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  • I would not go to the cinema in Feltham as there has been too much trouble around there,
  • Cineworld is very good.
  • Cineworld is o.k.
  • Cineworld is o.k.
  • Cineworld is o.k, If you can stand the dicks that hang around it.
  • Browles Lane Ciniworld - Unless you want to spend the film listening to mobile phones, other peoples conversation or kids screaming go to Staines or wait for the film to come out on DVD
  • Cineworld 14 screens cheap on Wednesdays. Biggest screen in screen 7.
  • Cineworld in Feltham or Warner Bros in Staines...both 10 screens
  • Cineworld - A great facility to see holly/bollywood classics, just move quick to catch any decent film, as if it is anything too intellectual the locals don't get it and they stop showing it asap. However, this is stupid in itself as contrary to the stereotype there are plenty of intelligent people in Feltham..
  • The Cinema complex is amazing ,it comprises 12 screens all with their own seats, most of which are intact and free from chewing gum,it has a cheap night on Tuesday,s which means if you go without food for A week you can almost afford a ticket.Parking is restricted to200 but seems to accomidate 500*****
  • Although Cineworld the movies has been there for nearly ten years, I've yet to see a film there. One reason is the rather rip-off prices (around 6.30 on average) but there's certainly a good choice of films and great facilities. I;d probably find it worthwhile spending the 1.40 return fare on a Transport for London bus service (if you buy pre-pay tickets) and still save on film prices. Alternative suggestions are the Vue cinema multiplex in Three Rivers, Staines or Richmond Screen Centre or Kingston.
  • Leisure West attracts Bollywood fans from miles around. Otherwise probably a fairly typical multiplex.
  • Tuesday night is cheap night at Cineworld. 4 at time of writing - Great!
  • Cineworld is a great cinema but tends to usually only show block busters and the 'clever' stuff is only on for a week at most.
  • Cineworld is basically a Bollywood cinema. Pop into the Sports Bar next door for a drink before the film, if you fancy getting your head kicked-in.
  • Theres a multiplex, where all the local scumbags like to go
  • Finally Feltham got a cinema. It has many screens, is hideously overpriced, and is the best thing in Feltham. Except me.....
  • Where else Ciniworld, puts every where else to shame, great!
  • Cine world is OK but only shows mainstream Hollywood and Bollywood stuff, it would be nice if they could show some alternative cinema once in a while. Cheap Tuesdays are good.
  • Cineworld 14 screen job
  • 14 Screen Multiplex, Air conditioned and comfy-ish seats, what more do you need from a cinema. A bit on the pricey side, though they discount before 6pm on Sundays and tuesday is cheap day.
  • There is the huge cineworld - pretty good. Shows lots of up to date films, and lots of Indian films, if that is your cup of tea (to attract the Hounslowites!) It's got loads of other stuff there as well - the bowling and arcade are pretty good and worth a visit. The bar & restaurant at cineworld are a joke!
  • Feltham's redeeming feature for youngsters, Cineworld - Loads of screens and Bowling, arcades and the like. Also plenty of future criminals.
  • 14 screens with arcades, bowling pubs, several eateries and bingo. All the latest films with free parking and bollywood screens

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