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  • The moon on the quare has a varied menu.
  • General Roy is the best.
  • The Airman is o.k, Also the General Roy where the food is quite good, But all the best pubs in Feltham are closed down, And please don't mention the Red Lioin, What a waste of a pub.
  • The Airman is not too bad, Also the General Roy. The best pubs in Feltham have all closed down.
  • The Airman is not too bad, Also the General Roy. The best pubs in Feltham have all closed down.
  • The Red Lion for a chav night out.
  • The good ones have all gone, The General Roy is o.k.
  • Alcoholics paradise. Any Feltham Pub
  • lower age limit in feltham is 11 - but to be served you gotta hand over ALL your pocket money
  • Pub's Why don't they change The Mooon on the Square to nice family restraunt like a hungery Horse ...Now theres an idea !
  • The Grove Village Stoney Wall Comunity Centre is Now a nice place to go , SInce the orrid old git behing the bar has left and took his orrid Mrs with him...
  • The Wetherspoons is safe and the beer for those that like english real ale is unsurpassed. A choice of at least half a dozen real ales at their best (and probably cheapest). Good choice of lagers for the rest. Food's not bad and the 2 for 1 deal is good if times are tight. Good place to get tanked up on the cheap before you hit the nightlife (if there was any that is....). Wild and varied clientel is v good for people watching - enjoy!
  • Moon on the Square is a popular Weatherspoons pub
  • The Bell on the Green Bedfont is a nice pub and it has a litle garden out the back too , nice in the summer for the kid's.
  • Moon on the Square, General Roy, Three Horse Shoes, The Red Lion, Sawyers Arms, and the Champions Bar at Cineworld
  • Bit of a decent pub free zone is Feltham. Contrary to postings earlier though, you CAN go into a Feltham pub quite safely and have a drink, but the risk of violence is never an impossibility. What you have then is: Wetherspoons - Cheap, usual effort, good beers. Some bizarre clientele - People with fashions not seen since the early 70's. People who clearly have not left this pub since the early 70's. Red Lion - Reasonable, bar staff friendly, nice garden to sit out in, although marred sometimes by the 3 year old kids with earrings running amok. Food is pretty good in here too. Best time to go, between 4 and 8 on a weekday. Later, and you get all the mouthy Feltham-ites in. Three Horseshoes - A very Local pub, so unless you are a Feltham resident of many years standing, probably not your cup of tea. Enormous pub from outside, mysteriously like the Tardis in reverse as no room to swing a cat inside. Rose & Crown - Was burnt down in the mid 90's due to a drugs argument, landlord had legs broken. Doesn't bode well, but has been renovated on the cheap and re-opened. Not bad in a MFI kind of way, again not bad for an after work quick drink, but you probably wouldn't want to spend all night in there. Railway Tavern - Recently demolished! No tears shed as possibly the pikiest pub in the whole of Feltham. General Roy - Potentially, the best pub of the lot, however, food is shocking, chronically and endlessly understaffed (for years) Choice of drink is shocking as well. Good quiz machine though. The Sawyers Arms - If you are a smoker then this place is heaven. If not, prepare for removal of your lungs after visiting. Tiny little pub, with some good beers on, and full of chain smokers - Probably it's only downside as well.. The Airman - The fabled pub where Gary Numan first donned his boiler suit, not actually a bad pub, but is virtually in Hanworth, so unless you fancy a walk.. Please please please someone build a decent pub in Feltham!!!! Not everyone is a kappa wearing earringed yobbo!
  • thease are not safe areas!!!!!!
  • Since Bedfont is part of Feltham for postal and admin purposes, can we include it here? The Beehive serves an excellent pint of Fullers and seems to attract little trouble and a mixed age clientelle. Also Feltham's only Thai restaurant does the food here. Other pubs are much of a muchness as others have suggested, though the Red Lion is reputed to be not bad these days and is Feltham High Street's oldest building.
  • La Leon Rouge (aka The Red Lion) where the cream of society meet to partake of an aperitif on their way to another social engagement: charity ball, opera, theatre, etc. See the 10 year old kids taking the piss out of the couples shagging in the gents bogs (and this was at lunch-time). Marvellous!
  • there are a few pubs in feltham but i dont drink in any of them anymore (havent since i was 15 a good 5years ago) to much voilence in the pubs specially the one on feltham high street... the police visit there on a regular occasions and the manager craig loves to call the police at the slight possibilty of voilence.. i feel sorry for him cos he's a nice guy its just a shame he got stuck managing a pub in a really shit area
  • The General Roy is by far the best pub around. It's is quite quiet in the evenings, even at weekends but has a nice atmosphere and is totally safe. It is reasonably priced and has a decent food menu serving the usual pub fare.
  • Not all the pubs in the Feltham area are as bad as you have painted them to be. Our traditional local is well worth a try..... The Green Man, Green Man Lane.
  • Don't go into pubs in Feltham. As has been mentioned elswhere here, if you do have to go to a pub in Feltham, probably best to make it the General Roy.
  • Red Lion - Good in the day, landlord a cool geezer. Left hand side of the pub is for the Baseball caps, right hand side for non-smokers and local mid twentysomethings irresponsibly training their small children in pub culture.
  • Red Lion good on a friday night karoake and Wednesday quiz night
  • I would not be very happy about visiting any pubs in Feltham, although if you fancy viewing a first clas ounch up 0 there's always the Airman.
  • The moon on the square, okay pub, horrible location, always seems busy.
  • I wouldn't bother going to the General Roy - the service in there at lunchtimes is appalling and unfriendly - I've waited 12 minutes(!) to get served. In the evening it's generally (no pun intended) empty and depressing..... The refurbished Red Lion in the High St isn't too bad for lunchtimes - evening clientele is "interesting"....
  • red lion,moon on the square ,general roy,running horse,three horse shoes,sawyers arms,champs,railway club,railway tavern and more
  • The Airman Pub...... This is actually the safest & friendliest pub in Feltham. And there is a great dentist opposite
  • Red Lion in the high st has just been refurbished and is attracting a lot of people, karaoke and DJ's proving popular. Beehive Bedfont nice for a quiet drink. The Green Man at Hatton Cross, quaint pub (Dick Turpin's hideyhole!) shame about the low flying jumbo jets. Most of the other pubs have dubious reputations but can be OK, just do not let your fear show. They seem to like pulling pubs down in Feltham So lets raise a glass to the memory of The Prince of Wales, The Feltham Hotel,The Cricketers, The Locomotive and The Black Dog and all who drank in them. Cheers!.
  • places that sell booze yes but u may well get chived in the process!
  • Not too good an area for pubs. The Moon on the Square is a typical JD Wetherspoons, so good if you like that sort of thing.
  • The Red Lion is a good pub if you are about 60 and smoke about 100 cigarettes an hour.
  • Wetherspoons- looks well dodgy, is in well dodgy area - But. the staff get the police in at the first sign of trouble, which means that it is actually not that bad once you are in there. Then there is the General Roy - Probably the best pub in Feltham - out of the way of the scummy estates, round the back of cineworld - as a result, the few normal people in Feltham (relatively) gather here. OK for a drink without the threat of violence. Any other pub in Feltham - forget it! (fight, stab, kill etc.)
  • be afraid, be very afraid to go in a feltham pub
  • A fair few. Some are rough, some are old man's pubs, none are good.
  • Most seem pretty rough so i don't go

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