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  • The Horns Crondall Bowling Alley Lane Crondall Farnham Surrey GU10 5RJ 01252 850560 Fabulous food, live music every week, monthly quiz night and terrifc Sunday Roast. If you haven't been to The Horns, you need to!
  • Hop Blossom is magic, Cobbett too. The rest are all a bit mank, except the Slug & Lettuce, which is just gross.
  • Best pub in Farnham, and it is very much IN Farnham, is the Hop Blossom.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT venture into a venue called The Coach on Castle Street. Once a passable pub, it is now the lamest tapas bar ever, with the rudest owner. Frankly it's McTapas - stick to Chinese at The Colony.
  • Recently visited Farnham with frends and when to the Coach & Horses, Only to find that it is now called the Coach. We have a meal from the Tapas menu and found it a nice change from the usual plastic pizzas and tasteless Italian. It was a pleasant change to have a nice drinking Pub, without the out of the box pubs which we could find in any town I.E 'The Hogs Head'. If you are looking for the students and yobs they can still be found at the 'Hogs', Marlborough and 'The Plough'. We enjoyed the welcome a 'The Coach' and would return on visiting Farnham again.
  • I am a musician who often plays in the Farnham area - with a comprehensive "Pub Guide" for pubs which have live music on her web site. This has comments on the beer sold, the feel of the place, what kind of facilities there are (eg car park, pool, food). There are also full addresses, telephone numbers, maps, usually a photo and often a link to the pub's own web site. View the pub guide at
  • Local pubs having live music - see the following "Pub Guide"
  • The Hop Blossom, hidden away, just round the corner from Waitrose it's a real find, food isn't great but beer is excellant and local, and wine isn't bad either. Lots of locals and cosy in the winter with park benches outside for the 'people watching' in the summer months. Borellis, full of wannabes, have-beens and goin'to-bes, a real mix of professions and ages. Mainly a good crowd but does tend to attract pretention amoung it's new comers. Just celebrated it's 10th anniversary, has great food, great wine and a fab courtyard for the summer. Well worth a visit.
  • the plough can be known for the occasional fresh faced crowd member but mostly pretentious students . Liz Hurley was my mums mate and her boyfriend was SEPTIC not antiseptic - hes my dads best mate and I called him uncle Sep til I was seven...i wish i was lying. Theres a pic of him on the Cobbett wall. Cobbett is great - Glory Hole does infact exist - nearly always has a great lil dwarf guy in there who was dancing on saturday - cricks in wrecclesham great for a council estate stylee fight - as is malborough head on footie night - coach and horses has become The Coach Bar and is posh and pretentious
  • theres hundreds of pubz round farnham n it gets well gd wen all the drunks stumble out at clozin tymtheres
  • coach and horses does a mean sunday pub roast.
  • there are loadz, we hav the most pubs for a town in britain so i cant be bothered to name them.
  • The Olde Flyer has reverted to it's original name of The Wheatsheaf. Local legend has it that it was only called The Flyer because some dickhead confused Farnham with Farnborough.
  • Forget the Plough. Security has become WAY too tight there recently, same with the SIAD student union - ever since that whole thing with the strippers having sex on stage one night. Cobbet's your best bet, these days.
  • well there are so many! the plough, was good now a youth club, the hogshead, good but rammed! quite a few fitties but pricey drinks, the Marlborough head, get your pikey out! its a gold minors dream! The rest i wouldnt venture to as i fear my life and bumping in to parents/teachers!
  • The Plough DOES let in far too many underagers so you might want to update that too.
  • Marlborough head is good, the Hogshead is a nightmare been burned down just hope when it reopens it will become less exclusive!!
  • try the maltings once a year beer festival...classic. hundreds of men with huge beards and pipes a foot long getting sozzled on 'winkles old peculiar' or suchlike
  • The best Pub in Farnham has got to be The Bat & Ball, although hard to find its a good pub with loads of friendly people, good Curry & Beer, and also occasionally has Music! What more could a person want?!?!
  • For all those who loved the traditional setting of the Nelson Arms, don't go there any more. They have painted all the ancient low beams gloss white, the floor black and white and you sit on garden benches. Souless. Don't go there.
  • theres a ton of em just go and ul see
  • The Plough, a Scream Pub on West Street is arty and studenty but rammed solid on the weekend normally. The Flyer and the William Cobbett (West Street and Bridge Square respectively) attract a more youthful crowd. If you fall into the category 'townee'head for the Hogs Head on East Street opposite the Woolmead. There are several other pubs of note - The Jolly Sailor on West Street (no longer a gay pub - official) if you like it a bit quieter and with better beer, same with the Duke of Cambridge on East Street. Never ever go into the Queens Head on The Borough unless you like talking to wierdo's.
  • The plough in west street the hogshead in the woolmead and the waverly arms by the train station have been known to attract (with open arms) a fresh faced crowd.
  • The Lamb is scarey - I was told that only perv's and lecturers drank there... The Plough is studenty and cliquey - Good for a game of oversized jenga and a pint of Premier... The Hogs Head is towny - All the Kev's hang out there to avoid the students... Coach & Horses is pikey - Loads of fights which is nice... Shepard & Flock is probably the best bet - on the roundabout, very "local" - I here the residents of the Shepard & Flock roundabout have never ventured off it...
  • The Waverley Arms, near the railway station, is top notch.
  • The Lamb in Abbey Street usually has very good live music on Friday nights. Can get very crowded.
  • The William Cobbett is the finest pub in Farnham, and the most catch-all one. The Plough - students, The Olde Flyer - fresh-faced, The Coach and Horses - not bad, Hogshead - the only pub in Farnham with bouncers and the atmosphere inside says why.
  • The plough is studenty, William Cobbitt is cosy, and the hogshead is townie
  • The Cobbett, cannot beat it.
  • Best pubs in town include The William Cobbett - for alternative people, the Plough - for students and The Hogshead for townies.
  • The Lamb is my local, classic back street boozer, fine Shepherd Neame ales, and a good atmosphere from a relatively mixed crowd. Borellis wine bar is where the beautiful people (including Robbie Williams, occasionally) hang out. For crowds; The Nelson, The Coach and Horses, Sevens Wine Bar, The William Cobbett. For beer (aka real ale); The Lamb, The Shepherd and Flock, The Hop Blossom, Queens Head. For a 'fresh faced' crowd; Ye Olde Flyer, Hogshead, The Plough.
  • Pubs ? Lessee, there's the Coach & Horses, Nelson Arms, Old Flyer, Queen's Head, Albion Tavern, Lamb, William Cobbett, Cricketers, Fox, Brickies Arms, Blue Boy... and that's only scratching the surface. Something for everyone.

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