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What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

Why not make a new resolution to change your life in 2009. I am looking for people who have experience in the Financial Services, Utilities or Sales Industries. I can offer a good opportunity for those who are prepared to put in effort on a part-time basis with a Footsie 250 Plc company to earn a regular residual income for life.

Visit my website for further info... more >>
Looking for history and pics of The Kings Arms by Atticus (Member 10182687) on 19-Nov-2008
Hey guys.

Has anybody got any leads or knowledge of The Kings Arms Pub in Rotherfield?

Im after the history and more details about the guy who supposedly hung himsel... more >>
Photographer seeking by Ian (Member 10229832) on 30-Jul-2008
Hi there.

New to the area and am a semi pro photographer looking for women aged between 25 - 50 for photoshoots.
All styles catered for. No fees either way.

All pictures put on CD for yo... more >>
Meet your ideal partner by Dani Sacco (Member 10112368) on 15-Apr-2008
Fancy meeting some hunky guys or some real babes near you ? Of course you do - all you have to do is cut and paste this address into your browser and you can soon find the ideal match for you, for FREE.....   
  • Re: Meet your ideal partner by Jay Wright (Member 10226617) on 24-May-2008
    Hi my name is Jay, i live in Crowborough, im a single parent, my son is 10 years old and he lives with me so i obvisouly don't get to go out that often, so thought it would be nice to meet or chat to some single females.

Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 22-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
Trying to track down old friends by Jacqui Downs (Member 10165585) on 4-Oct-2005
Lived in Crowborough all my life till 4 yrs ago. Looking for old friends to chat with. Used to frequent the "carpark" between 1987-91, when it was all escorts and fun! Living in NZ now and miss the Crowborough gossip.   
  • Re: Trying to track down old friends by kelly (Member 10210140) on 1-Jul-2007
    hey jacqui god i didnt know you had moved to NZ !!!

    email me and we can swap details and catch up on all the gossip (crowborough/carpark/NZ)!!!!!

    look forward to hearing back from you
    love kelly x

M by JJ Anderson (Member 10103457) on 14-Jan-2005

Turn £6 Into £10,000 ..Or More!!

Some people think that these so called Ďscamsí are pathetic, but this worked for me, and if it didnít I wouldn't be wasting my time posting it here. MAKE £10,000 WITH JUST £6 AND 6 STAMPS!! YES....IT REALLY WORKS AND IS TOTALLY LEGAL! READ ON... YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! MAKE QUICK AND EASY MONEY Ė THIS ACT... more >>
  • Re: M by Buster (Member 10101570) on 13-May-2007
    Most people around Crowborough are loaded. They wouldn't bother 2 pick up 10 grand if it was laying on the ground.

FREE ADVERTISERS ON NOTICE by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 10-Oct-2004
Keep off this board   
Try Somethimg New by nigel (Member 10132075) on 14-Sep-2004
EGLC - the first steps towards lacrosse in Sussex
We're a men's lacrosse club based in East Grinstead, Sussex, England. We are currently in the process of building the foundations of East Grinstead Lacrosse Club in preparation for entering the league in years to come. EGLC is the only lacrosse club in Sussex.

The club is being formed mainly by Walcountian Blues players, but already has East ... more >>
Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 12-Aug-2004
seeking Richard BENDELOW, BLAIR McClure,Gaynor Pierce UWIST Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco bar buffet 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BEVERLEY Lee, SABINE Meigh/ McVeigh Cardiff Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BLAIR McClure www.psyreunion.comCardiff Reunion seeking GEUNOR Pierce 0 1482 219510 bestinterest UWIST reunion BEVERLEY Lee s... more >>   
SpeedDater - still no disabled access by Julian Henley (Member 10119351) on 25-Jul-2004
A number of months ago I posted a message regarding the UK's leading speed dating agency - SpeedDater Ltd ( The agency ran regular events in Brighton but there was no wheelchair-access to the venue. I am disabled and was therefore unable to attend.

Since this disappointing experience, I have been in contact with SpeedDater. After some persuasion, Brooke Ellingworth (Even... more >>
Speed Dating in Haywards Heath by Julian Henley (Member 10119351) on 30-Jun-2004
Speed Dater Ltd (UK's largest speed dating agency) report they are interested in using a venue in Haywards Heath, but they are concerned that there might not be enough demand for it in Haywards Heath.

I am disabled and therefore have not been able to attend speed dating events held at Brighton because Speed Dater's Brighton venue is not accessible to wheelchairs. However, I did manage to atten... more >>
Telecom Plus - The Opportunity of the Millenium by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 8-May-2004
We are looking for 2 keen and enthusiastic people in the Crowborough area, who would like to join our team and build their own business with one of the fastest growing British PLC's.

For a residual income for life, visit our website or phone 0208 485 6284 for a free information pack.
Speed Dater Ltd by Julian Henley (Member 10119351) on 8-Mar-2004
I am wheelchair-bound. Recently, I booked a place on a speed dating event organised by Speed Dater Ltd - (Britain's leading speed dating agency based in London). The event was to be held in the downstairs bar of Al Duomo (an Italian restaurant in Brighton). However, the bar is inaccessible to wheelchairs. A quick look at Speed Dater Ltd's website indicates that (at the time... more >>   
The East London Advertiser Online by dean saliba (Member 10045372) on 4-Nov-2003
Have you left the East End of London recently? Maybe you were born there and left when you were a child? Maybe you still have family and friends who live in the area? Would you like to read about what is going on around the East End of London? - -
Dora Montefiore's houses in Crowborough: 'Rock Hall', 'Aruluen', 'Wayside' by Karen Hunt (Member 10098515) on 10-Jun-2003
Dora Montefiore (1851-1933) -suffragette, socialist, communist - lived in Rock Hall during the First World War and Wayside and Aruluen in the 1920s. Does anyone know whereabouts in Crowborough these are/were located??? Any other leads about her local connections/involvements??? I am writing her biography.   
Vegan Families Group by Lesley Dove (Member 10083619) on 29-Nov-2002
Seeking other vegan families in the London and South-East area (all areas), we have a friendly group of us meeting up about 4 times a year. Email me if you are a vegan raising children and want to meet like-minded friends!

Lesley Dove
Lost Cousin by Patricia Davies (Member 10079516) on 8-Oct-2002
Looking for a John Wilmott,lived in Crowborough around 1956,father's name Bob,mother's name May .
Trying to do family tree and would like his help.

Pat (Louie's daughter)
Sweethaws? by Barbara (Member 10074374) on 30-Jul-2002
Hi, wondered if anyone knew anything of Dan Johnson, [55] originally from Cleethorpes [Lincolnshire}? Would love to hear how he is!
simon gallup cure bassist by laure denham (Member 10055562) on 20-Jan-2002
simon used to live there back in 1989 i went there myself his house was next to some wood anybody know him does he live here still thank laure   
  • Re: simon gallup cure bassist by Graxce McMillan (Member 10118102) on 23-May-2005
    hello simon has so many properties around sussex you saw him 16 years ago thats in the past. my dad is simon gallup's cousin and he knows where simon lives and you won't get that out of him. put it this way simon's dad died back in 2003 thats all im gonna say as i don't know who you are yuo could even been lieing about meating him my friend who know si is very good friends with all the family that... more >>

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