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  • Feltham used to be a hive of live music activity, now there is nowhere.
  • Feltham used to be a hive of live music activity, now there is nowhere.
  • A wide range of local car radio's to listen to.
  • The Cricketers used to have live music.
  • None!! Simply because the original Feltham scum wouldn't appreciate such thing's
  • FCA social club! if you fancy diving back a few centuries and of course - RED LION - if you fancy poorly sung karaoke
  • Check out Wendys Lost boy's they have played at the local Carnivals ......Two years running....
  • Have you heared the local band Wendys Lost Boys , they played at The Feltham and Bedfont Carnival adn Hanworth Carnival too. Or maybe try some of the local Churches they play and sing some call music.
  • Feltham Assembly Hall on the Hounslow Road is the main venue here. The community centre- currently in the old "Feltham Hotel" adjacent to McD's but scheduled to have a new home in the Longford Centre might also have one worth listening to.
  • The Airman Pub.
  • Feltham is well connected to the rail and tube links...within 15 mins you can be in the centre of London.
  • The Airman Pub. small, weekly? otherwise Wembley.
  • Why is everyone saying Feltham has none? The Assembly Hall, a sixties building in the park on Hounslow Road, very close to the station, is one of the many public amenities whose exterior surfaces have been spoilt by the loons who seem to think graffitoing serves some useful purpose. Inside though, it's a different story. Although the arm's length company CIP the council set up to take advantage of other sources of funding charge a pretty penny to hirers, you can find a range of tribute bands here most weekends at reasonable cost (Friday nights in particular) plus some actually quite talented groups putting on shows
  • the Oaks Hungry Horse has now picked up on the tribute bands and so far have had the Who and Blondie playing. watch out for the madness tribute.
  • feltham assembly hall
  • There are gigs at the Feltham Assembley Hall on a fairly regular basis. 20 years ago Feltham Football Club used to be the Venue for punk and psychobilly bands, until the night the Angelic Upstarts played and the whole place was severely trashed.

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