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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Open up the front of the train station again why did they close jt
  • Open up the front of the train station again why did they close jt
  • Open up the front of the train station again why did they close jt
  • It is not as bad as people say it is.
  • Feltham, Gods little joke on the world!!!!
  • Dick turpin used to ride through Hounslow Heath.
  • Dick turpin used to ride through Hounslow Heath.
  • Feltham has it's own smell, You can't put your finger on it, But it's there.
  • Butchers-name c.gray trading as j.a.fisher-lower Feltham small but very good butchers shop,all sorts of meat available if they aint got it they can order it for you.Chas is one of the nicest fellas you could ever meet and he and his staff can advise you on what cuts of meat to use with whatever dish you intend to make. Bought some home made sausages and some bacon the other day had one of the best bacon sandwiches ever! Cant praise this local butchers too highly even if yr just doing shopping with somebody else he will make you smile as soon as you walk in the shop,he is without a doubt the best butchers i have ever been in. Top fella really good selection of meat get yr christmas turkey from this man dont bother with the chains he will even do yr sfuffing for you.
  • How about the Local Chuirches they have so much going on and there is always a smile for everyone . and a cuppa and biscute if your lucky..We are spoilt for Churches Oasis , Bethany ,Calvery Free, St Marys , St Dunstan, Methodist.. A real varitey and very friendly too.Go on give it a try..
  • The developers of the new Town Centre controversially appear to have let down the local Community Association, leaseholders of the People's Centre, and the opening of the new library has been delayed twice. Many people seem to think, and probably with some justification, that while lauding it loudly as a model of urban re-generation (the biggest in the UK this year), the main market for the new development are young or rich professionals wanting to have transport to town on their doorstep and maybe with somewhere else in the country to go to at weekends. Time will tell...
  • Bethany Church sunday mornings 10.30 am , 11.00am Sunday School .. Do feel freee o come and see us . and stay have a coffee and a chat afterwards..
  • Isn't it about time someone mentions the church? Might be a bit uncool to do so these days, but Feltham's Christians of many different varieties have plenty going on and would love to meet you. Churches in the town include the Riverside Vineyard, meeting in an old factory, the Oasis (Pentecostal) church in Spring Road, an Evangelical church next to Tescos, the parish church of St Dunstan's- an interesting building, Southville Methodist- a great mixed age fellowship- and Christ Church in Hanworth Road which often attracts international visitors.
  • Why is it that there is no Macdonalds in Bedfont , and where are the shoe shops, A girl likes to be able to buy shoes when she needs them , not travel all the way to Hounslow or Staines.
  • Im sorry but not everyone who likes in feltham are stupid and scum bags. It may be a bad place but there are some nice people there and alot of people who are not stupid. Of course it does have its fair share, may be a little bit more, of stupid people and scum bags but what do you expect with feltham young offenders being there? Everyone have to live somewhere and its just a shame some (nice) people have to live there.
  • Regeneration of Feltham Town Centre Work having started in earnest on the new shopping centre will result in many changes on the horizon for the residents of Feltham during the coming months. Home Court having been demolished and the car park almost gone will make way for new retail space (including Asda, Matalan, Peacocks, Brantano, Carphone Warehouse), a Medical Centre, Community Library, children’s nursery, new homes including low-cost key worker flats and a Travelodge Hotel. The shops along the High Street will remain open and are due to be fitted with new high level shop fronts next year. National Westminster Bank is being re-located next to the Boots store and will therefore remain open during their transition stages.
  • People slagging off Feltham are preaching to the converted on this site - Do you think any of the lower elements of the human race who live there can read or indeed know where this site is!
  • I might get backto you,
  • It may be uncool, but how about a mention for the church? St Dunstan's, the parish church, has a popular vicar and some great things happening for all ages. Southville Methodist Church is growing and welcomes new faces and the United Free Church in Hanworth Road, opposite another of the town's old buildings the Magistrate's Court, has a friendly congregation but needs more support. Scouts and Guides are still an important part of the area's provision for kids and young adults and there are several local troops who'd welcome new members.
  • The Array of burned out cars you see as you come into the train station coming from the Reading end of the line is probably the best indicator of what youre entering into.
  • I'm told by someone who had a relative living nearby that the lion was called Tara and died of pneumonia some time in the late 1980s (despite having her own central heating)... no RSPCA involvment at all. The owner was called Colin.
  • Feltham is the worst place I ever lived. I am ashamed that my children had to go through what we went through. If you're thinking of moving there, don't. If you do move there : invest in cctv and a guard dog, don't open your door to anyone, and don't talk to the neighbours any more than necessary.
  • Apparently, Feltham is the UK's capital for incest! (That might account for why so many of the residents look particularly weird and their obvious lack of intelligence)
  • Move to Feltham! Feltham is not top of the food chain round here. (Richmond, Twickenham, Whitton then Feltham) but is far superior, cheaper and especially safer than Hounslow, Bedfont, Hanworth etc. All it needs now is a decent pub...
  • It's a shame
  • Feltham is nowhere near as bad as people say - sure it suffers in comparison to nearby Twickenham but compared to say East or North London, it is not that different at all. And note, Bedfont does not exist - it is a part of Feltham.
  • Please don't let them build a 25,000 seater stadium in Feltham, the place is bad enough as it is. How can the council believe that this could possibly be a good idea. Financially for them of course but to the detriment of the people of Feltham. Do they think that because of the noise of the airport we won't notice the noise of 25,000 people, do they believe that because we live surrounded by litter due to lack of efficient local authority cleansing dept that we want to wallow in the filth of another 25,000 people? Keep Brentford in Brentford.
  • As mentioned before, Oasis filmed a video in the high street and about 5 years later the shopfronts are sill there and the propertys are empty...
  • If lucky enough to be heading out of Feltham on the train towards Ashford, check out the impressive number of stolen / burnt out / dumped cars just behind the estate before you reach Bedfont Lakes. A highlight of my train journey is counting them all. There used to be 7 or 8 last year, but now there are so many, there just is not time to count them all unless the train is crawling by. Anyone out there who can tell me exactly how many there are? If you could also count the ones in the lake I would appreciate it.
  • Generally everywhere has it good and bad points, Feltham is famous for the bad. I personally don't mind it. It's better than Hounslow!!
  • Someone decided that a spot of land between the (busy) station and local youth hang out Macdonalds would be an ideal spot for a block of Retirement Appartments. The block is called Felbridge because it's in Feltham and on the bridge. Such a dazzling display of imaginative in naming has never before been witnessed. Feltham is in Hounslow borough, where the civic offices occupy a 2 level building set in spacious landscaped gardens, and the council tennants are housed in 15 storey concrete tower blocks with coffin shaped lifts. The local council is not corrupt, crooked or immoral in any way whatsoever. There are 2 Tesco's, and Aldi, a Lidl, Iceland and a Kwik Save all within a mile of each other. Food shopping must be big business in Feltham because Asda are moving in too.
  • It is frightening how stupid the population of Feltham is. Very common - dreadful accent, dress sense. It's only hope is the gradual influx of people who cannot afford to buy a house in Twickenham and Whitton - This slowly means that more normal people are moving in.
  • The bloke who used to keep the lion in his back garden had it taken away by the RSPCA. I think that everyone should keep a lion in their back garden, especially if you live in Feltham, but there again burglary rate in Feltham is quite low seeing as the majority of the people who live here are psychopaths!!
  • Some bloke used to keep a lion in his back garden in Lower Feltham - is it still there?

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