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  • The Monkeys Forehead has changed hands recently. The atmosphere is much nicer and the beer far more reasonably priced.
  • Avoid the Railway Inn like the plague - it's clientel are Nazi Skinheads and assorted thugs who'll take on anyone including the police so it's no good calling them when you get bashed.
  • Hm, favourite has to be the red lion, great atmosphere despite some other comments on here, it's worth a look, proper tradiitonal pub, beams n everything.
  • The one next to Strodes is pretty good, can't remember it's name
  • Monkeys Forehead - quite stylish, but drinks pricey. The Crown - great pub with good student/local mix :) The Red Lion - pikeyville! Tap and Spile - locals predominatantly Englefield Green: The Happy Man - tiny and packeed with students - hurrah! The Armstrong Gun - very 'local'
  • The Crown, long live Bev the barmaid who bar'd pikies and rude boys,
  • The Happy Man. Good food, atmosphere and people are very friendly.
  • London is only a train ride away - RUN!
  • All of them great - for a stabbing.
  • The foresters arms is a real backstreet shocker. Its full of old men staring at the young squad of female bar staff. (you know who you are) Do not enter the the section containing the pool table or you might not come out alive. You will be savaged by the local youths warming up for their night out
  • The Monkey's Forehead is probably 'the' best bar around the area. Attracts many a fine lady and both students and locals. Only bar with about 10 TV'S, which makes watching footie superb. Good atmosphere and wickedly friendly staff. We love it!!
  • The tap and spile (what used to be the railway) hosts a cool nite every Wednesday with cool music - worth checking out if you are into alternative music!
  • "Singers Possum" is a themed pub based around the bizarre pets owned by "V" star Marc Singer.
  • The Happy Man kicks arse. Bit cramped though and a tad expensive. AVOID THE MONKEY'S FOREHEAD!
  • The Stumble. No locals, loads of fit students. Great stuff.
  • Brunel University SU - no ID ever required, unlike Holloway
  • All pubs in Egham are S**t. (and full of poncy wierd looking students who don't wash - and thats just the girls)
  • The Happy Man is excellent for a chat and the food is good and cheap too
  • The Crown is actually quite nice, but don't go on a Thursday caus its quizz night. The White Lion is a nice place when there's no fights going on as well - no, Really.
  • All pubs are godawful in Egham - FACT. If you fancy a fight with neo-nazi skinheads, you couldn't do much better than the Victoria or the White Lion. Anyone out there remember the old Railway Inn. Jeeeeeesus, that was a bad place of a Friday night not so long ago!!!

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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