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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Freddie mercury
  • Freddie mercury
  • Freddie mercury
  • Dick Turpin used to ride through hounslow Heath.
  • Frankie Fraser used to keep residence if Feltham prison/hotel.
  • Some bird from Feltham school went on to be as page 3 bird, She wasn't even good looking!!!
  • Some bird from Feltham school went on to be as page 3 bird, She wasn't even good looking!!!
  • So Solid Crew filmed a video at highfields.
  • the infamous - Ali Khan
  • Elvis ..Richard Attkins his Famous everywher i go around the country his face is on a board advertising the group..He is acool singer , he was at a wedding reception that i went to in July 2004 at the Ex servicemans club ( Bedfont Lane ) and as always he was cool and sexy looking too...Not a bad wedding either the groom was a bit of alright too and as for the bestman well i would not kick him out of bed ..
  • Queen is not a band from Feltham the drummer is Cornish and the bass player is not as they all met in Kensington should they not be a Kensington band, you all missed Jimmy page was here for the first couple of years of his life until he looked out of his pram and legged it to Epsom. Now I lived in Bedfont and as I have worked with most major english groups since the 60s I guess that makes me a famous person anybody who left Longford and made some money has the right to legg it.
  • Gary Numan (Gary Webb) lived in Stanmore near Ashford, not Feltham. He did go to Ashford Grammar School.
  • railway taverns gone now, demolished to make way for new town centre!!!
  • Bryan may's mum and Dad lived in feltham down by the duck pond near the Assembly Halls ...
  • Freddie Mecury's dad used to live in feltham!!
  • Roger Taylor, Brian May (Perhaps still has a haircut in Feltham, judging by the number of poodle haired ladies around) Gary Numan played here, although he is from Hayes (see: list of places actually worse than Feltham)
  • The Queen,Pope John, you name them if their famous, they don,t live anywhere near here!1
  • the group hepburn did claim this was the worst place that they had visited but i think this was becasue they got harrassed by the youths of feltham who obviously did not like their music.
  • Caryn Franklin, one time presenter of the BBC Clothes Show, went to Feltham School as was (now Feltham Community College). Brian May went to Hanworth Road Junior Mixed School- not "grammar". Freddie Mercury lived near to Feltham Park, not Lower Feltham Famous clarinettist and professor of music Michael Collins came from Feltham and was a pupil at Hanworth Road then Feltham School. He was a winner of the woodwind section of the BBC Young Musician of the Year.
  • The bloke from the pop band Mud, the one who wore the dangly earrings, came from Bedfont. He is still around and is now in production. He produced Kylies big hit can't get you out of my head, he may well have written it to. Lesley Waters the celebrity chef came from Bedfont and went to Longford School. Wendy Smith who got the silver medal at the Olympics, when there was contriversy over Zola Budd, came from Bedfont and went to Southville School.
  • Oasis came and filmed the video of Stand By Me here in 1996/7. Im sure they were dying to get back to Moss Side ASAP
  • Hello again, is it just a co-incidence thaT Audrey Hepburn used to come to Feltham and the band Hepburn decades later filmed their vid in Feltham - we should be told ! I grew up in F'ham in the 60s and 70s and now live in Glasgow, Feltham for me is a fascinating, dream-like place. My Nan lived in Highfield flats and for a period I went to Longford School, my uncle used to drink in the Railway Tavern (is that still there ?) that was a gay bar in those days. None of my relatives that lived in the area are still alive, so it is interesting and anoracky to read this website.
  • Gary Numan (Webb) lived in Stanwell.
  • Alan Titchmarsh used to work in Astronaut House as a magazine editor in the days when it was still an office building. He's surprisingly tactful about the place in his autobiography.
  • no one that i know of.... not that they would admit being from feltham.
  • Gary Numan (aka Gary Webb) lived in Staines or Ashford not Feltham and went to Ashford County Grammar school
  • Brian May is spelt as I have ,- not as listed. Gary Newman is spelt Gary Numan. The well known Scottish artist Peter Howson lived in Feltham, did a mural in 1983 for F'ham Community Association, apparentely destroyed a few years ago. The book Human Punk By John King includes a scene in Feltham.
  • Audrey Hepburn used to come to Feltham every summer holiday to visit family. Lucky girl. One of the lead singers of Deep Purple used to live in Feltham. Can't remember his name though. Amatigol, Chairman of the Black Dukes (Est 2002) lives in Feltham when not in the Abruzzo region. Someone famous must live/lived in the old peoples' home where the petrol station used to be opposite St Giles as thousands of Japanese tourists can be seen furiously taking photos of it most mornings.
  • Brian "Poodle" May
  • freddie murcury, (QUEEN) if thats how u spell it. lived in lower feltham. also brian mays mum lived in feltham.
  • Of course Queen came frm Feltham
  • robbie from eastenders and charlie from eastenders
  • Freddy Mercury. Charlie Slater from Eastenders.
  • Ray Dorset, be-sideburned singer from seventies summer time songsters, Mungo Jerry came from Bedfont, as did Psycho billy band the Guava Bats. Dave Brock, space commander of the star ship Hawkwind is Feltham boy along with Tommy Boyd of Magpie and Wacaday fame. Liquid Gold, best known for their hit Dance Yourself Dizzy, all shared a house in Bedfont. Top rock n roll group Matchbox also originated in Feltham. Sex Pistols used to regularly visit producer Dave Goodman at his Feltham home in the 70's. Captain Webb, the first man to swim the English channel lived in New Road, Bedfont. William Henry Ryland the last man to be executed for forgery is buried in St. Dunstans churchyard. The "King of the Gypsies" is supposed to be buried in St. Mary's in Bedfont. The future Queen Elizabeth the first spent a great deal of her youth living at the Royal hunting lodge at Hanworth.
  • Gary Newman used to live some where in Feltham, Before the fame of course.
  • Bryan May came from Hanworth and went to Hampton Grammar Scool in Hampton Hill
  • Bryan May from Queen went to school in Feltham. He went to Cardinal Road Infants and Hanworth Road Grammer School, Feltham.
  • Queen come from Feltham. Strange to think that Feltham spurned the monstrosity that is Brian May.
  • Hepburn filmed their video for Deep Deep Down in Feltham Town Centre.
  • Freddie Mercury of Queen moved to Feltham when he was 12 yrs old.
  • I can think of no-one. Though Oasis did film their video to Stand By Me in the town centre. They apparantly described Feltham as ' the worst place they'd ever been' - though this is possibly a vicious rumour....

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