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Cheap Food
  • Jennys in the High Street The moon in Square and the Cafe in Asda and there is another one in further down the high street towards Aahford opposite Kentucky Fried chicken that does cheep meals
  • The General Roy has very good food for very good prices and isn't too loud.
  • MOst of the restaurants in Feltham are reasonably priced.
  • Jacks fish and Chip shop is O.k, And that had a tasty bird working there as well.
  • Jacks fish and Chip shop is O.k, And that had a tasty bird working there as well.
  • McDonalds, Although there are alot of scare stories about them having a rat problem!!
  • Tandoori indian resturant down the Airman parade in very nice.
  • Bedfont Lane Chinese is te best. Not as cheep as the others but fresh cooked, so there is always a bit of a wait. I am a fussy eater so you can trust this.
  • Frankie and Bennys, Chiquitos, McDonalds, KFC, King Kebab, Pizza Hut, Domino Pizzas...and coming soon a Nando's
  • Asdas Cafe ,... not bad a bit on the small side ..Food is good ..
  • The usual Maccies and KFC (Rochester Parade) if you're desperate. Bakers Oven, Feltham Cafe and Enjoy Cafe (opposite Rochester Parade) are good for basic stuff.
  • Tesco Value taste like crap , but you can live of it ..And if you want a good breakfast the Tescos cafe Dukes Green is ok..Maybe ASDAS will be better..
  • The Feltham Resaurant in the High Street. Burger and Chips through to Roast Dinners, and a mug of tea. Numerous take aways in Feltham, 2 Pizza Huts, Burger King, McDonalds, kebas, chines and Fish and chips.
  • Macdonalds is cheap and ok .
  • Feltham is quite spolit for takeaways and restuarants, apart from the usual Indian, Chinese and Fish & chips, personally I have recommend King Kebab, Frankie and Bennys and Chiquito's.
  • Avoid the McD's and KFC at all costs - A really ropey branch both of them, both with food standards well below their chains intentions. The McD's especially - Food poisoning a guarantee. Go to King Kebab instead down the High Street - Very friendly bab shop, even give you a sample whilst you are waiting. Say hello to all the Feltham mothers buying their kids tea in there as well.
  • To0 many to mention unless you like good cuisine ,then unfortunately there are none.
  • Excellent well-patronised chippy and chinese in Bedfont Lane next to the Salvation Army. Jack's in the High Street used to be a favourite chippy too, although some say they are not as good since changing ownership. However, good eat-in facilities here for your fish supper and open every day lunchtime and evening. Several Indian takeaways and eat-ins. Not yet sampled is the new "Hounslow Karahi" on Hounslow Road opposite the St Giles Hotel which has an excellent, if pricey, Italian restaurant open to non-residents.
  • McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, fish & chip shops, international cuisine take-aways/restaurants, Pizza Hut, Domino(s) Pizza.
  • various takeaways in the area run by pakis and immagrents... apart from macdonalds where you have some white people!!! god forbid... but there usually 15 or they are the twats who did really bad @ school and were willing to work anywhere (gary crack)
  • Contrary to popular belief, you CAN have a good and safe night out in Feltham...Frankie and Bennys in the Lesuireworld Complex is great for food and atmosphere, although they have recently introduced a no smoking policy in the restaurant part - you can smoke in the bar still (thanikfully). Chiqitos has great food to and great cocktails. King Kebab is a good and very friendly kebab take out at the Staines end of Feltham High Street. Haweli Indian Restaurant is the best restaurant in Feltham. It is very reasonably priced and they do a great set menu for two which we have yet to finish!
  • There are some wretched national-chain restaraunts, and you always get a friendly face and competent service at Burger King. The food is about the standard the neanderthal locals deserve.
  • Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Fish and Chips - you name it, the High Street has it. It just doesn't have any other kind of shops (apart from loads of off licences feeding the alcoholics of Feltham!)
  • ALL takeaways are Salmonella city in Feltham - Avoid like the plague..
  • McD's - Jacks Fish & chips
  • There's Jennys - dubious cleanliness but less hazardous than catching your own food! McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, numerous pubs and many more. You can always eat in Feltham mostly because there's not a lot else to do.
  • You can get a fantastic Thai lunch for 4.50 at the Beehive pub, but beware - they time their cooking so that each person in a group receives their meal at 10-minute intervals. One of the best places for lunch if you don't mind being fired for being 3 hours late back from your lunch hour...
  • frankie and bennys,burger king,pizza hut,chiquitos,mcdonalds,tennese,kfc,dominos pizza,tandorri nights,samat,xena,papas pizza and more
  • Gurkha Nepalese in Bedfont Lane does great Mo Mo's and Thukpa. Haweli in the High Street great for Indian. Frankie and Johnies New York Italian and Pizza Hut on Cineworld. Low nutrition, low taste, high environmental impact kak available from your favourite multi national burger purveyor.
  • Franky and Benny's on the cinema complex is really quite good.
  • pizza hut is new and some v.good looking waiters their!!!!!!!!
  • I'd reccomend Frankie and Benny's opposite the cinema, but only for small groups. I went with my girlfriend and it was a quickly cooked tastey meal. I also went with a large group of friends and the evening was a disaster. the meals didn't come out together, some were cold, more than four people forget it.
  • There is a pretty good selection of eating places in the complex with Cineworld and the bowling alley...including a Chiquitos (Mexican) and Frankie & Benny's (Italian?). There used to be a Fatty Arbuckles as well but they had a well publicised "incident" and had to close down. Pizza Hut is currently residing there.
  • Various takeaways - Pizza deilvery is the only job young Feltham boys are qualified for doing (that and trolley pushing of course)
  • Cineworld has a couple - Chiquitos and Fatty Arbuckles. The obvious McDonalds - a good hang out for puffa jacketed youths.
  • Loads.

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