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The Best Things
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  • Feltham is the place to buy right now! Up and coming and the town gets better and better all the time. With places like Hampton, Twickenham and Richmond on its doorstep it won't be long before house prices match those of these areas! Love the trendy new shops and places like Starbucks and Nandos have popped up in Feltham. Lovely place to live!
  • I loved the Locomotive in Bedfont lane when Rodger and Sue ran it , Derricks in Bedfont Lane and nearby Annett’s and the flower shop , all opposite Nicholls the pet shop for pigeon peas for the pea shooter and fishing gear, The Prince of Wales pub where McDonalds stands now, Abbots newsagents on the bridge where we used to buy our fireworks, not forgetting the old amusement arcade run by Grace part of the old shopping centre, opposite the pet shop and the other end to the dreaded wind tunnel by the bank…. Simple Simons shop (like Barry’s in Bedfont) next to Mack Habes the barbers where I was dragged to on various Saturday mornings with my brother for a “short back and sides” until I was allowed to be trendy in the 70’s and have long hair, and the main post office all on the opposite side to the good old wimpy, Happycraft’s, Folly’s sports shop……. The memories of growing up in Feltham  ..
  • The railway station and all the bus routes so you can get out as quickly as possible
  • Being able to leave.
  • The transport links you can get out of feltham very easy.
  • You can get a 3 bed terrace or semi for the same price as a one bed flat in posher parts of West London - I moved from posh old Chiswick and am happy to have a 1930s house with a 150 foot garden and off street parking. If I need some posh shops I can egt in my car and go to other areas for a Saturday afternoon meander.
  • The People
  • There will always be someone worse off than yourself in Feltham.
  • There is alway's someone worse of than you in Feltham.
  • There is alway's someone worse of than you in Feltham.
  • The girls. Just wear a johnny!!!
  • The History
  • The old church entrance & spire which they incorporated into the those naff offices on the hill by the station
  • you can still get served beer early into the morning - at all good garages
  • The Leisure West Centre, which includes Megabowl, Cineworld and a number of good resturants....and the new Longford Centre, opened Jul06
  • The community things like the Feltham and Bedfont Carnival thats cool and it is getting bigger by the year ..Shame they were up against the footie this year , but i hear it is going to get bigger and better so watch this space ..
  • So far, the 100 million new Town Centre is the best retail bet. Let's hope it does at last quash the over-hyped, stereo-typed poor reputation of the town. There is a lot of community life and some attractive spots in Feltham if you take the time to look out for them. It still has the feel of a village and a lot of green space.
  • Feltham and Bedfont Carnival .. It is getting Bigger and Better over the last few years. Next year we are going to have a Tug of War with the local Churches competing and hopefully the Local Clubs Ie Ex servicemans and The Labour club will be competting in a five aside football match against each other , We are looking for a member of the local community to buy a cup for them to try to win and we will name this cup after the person donating it..If you need to get in touch with a Carnival Committe Member ask at Feltham Libary they will be able to point you in the right direction..
  • The best thing is FLYIN SCOTTS AEROBICS CLUB
  • Bedfont Lakes, a pleasant country park, just by Feltham Young Offenders Institute. Good train service to Central London. 24 hour Bus service to Heathrow. Easy to get to M25 and M3.
  • Feltham and Bedfont Carnival, It was Fab all those years ago , but alas our community has lost its sprit, COME ON LET@S MAKE FELTHAM AND BEDFONT THE COMMUNITY IT WAS YEARS AGO. Let's join in and make the carnival a thing our kids remember and not just the Grandparents . I used to love going to carnival we would meet everyone there even if it was only once a year , it was exciting and friendly the atmosphere was Fab too . We would save our pennies to throw at the prade and put in the buckets . Then school's and clubs, pubs and shops would compete against each other. So come on make 2005 a carnival not to miss .
  • What ever happened to Feltham Market , it was a great meeting place on Saturday Mornings, I got a few bargains from there when i was a youngester. Can't someone bring back our Market.
  • An entirely new town centre is being rebuilt. The project looks FANTASTIC.
  • The History, The New proposed shopping centre
  • Feltham is a pretty good place to live. Easy to get to, more and more shops opening all the time, it genuinelly seems to be reviving at last. Certainly not as rough and bad as in the past.
  • In life are free??????
  • Feltham has had far too bad a press, not least on this website. Yes, like any area it has its share of morons and those lacking a social conscience. But don't believe all the exaggerated tales here which only heighten the poor reputation the town has acquired over the years, largely due to the presence of the Young Offender's institute which anyway is right on the edge of the town and is as close to Ashford as it is to Feltham Town Centre. I can normally walk quite safely and without worries back from the station through the town centre on any night of the week and witness little rowdiness or threatening behaviour. Although maybe there is trouble at Leisurewest from time to time it would be the same in many towns. Public transport is good and generally trouble-free. Just use your common. You can, if you look for it, find a real sense of community still in Feltham, a sense of being a village despite the urban sprawl and degeneration which has blighted the area for so long. But council and individuals do try to change things for the better and if those who knock would only give them a bit more support the town can and will be a much nicer place to live and visit. Feltham has many nice residential areas, much sought after, and naturally serves the nearby Heathrow's working population.
  • The pond. Find a bench by the pond on a clear summer's day, sit back and relax. After a while you can start to imagine that you are in one of the crappest urban shit-holes in the country.... WAKE UP - YOU ARE.
  • Bedfont Lakes- great for relaxation, and you'd never believe they were once gravel pits. Contains the hightest point in Hounslow borough, the artificial hill featuring the millennium monolith. Great all round views towards Heathrow to the North and the North Downs to the South. Cycle tracks, a fitness trail and an annual "Country Fair" in July with a chance to try out all sorts of things. Despite all the urban deprivation of the last couple of decades, there's still a great "village" sense about the place reflecting what it once was. Whether the new "Longford Shopping Centre" currently being built and replacing a very tired sixties development will really re-generate the area is anyone's guess.
  • sweet fa
  • If you say "im from Feltham" and youve not been in prison 5 times, people instantly feel safer around you!
  • leaving feltham. its relatively cheap. totally dead at night (cos there is nothing to do)
  • Not close enough to really be part of London, but not far enough away to escape it either, it would seem that anything within the clutches of the M25 gets automatic classification. Like many towns on the outskirts of London, Feltham is poor. Mostly council accommodation, flat blocks and large estates, Im sure you can imagine it. Every street lined with rusting old escorts and cortinas, young lads driving their Hot Hatches round and round in circles with their music blaring, impressing no-one but the young ladies who walk round and round in circles with their horrifically accented voices blaring. Feltham, dontcha just love it!
  • There's not much wrong with Feltham that a few bombs can't sort out.
  • Rochester Estate - Lots of normal people, quiet, little crime, near station. Cool place to live. Nowhere near as bad as Hounslow or god-forbid Bedfont Whoever decided to build the new houses on Highfields - A vast improvement Whoever is delaying knocking the rest of the flats down.
  • best view of Feltham - rear view mirror!
  • It is slowly being demolished & rebuilt, I can only hope that people of better character move in as the area imporoves - bfore highfields estate, feltham was nice, and was once considered a rather upmarket area
  • No one's ever heard of Feltham and you can say you survived it
  • Nice place to live.
  • feltham residents can walk down the street without watching there back as feltham ppl stick together
  • The people. I was born and bred in Feltham and it has retained a village atmospher with sincere and energetic citizens.
  • The Airman Dental Practice Tel 020 8890 2746
  • Cheap to live, easy to get to, has potential..
  • If you need to escape there is easy access to Central London or the beautiful Surrey countryside. If you want to go further afield the M25 connects all the major motorways to take you anywhere in the country. Bedfont lakes country park and Feltham Glebelands open space are havens for wildlife and are great to visit. Not all the locals are nutcases, some very nice people live in the area too. You can disappear in smoke.
  • Feltham has a reputation as a dive, and some of it probably is. But areas like LOWER Feltham are not altogether unpleasant - not Twickenham, but nice. And property is cheap(er). I've personally never felt unsafe anywhere, but I wouldn't recommend a lady to walk down the High St alone at 2am... Don't judge it on reputation alone!
  • The Cinema, the Parks are nice during daylight, Good transport links, handy for Heathrow Airport.
  • looks like a nice little place in the old photographs
  • Many people slag off Feltham, I am not going to argue, after all it is all true. However, no entries for nearby worse locations have been made i.e. Bedfont/Hanworth/Stanwell. You think Feltham is bad!
  • The "New Swanky Hotel", the St Giles Heathrow. A phoenix from the ashes of the old Astronaut House.
  • It's better than Hounslow.
  • Feltham is the cheapest place to buy a house in this area - So to get on the ladder, you can get a bargain. But it is a bargain for a reason.. Your neighbours could be car thief/burglar/general dickhead
  • Westfield Place, behind Highfields. At least the corrupt council are actually doing something for the people of Feltham who actually want a nice place to live. Nice to see kids playing on the greenery instead of causing mayhem on the streets.
  • You can't beat a single mum, twice the fun
  • Nice and noisy
  • Handy for M25, M3, M4 and not too far from central london

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