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The Worst Things
  • Gothy gamer kids trying to pretend like they're tough guys, and their fat mallgoth girlfriends. That Abertay is just an extension of high school w/r/t all the drama between everyone. Trying to get to and from riverside Tesco from your house if you've not got a car. That's some pisspoor planning right there. Arkive/OZZY'S is full of douchebags.
  • The charlston Ned's that smoke weed in the streets
  • OMG - those from fintry, whitfield, cragie and hilltown simply choose not to bathe or shower. Dundee lads all seem to wear dirty pants and the accent - "eh want a peh yeh" (yes I would like to purchase a pie). Lots of middle aged women with facial hair and tatoos who fart constantly and drink pints. Shocking cross section of society.
  • Yes Dundee has a lot of Neds/Chavs but so does everywhere. None of you have any right to slate Dundee. Most especially those of you who DO NOT live here. And btw for all of you saying the accent is awful. I was born in Dundee and have lived here all my life. I do not speak the way you claim we ALL do. So kindly get your facts straight before attempting to slander. There are bad points and there are good points but that applies to everywhere so I would suggest you all go find a life to live and stop slating a perfectly nice, interesting place.
  • Darren Docherty
  • getting stuck in the toilets in bt
  • The horrible wee slut rat Jemma Campbell
  • Jemma Campbell
  • The fact that it exists, like a huge pimple on the arse of scotland, crawling with parasites that can talk in an incoherent accent.
  • Corrupt Police, especially the CID. I'm not talking small-time either. I'm talking sex trade and murder. I know there names and who they murdered and why.
  • Davy Laing's Famous You Tube Videos
  • Fraser is from there.
  • All the neds
  • nothing
  • Very poor town planning.
  • Ozzys
  • Dens Park
  • Although Dundee is full of students, there are hardly any graduate jobs, so even if you love the place, once you graduate, you will probably have to leave to get a good job. If you live near the town centre you will be skint because the shopping is great and everything is so close together. Leaving, Dundee is brilliant!
  • The Italian restaurant in Commercial Street - overpriced crap food that makes most people go there SICK. Avoid the mussels, stead, prawns - in fact just avoid the entire place. The staff are unfriendly.
  • The worst thing aboot Dundee is the road tae Perth.CE
  • too mant NEDS!!!!
  • crap weather
  • Tannadice Park.
  • dickheads wot beat women up, even wen there pregnant wit their kid! how strange they r!
  • dundee pies
  • Burberry Minks.(mink-n.someone who rarely washes and has had a manners bypass)
  • The NED's! They seem to spring out of nowhere with fags in their hands!
  • coming home
  • dundee. the NEDs. big gang of them. drunken on friday nights. eeeuuuhh they spit everywhere. body odours of people, especially NEds. old people. toos low. take up nearly 90% of the buses, mainly the no. 2. by : Anonymous
  • I'm shocked and saddened that there are so many people around with nothing better to do than slag of Dundee, I'm only assuming it's from a small uneducated minority of people or from jealous people who know what it's really like but can't bring themselves to tell the truth! More people have to tell it how it really is before this tiny minority of illiterates are believed!!
  • the ugly burds!!
  • the junkies. the neds.
  • the buses
  • fintry!
  • The neds...all the neds. They are everywhere, Dundee must be the Ned capital of the world.
  • Not one, not two but four McDonalds. Really, Dundee has a wide and varied selection of pubs, cafes, restuarants and take aways but still many easily led kiddies are too keen to believe the hype and marketing and insist on stuffing their faces with the flavourless corporate crap that is a Big Mac just because they were told to by TV advertising. Get a life kids and explore your city.
  • Too many minging pubs and minging people.
  • cemmetry's everywhere haunted apartments (my GOD!)
  • the people, the clubs - sometimes the football
  • I am a Weegie as u put it and I would just like to say everything in lasgow is bigger and better! especially the accent eh,meh,peh,fev,ken. go and learn how to speak u bunch of iliterate fools!!
  • The mass of students taking over the Perth Road for most of the year, the minks, Dundee United.
  • The girls
  • Dundee seems to be stuck in the early 80s. Why else would Wave102 and De Ja Vu be so popular?
  • Dundonians are far too easily amused. The city wide excitement at the recent opening of KFC will testify to that.
  • Radio Tay and Wave 102. Unless you like crap music from the early 80s, i.e. Hall & Oates, avoid these stations.
  • The Vampires Silver Kappa trackies
  • The horrible people who live in the scary parts of Dundee.
  • The copious amounts of boyfriend stealing slappers (you know who you are). Lots of spew on the pavements. The old men that think they are "cool" and try and crack on to you while pouring old ale down your calvin klien clad cleavage!! The highest Council Tax rate in Scotland. Do they not see that Dundee is a hole and we should be paid to live here, not vice versa. Cobbles when wearing heels do not mix. Try to be a pished female in Dundee. Broken ankles galore.
  • The accent, the Dundonians, the lack of things to do, the lack of proper clothes shop - the fact that anything decent almost immediately closes down!
  • The maze of roundabouts to lure in unsuspecting tourists. This town should be bypassed.
  • 1 C at higher grade to get into Abertay eh !!! At least we can spell college unlike the f*ck wit who posted the original comment !
  • Junkies,Under age pregnant girls,jam(not good anymore),Journalism is so bad in Dundee("Betty Took her Dog for a Walk")
  • All the fires that seem to be happening in Dundee,burning nice old buildings.............
  • Dundee has to have the worst scum problem on earth. Also the accent is unlistenable " NOOOOA I'M NOOOO GEEETAAAN PAAASHED" The town has a serious Ned problem. Balls, Just burn the place down. Make sure all the Krappa wearing scum are home first though and not out drinking cider.
  • As you may have gathered the place is sh*t.
  • Dundee suffered in the seventies, a lot of decent buildings were demolished and a lot of pre-fab concrete crap put up instead.
  • 12 year old kids and their babies
  • full of dundee people who don't like students
  • The stench of b.o. as you walk down the high street, the rudeness of the folk that live there, the police who are corrupt and stand by and watch while people get attacked- they even admit that they are incompetent!!, abertay colledge- come on 1 C grade at higher and you are guarenteed a 1st class degree there.
  • All those squigly lines on the pavement in the city centre just look incredibly stupid.
  • Drug problem- the problem being that I can never get any! Too many neds. No free-to-skate half-pipes or mini-ramps.
  • Dental Students and Art Students.
  • Visiting Glaswegians (Weegies) complaining about it and the fact that everything in Glasgow is bigger and better.... just like f***ing Yanks. Glasgow would be OK if it wasn't populated.
  • The Hap
  • Do this Do that at the student union
  • The horrible one-way road system.
  • mechters with mobiles
  • The bad housing schemes, but you get them anywhere
  • Modern architecture and public art. There are far too many poxy modern art sculptures on the streets. These things are both shite and expensive.
  • The Hilltown Ardler Dundee United (The Arabs)
  • Their boyfriends!!
  • The people! Dour faced, always moaning (especially those sad gits who always write into the Tele complaining about stupid stuff. It's the same people every time. Don't they have something better to do?
  • Schemies in shellsuits looking to cause trouble and vandalise things.
  • is it ever not raining?
  • Doags, Doag's shite, Doag owners.
  • Every place is very samey

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