stewart eat at the Shamrat of India. I've spotted Neil Morrissey looking hung over in the Victoria Wine. I saw that bloke who starred in The Lakes looking pissed off on the Broadway. I've seen that one with the big nose from Friday Night Armistice parking an Astra very badly on Middle Lane. David Baddiel was looking lost in his flashy Mazda outside the Great Northern Railway Tavern. Michael Mansfield QC eats at All Bar One sometimes. Asorted minor Eastenders actresses try to look classy in Banners.

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