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Live Music Venues
  • Lion and Lamb Cafe Farnham 01252 715 156 Live Music at weekends check their website for details
  • Lion and Lamb Cafe Farnham 01252 715 156 Live Music at weekends check their website for details
  • FREE Live Music Every Week at The Horns! The Horns in Crondall has firmly established itself as one of the best pubs around Hampshire and Surrey for running live acoustic sessions, and being the host to some great professional bands and new local talent. The bands offer a variety of music genres, and there is something for everyone from classic rock covers and uplifting party tunes, to original self-penned material.
  • The Maltings
  • Farnham Maltings is home to the excellent Acoustic Fridays event bringing good original bands and songwriters from right across the area on the second Friday of every month- they've recently expanded to start having Electric nights where things are a bit more plugged in and rocking out.
  • The only place in Farnham which is a venue is the Maltings, however you can take a short train trip to aldershot and visit the Westend centre. The Westy is awesome and loads of bands play there. I think they have a website and mailing list so its easy to check out gigs and stuff.
  • erm Maltings does some battle of the bands - the harlington centre in fleet does some acceptable gigs - as does the westie in aldershite on occasion - you want good rock gigs best near bet is Brixton or Hammersmith Apollo - obviously Farnham isn't that far away from the legendary Reading Festival every August either
  • On eof the best bands ever which also have the best name can be seen in Rowledge. STU,LEN,BEN AND KEN are planning to do a gig at teh maltings in the summer
  • the maltings tends 2 hav a lot of rock gigs including battle of the bands, which is always mad.
  • umm -- lion and lamb where that guy plays his guitar badly
  • The occasional band will play at The Maltings but thats more for your parents. Several pubs do Karaoke which is always a lot of fun. Ye Oldie Flyer does Karaoke on Saturday nights and has a fresh, youthful drinking crowd.
  • The maltings has some punk rock shows and drum and bass night sometimes, check local press.
  • They have regular bands in The Lamb, Abbey St, some good, some bad.
  • The Maltings has live music all the time
  • The Maltings and the Art College provide most of the entertainment. But certain pubs also put on some good live bands i.e. the William Cobbett.
  • Regular Jazz at the Maltings, other notable venues are the Art College and the Lamb in Abbey St.
  • Maltings, home of an excellent Blues festival, not to mention the equally spiffing country festival.

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