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  • Well lovers lane is a place from the past but not really a fun and exiting place to walk ! miby walk yhoor dogs or sumthing thats about it .
  • i wish they would stop hanging about silverton,its the only noce place left here,you forget its nearly awe familys that wanted away from all the shite that stay here.neds,junkies,assholes, who needs them,smashing cars,recking the place on way hame burling,wee boys thats what they are,grow up eh?aboot time brain dead people.i stayed in myre and somertimes i wonder what worse now,silverton r myre.
  • There Is nothing In This Town it is full of mongos, the music scene is bland and so are the bands, avoid this town, its people and especially the bands like the plague
  • Definately the Common where ( before the neds come out to play) the boys would play football in Summer with their tops off and the girls would sunbathe (with their tops on. Water fights in Dumbarton Academy, on the roof of Dumbarton Academy sunbathing. Drinking up Braehead Primary School. Those were the days....
  • Wel am a youth & I hing aboot loadza places but am kno sayin coz nae doubt the polis wil show up if a mention it!...wee poem 4 yaz...God Made Bastards Big & Small & The Strathclyde Polis Employed Them All!
  • Levengrove Park - the perfect place to avoid study and watch boys run around with their tops off!
  • down the common, where the neds all fight hee hee, seriously dont wolk there at night by yourself.
  • Hi, i would like to say that Martis Bar in dumbarton is now undrer new ownership. Marti is dead.
  • Dumbarton east was a big fri+sat nite haunt, the best times were at crosslet house@ and down the shore at the dogs lane, McDs was always good for watchin a fight, and down the quay for the boy racers and praise be for the local niteclub NIGHTMARES we always say we Hate it but we always turn up
  • Aw the yungstrez (like me) hing aboot doon Eastie (Eastend Park) & Wastiez (doon the castle) & naebudy knew that we went doon 2 Wastiez but sum 1 grassed us in & the polis know we hing aboot there noo!(oh! & no a lot o us drink Buckie!)
  • Silverton is were everyone goes 2 drink their buckie and their sneg and theirs no trouble between ne1 coz we just wanna have a laugh and not fight
  • Overtoun pond......scene of much illicit debauchery and furtive midnight rambles
  • around the time of 1986 to 89 our hook-up spot was the school shed at the back of Aitkenbar Primary , now pulled down and resigned to memory...alas! Many a time was spent there meeting up with mates and getting stuck into boatils of the auld El D'...god what a drink that was....
  • The McD's has to employ a bouncer at the weekend...
  • dumbarton east park this is where the neds hang out with there buckfast

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Last updated: 2008-11-29

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