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Hookup Spots
  • Outside the co-op in Totland Estate.
  • Totland park is a brilliant place to go!
  • Somewhere not in Farnborough is the best place to meet up.
  • Farnborough Green and Cove green are rubbish
  • Aparently Queens Road Rec Has become the centre of attention for a large number of kids in Farnborough
  • The skate-park, just outside the Farnborough rec, is the best place - even if you don't know how to skate, it would seem. ASDA nearby provides convenient supplies. On the few occasions a townie goes down there, they leave because with a few helpful tips from others they soon realise how welcome they are. If you insist on being a goth or grunger, you could try Cafe Select, inside the main Queensmead building, but since that closes about 8 it's not really anything to write about. If you happen to be a townie, then you could try Napier Gardens, number 1 choice for starting fights with strangers and shouting a lot, Farnborough Gate, number 1 spot for 'boy racers', or suicide.
  • ceasers camp in aldershot, but in walking distance from farnborough
  • Er..No decent places in farnbourgh unless u skate...
  • Benches nr skate park i the pond etc.
  • The sad old bench at the end of Aldwick Close. Seemed to be a hot spot for all the Pikey's.
  • the best place for pikies is to hook up, is at the bench at the beginning of aldwick close ,near totland estate
  • one stop
  • hawley woods, cove green,
  • hmmm..cove green is where all the pikeys hang...generally avoided by anyone that is brave enough to be different and doesnt like getting yelled at for no reason!
  • Everyone hangs out at the skatepark now.
  • Brilliant new park near Farnborough Rec
  • Moor road park, Hawley woods and the area around that.
  • the small underground two storie carpark, its ok
  • The UG or the Dutch Blocks.
  • The u.g. (which will soon be a cinema) or the blocks are where the massive can be found most nights.
  • goths n metlaz go to the benches outside iceland... skateboarders meet up at the blokkz near the benches
  • Outside Alldays on Queens Road and in an alley way near it too is the place where all the kiddies hang out at night! Never quite understood why it is though that the girls dress up in little skirts and boots as if theyre going out and then hang round the streets like prostitutes!
  • Alldays in Cove, near the "Fish Bar" this must be some kind of hallowed spot, come on, gangs of oiky teenagers CANT be wrong
  • The skaters are not called the Farnborough is all the boy racers that hang out down Farnborough Gate, outside McDo's. The skaters are charmingly referred to as 'Townies'.
  • There is a new top notch, super duper hook up spot, we call our selves the boro posse. are main aim is to make sure cove green is constantly full of our posse!!! people can join the boro posse by bringing as many people down to the green to play some football! At the moment there are approx 270 of us that arrive at the green on a monday night!
  • Burger King Smoking Area if You are a grunger.
  • The Abbey (or Dutch) Blocks are three concrete blocks, situated opposite Pizza Hut where the local skaters (lovingly referred to as the fboro massive) hook up to skate, so come down and help cause havoc (not really)
  • The benches and strange metal airplane statue outside Pizza Hut.

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Last updated: 2013-05-07

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