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The Worst Things
  • Gossiping
  • The gut-wrenghing, depressing amount of chavs allowed in by otherwise cool pubs such as Tommy Flynn's and The Dorset Arms (which used to be a rock music venue that stayed open until 3am, but is now a boring restaurant pub). These obnoxious people insist on making themselves known to people they have never met before who are just trying to enjoy a night's drinking, like anyone else. Please, please, especially Tommy Flynn's, get rid of the chavs before your pub gets closed down, or ignored by sane people.
  • A couple of nasty pound shops....urgh
  • Roads and traffic, theres too much emphasis on cars such as the awfull one way system, we need to be able to use our bikes safely and we cant because of the traffic.
  • Sterotyping.
  • Those bastard scooter twats who tear up and down the high street at mach 3
  • There's a group teenagers who think they can be shitty to everyone because they can't yet get surved in the pubs yet. Get over it and grow up!
  • yuppie snobs who hang out at yuppies wine bar in the high street.
  • The worst things are the snobby people you can get here (mainly from Dormandsland) have lotsa cash n like to brag. The 50 something dick heads that drive about in porches and beep at the 16 yr old girls walking up the street. Damian Hillwood what a plonker. McDonalds.
  • all the crap people like the huge amounts of chavs that stand around drinking cider.
  • Chavs :{
  • The agonising amount of chavs
  • Everything else.
  • Crawley being so close MacDonalds People who allow the town to have a drive thru MacDonalds and try and turn EG into an extra bit of Crawley instead of allowing to retain it's Market town charm and quaint/oldy/worldy bits. Most of which is being swallowed by crazy building and stupid "modernisations" .
  • not
  • eg is good an all but it has no sk8 shops
  • Teenagers wearing crawley fashion - loads of cheap dangly gold jewelery from Argos Lack of a decent coffee shop/wine bar Jumpin Jacks - need I say more The planning department allowing endless Card shops/estate agents/travel agents and no decent clothes shops (Next/H&M)
  • The Rose & Crown pub does not do any food on a Saturday . The place needs refurbishment as it is dirty / smelly . Should not include this in your write up. So your write up seems out of date.
  • as above...yawn
  • The worst thing about living in East Grinstead is the traffic - even walking along a quiet road, you have to cross small junctions (to private housing estates) where there always seems to be at least ten cars turning in or out.
  • That bloody Mc Donalds again ( i would to get and...)
  • Whingey gits who wish they lived in Crawley because of the shops. Just move there nitwits>>>>>>>>>
  • so many townies and the fights beween the townies and skaters.
  • East Grinstead is slowly sucking every ounce of soul from me.
  • The townies and the pikies who are always starting fights.
  • The townies and the pikies who are always starting fights.
  • The local council and town planners are the worst thing in East Grinstead. Kings leisure centre swimming pool is only half size. The changing rooms are sizes of a locker. The whole building has been constructed so that the management can not keep an eye on the football and cricket pitches attached, nor can they keep an eye on the birds living on the pond. Indeed, instead of building a skate boarding area they would have been far better off constructing a bus shelter, great for the young at heart to graffitti and great places to smash up. Then they looked at the designs for the new night club (The Atrium) naturally they selected the design that had been submitted from the Fuck You School of Architects. Nobody attended our old Theatre, so it closed down due to lack of interest, several years later the council decide to allow the structure of a new Theatre, now you can read letters from the management complaining of the apathy of locals for not attending local shows . Our one way system is going to be updated by our councillors (honest) by pass options for the town have been mulled over, whatever the oneway system is a bottle neck. Guess what those fonts of wisdom have done to assist in the speedy flow of traffic? No, you're wrong. Nothing constructive at all. Actually maybe it is constructive, they allowed the construction of a Sainsburys Homebase, followed by a drive-thru Macdonalds and now a block of flats. I could go on and mention other ridiculous things they've done, but I think that's enough, and it is for the above reasons I believe the council are the worst thing about East Grinstead.
  • The underage kids that seem to get let in everywhere!
  • Little bastards who leave Mcdonalds cartons all over the place!!!!
  • A town council who still think we live in 1955. My Austin Devon has seen better days and Britain has now gone decimal.
  • EG people are always so quick to tell you how well they're doing and how much they're house is worth and how much they're earning. Its all of course utter Bollocks. Its a crappy little town with middle class pretentions that still thunks its in the late 80's Boom Time..
  • More security cameras than any town in the UK apart from the City of London. This doesn't stop young drunks and clubbers vandalising and assaulting people.
  • Nobs coming out from the Base and Martines at 3'oclock in the morning trashing the place.
  • Petty-minded religious bigots.
  • Church of Scientology picking on vulnerable people and making them even more screwed up.
  • The B***** ice cream van which comes round every five minutes playing some dinky tune to the entire South East.
  • The Church of Scientology have their HQ in EG, in fact it's the religious capital of the UK.

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Last updated: 2016-02-19

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