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Cheap Food
  • You can get Pizza from Dominos on East street or chinese from the tasty House near the station. You can also get chinese from Wongs. You can get some form of Takeaway from the spice station which is attached it farnham station. There is atleast two indians and loads of italian resturants, some are more expensive than others. You can get fish and chips on Downing Street.
  • kebab van in wreccelsham near railway bridge is legendary - already mentioned wimpy and gorge (the gorge nice but you hit your head on bumpy ceiling so not good for a hangover morning)
  • The Hop Blossom on Long Garden Walk has fantastic food, it has a new Head Chef and his name is Paul McIntyre a bright young chef from the north. The menu was so fresh and varied and it was refreshing to see lots of choice for vegetarians. The prices were very reasonable and the presentation is wonderful not to mention the beautiful flavours. I highly recomend this little hide away in farnham and will be a regular for some time i hope.
  • theres loadz a takeawayz n 2 kebab vanz
  • cafe uno and lots of pizza places, expensive but good food. For cheap food sultans and the gorge r cool.
  • Herbies pizza, dominoes pizza, pizza express, pizza piazza, caffe uno, cafe piccolo, prezzo, thai lord, kar ling kwong, tasty house, WIMPY, gorge, balti hut, banaras, colony, darjeeling, vienna restaurant, farnham tandoori spice station and the fish and chip shop
  • Good old classic Sultans!! perfect when u need to be sick on a friday night! Wimpey, think the name speaks for itself! The Gorge, always rammed, good hangover cure! Traditional Plaice, good stuff! the rest are all pretty expensive, wanna get your parents out to go there!
  • sultn is pretty good on a weekend night, try the sultans special...vienna resteraunt if you can con your parents or you're loaded
  • forget it all the restuarants are in farnham to make loads of dollers and are over priced selling food that isnt the loeast bit genuine. Travel 3 miles down the road to northcamp and try Dolce Italia-excellent pasta, pizza,fish, meat cooked and served by genuine italian family or go to the Six Bells 1/2 mile out of town just as good - selection of different tornedo rossini, calves liver, mullet.
  • couple of pizza places
  • Restaurants wise, you are ok - as long as you like Italian or Chinese. There is Pizza Express, Pizza Piazza and Cafe Uno on Castle Street. Sinuessa on East Street is fantastic, as is Cafe Piccolo on West Street. There is an Austrian restaurant on West sStreet but its expensive and 'select'. The Kar Ling Kwong on East Street is a great Chinese Restaurant. Fast food wise there is only a Wimpy/Dr Beak's.
  • We have a posion wagon by Pet world or whatever its called now, the one that was on watch dog for killing fish. And doctor beaks in the woolmead, plus sultans in Downing street and the baby van (yes boss's) on the wreclsham road
  • Best Indian used to be the Daarjeeling in South Street.
  • The Chocolate House, 5 The Borough, sells hand-made English chocolates, chocolate truffles, imported Turkish Delight, Jelly Belly Beans and imported ice cream in exotic flavours. Tel +44(0)1252 714941
  • There is a cracking Wimpy in town, but the best nosh can be obtained from The Traditional Plaice, Farnham's finest fish & chips establishment.
  • Sevens, wine bar and restaurant in The Borough has really good food. And Cafe Piccolo, in West Street is pretty good too. Not amazing, but good. There is a kebab shop, Sultan's on Downing St that isn't bad.
  • There's a kebab shop called 'Sultans' at the top of Downing Street, I prefer to call it 'Satans' purely because of the people who hang around outside on a friday night.
  • The Gorge is the best family run place in Farnham.
  • Balti Hut does excellent value, and good quality, Indian takeaway food. Vienna is expensive but high quality, as is the Chinese in Castle St. Otherwise, unless you love Italian food it's probably best to try another town.
  • The Bay Tree, on the Frensham Road, is pricey but worth it.

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